Armadillo's Orange

by Jim Arnosky

Hardcover, 2003





Putnam Juvenile (2003), 32 pages


An armadillo remembers where his burrow is by the orange near the opening, but when the orange rolls away, he discovers a new way to find his home.

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LibraryThing member jalann
This book was very good book. In this book the little armadillo depends on an orange to find his home, and when it rolls away he becomes lost. Armadillo learns that he needs to look around him to find his way home. This book would be good to use if you are studying animals especially reptiles.
LibraryThing member alprince
This is a book about an armadilllo who digs himself a hole to live in. The hole is under an orange grove wich consists of many orange trees. One orange fell off of a tree and landed right next to the hole where the armadillo went into his home. The orange let the armadillo know where his home was.
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When the armadillo left for the day to go and do things he always knew where his hole was because the orange marked its place. One day when he left the wind blew his orange away from the hole and so the armadillo was sad that he would not know where his home was. In the end his neighbors helped him find his home and the armadillo realized he did not need the orange. This is a good book that could be tied into a lesson when teaching about an armadillo. I would use this book for children in kindergarten or first grade.
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LibraryThing member bspentecost
Armadillo has had an orange outside his burrow for some time. He likes having this orange there because it helps him find his way home. He knows if he sees the orange he is home by his burrow. He goes on a walk one day and passes the same animals he sees everyday. While he is gone a huge wind blows
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the orange away. Armadillo sees an orange and walks to it but everything feels wrong. He is not at home. He sees the other animals and finds his way home passing the animals he sees everyday. He then sees that he does not need the orange afterall he has his other friends to figure out his way home. This was a great book and I would use it for a whole group read aloud or keep it on a shelf in my classroom. This book is good for grades kindergarten through 3rd grade.
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LibraryThing member jacox2
This book is about an armadillo and how he finds his home. The armadillo dug his burrow right by an orange that had feel from a tree. Each day he left his home to go look for insects and grubs to eat. Everytime he walked the widing path the aradillo would paa by a green snake, a rattlesnake, a
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tortoise, and a jay. When he passed each animal he could finally eat. Then he would rush back down to path. When he saw the orange he knew he was home.One day when armadillo left home the wind blew the orange down a hill. When armadillo had finished eating he couldnt find his home, He searched all over. Armadillo walked wandered and lost. Then finally he heard the jays voice, so he followed the sound. Soon he came upon the green snakeand he knew he was home. Armadillo missed the orange but with his neighbors around him he didnt need it anymore.
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