Raccoon On His Own (Picture Puffin Books)

by Jim Arnosky

Paperback, 2003



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Puffin Books (2003), Edition: Reprint, 32 pages


A curious young raccoon takes an unexpected trip downstream in a small wooden boat.

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LibraryThing member Katie20
This is a book about a raccoon. In the beginning a wooden boat is in a dark swamp in the early morning. A mother raccoon and her babies came to search for food. The mother found a crawfish and the others searched for food too. The other raccoon decided he wanted to climb instead. The boat then
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suddenly begins to float away into the swamp. He was afraid and was alone for the first time. The boat carried him down stream. He tried to grab a branch to get out of the boat, but it was way too high. The raccoon could reach this next branch but a snake was on the stick. He ducked down and hid. He went to the other end of the boat and looked down. He saw another raccoon. He kept him company through the ride. He noticed something floating in the water. It was a huge alligator. The raccoon then saw birds churping. The raccoon finally made it down stream and was finally reunited with his family.
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LibraryThing member ReneePesheck
Sweet story with beautiful illustrations which really convey the worry of a young raccoon that becomes separated from his family. This book allows readers to feel the tension of being separated from the family with a nice resolution in the end. Might use for writing descriptive stories with
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emotion. Discovered from Juliet.
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LibraryThing member TeriHogg
Tension mounts as a young racoon slips into an abandoned boat away from his family and floats down the river. This sweet story with its soft watercolor illustrations allows young children just enough tension about their own fears of losing sight of a parent to the wonder of discovering all of the
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creatures that live along the river. Fllled with double page, soft forest colors, pages invite children to learn not only about other animals but how water reflects images. As racoon comes near the end of his journey, almost hidden in the background, are his family keeping a watchful eye on his excursion. Colorful words simply describe the scenes and float out of the readers mouth, smooth as the river. Highly recommended for children ages 3-6.
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LibraryThing member SDando
I first picked this book because the illustration on the cover was beautiful and really caught my eye. This was a very sweet story about adventure and courage. I loved the style of illustration, and I think the text was just right.


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