Every Autumn Comes the Bear

by Jim Arnosky

Hardcover, 1993



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Putnam Juvenile (1993), Edition: 3rd, 1 pages


Every autumn a bear shows up behind the farm, and goes through a series of routines before finding a den among the hilltop boulders where he sleeps all winter long.

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LibraryThing member cmiersma
Summary: Every year during the autumn months, a bear comes and walks through the woods. He walks and he walks, clawing at trees and hearing the sounds of the woods until he finds a den and sleeps till winter is over.
Critique: This informational book about bears tells about the journey a bear takes
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before he snuggles into a cave for the winter. The information is all true facts about the forest and the things a bear might experience or do before he sleeps. The illustrations in this story help build the reader’s understanding and to be able to see first hand what a bear might see.
Teacher Use: A teacher could use this book with a younger class that might be doing a unit on bears or learning about hibernation. The class would learn about what a bear might do before he hibernates and what then maybe research what other animals do during winter or if any other animals also hibernate during this season.
Media: Oil paints
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LibraryThing member kfurnanz
Great for Storytime- limited text with large, colorful illustrations
Another possible for fall
LibraryThing member kls058
Use for the seasons of the year. Great for pre-school, kindergarten. Great pictures.
LibraryThing member Ms.Penniman
Retelling: Every Autumn, a bear enters the forest near the authors house. The bear engages in some bear-like activity before finding his layer and hibernating for the winter.

Thoughts and Feelings: I like how realistic and sometimes terrifying the images of the bear were in this book. I wonder why
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the bear behaves the way he does. Why does he have to know where all the trails lead? Why does he claw the bark of a tree? Is he sharpening his claws?
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LibraryThing member kidlit9
Every autumn a bear shows up behind the farm, and goes through a series of routines before finding a den among the hilltop boulders where he sleeps all winter long.
LibraryThing member SweetBeeBecky
I truly relish Jim Arnosky's story-like information books, and Every Autumn Comes the Bear was just as enjoyable as the others I have read. Arnosky tells all about what a bear does between autumn and winter as the time approaches for a bear to enter hibernation until the spring, sometimes giving us
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the perspective of the bear himself. The illustrations are detailed and even a bit scary, but I believe that is because Arnosky wishes to convey the idea that bears are not the cute, cuddly little creatures that young children are often led to believe, and that if provoked, can be extremely dangerous. All in all, this would make an excellent book for both young and older readers, as the fourth grade boys who are in my class enjoyed it quite thoroughly. It could be used to supplement an informational unit on bears, mammals, or to read aloud to a class during the autumn.
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LibraryThing member emilystrong
This is a beautifully illustrated non fiction book. For every two pages there is only one sentence that is explaining the hibernation pattern of a bear. The pictures are vividly describing the minimal text that the author has offered to give us. This book would be excellent for an early on beginner
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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
A black bear makes his annual autumn appearance on the hill above a small farm in this picture-book from author/illustrator Jim Arnosky, taking in all the sights, watching all of the other animals, and waiting for the right time to withdraw into a cave for his winter hibernation...

Like so many of
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Arnosky's other picture-books in this vein, from Rabbits & Raindrops to Watching Foxes, the text here is very basic - just a short phrase or sentence per page - and is paired with beautiful watercolor illustrations. These stories are meant to provoke wonder in the young child, at the beauty of nature, and they are informational, but only in the most basic sense. I would recommend this one to very young animal lovers, as a general story about a bear in the autumn. Perhaps it could be paired with a book that gives more specifics about hibernation.
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