Rabbits And Raindrops

by Jim Arnosky

Hardcover, 2001



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Turtleback Books (2001), Edition: Bound for Schools & Libraries ed., 32 pages


Mother rabbit's five babies hop out of her nest to nibble clover, meet grasshoppers, spiders, and bees, play tag, and run for shelter when it rains.

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LibraryThing member mayalanda
This is a beautiful book about rabbits in nature. There is a lot to talk about in each picture, and it tells a simple story.
LibraryThing member aswideman
This book is a cute book about a mother rabbit taking her babies out into the open for the first time. This book allows children to understand nature and how life in it works.
LibraryThing member Book_Shelter
Just a sweet simple little story, A good book for beginner readers.As always the illustations are so very wonderful.Jim Arnosky's work is so enjoyable.
LibraryThing member SDando
This was a simpler story, and I think it is geared towards younger readers. This would be a good book for those children just starting to read on their own, because the text is short and not too difficult. The illustrations added to the whimsy and simplicity of this book.
LibraryThing member wichitafriendsschool
Like all of Jim Arnosky's book, this has absolutely gorgeous, and realistic, watercolor illustrations. The pages are completely filled with the illustrations, with each 2-page spread having a single sentence overlaying the text. The storyline is very simple about a mother bunny and her babies
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hopping around until it becomes rainy, and they hide before coming back out again. The age range of 4 to 8 is a bit off. This is going to be much too simple for most 8-year-olds, but younger children can enjoy the very simple story and beautiful pictures. Age range: 3 to 6.
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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
A mother rabbit leads her bunnies out onto the grass from their den under the hedge in this lovely work of picture-book natural history. Here they cavort and play, meeting all kinds of other creatures until a rain storm sends them back under the hedge to shelter. When the rain passes, they can play
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The artwork in Rabbits & Raindrop is simply beautiful, full of light and color, with adorably expressive depictions of the lapine figures. The text is very simple, like so many of Jim Arnosky's picture-books in this vein, but it is also informative. I actually had no idea that rabbit fur is not waterproof, and that little bunnies can catch cold, if they get wet. This isn't a non-fiction reference, and there is no back matter, but it is educational, in the sense that it builds a young child's appreciation of the natural world, and the animals (specifically, rabbits) in it. Recommended to young children (I'd say between two and six) who love animals and rainstorms.
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