Babies in the Bayou

by Jim Arnosky

Hardcover, 2007



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G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers (2007), Edition: First, 32 pages


There are many babies in the bayou, and even though they might have sharp white teeth, hard shells, webbed feet, or quick claws, their mothers still need to protect them.

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LibraryThing member dangerlibearian
Very simple straight forward text about all the baby animals that live in the bayou. A very simple scientific look of the bayou food chain, as well.
LibraryThing member mrcmyoung
There are all kinds of babies in the bayou - aligators, racoons, turtles, ducks - and there mothers have to protect them. The text is not much to write home about, but the illustrations provide a good survey of animals that can be found in this unique ecosystem.
LibraryThing member Alexandra1600
Children will love these descriptive and caring words and illustrations of baby animals in their natural habitat.
LibraryThing member bea007
This is a story about the life of animals in the bayou. It goes from how a mother raises and protects her young, and the different parts of the bayou animals. This is a great story for children to learn about the bayou and the different animals in it.
LibraryThing member ambourg7
This story is about baby animals in the bayou. Each animal is different in many ways but all the animals need their mother to protect them. Not only do they protect them, the mothers show the babies how to survive. I was pleased with this book. The illustrations were very detailed.
LibraryThing member McEvilla
Describes young small bayou animals. This book had nice illustration. I absolutely loved the illustrations. The book described each animal and what they did/ didn't do.
LibraryThing member HannahRevard
This is a short story about baby animals and their mamas in the bayou. I would read this book before/during I taught about habitats or Louisiana wildlife.
LibraryThing member mirikayla
The text is nothing special, but the illustrations are really striking and full of gorgeous color.
LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
From black and yellow-tailed alligators to black-masked raccoons, little shelled turtles to web-footed ducklings, there are many babies in the bayou. Each group is protected by their mother, and (in some cases) watchful of the other group...

Babies in the Bayou is another of prolific
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author/illustrator Jim Arnosky's many wonderful works of picture-book natural history. Pairing a simple text of no more than a sentence or phrase per page with gorgeously colorful artwork, done in acrylic paints, this is a book aimed at younger picture-book audiences. Like many of Arnosky's other titles in this vein, it is meant to be informative, but only in the most basic sense of giving an idea of this important ecosystem. There is no back matter here, and no list of further reading. I think the idea of these books is to build an appreciation for the natural world and its wonders, and to increase general knowledge, rather than to serve as a non-fiction reference. It is definitely successful in creating a sense of atmosphere, and in capturing the beauty of the bayou. Recommended to young animal and nature lovers.
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