Miss Nelson Has A Field Day

by Harry Allard

Paperback, 1985



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Scholastic (1985), 12 pages


The notorious Miss Swamp reappears at the Horace B. Smedley School, this time to shape up the football team and make them win at least one game.

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LibraryThing member LaceyM
this is a fun book when you feel your class is down in the dumps. It shows you that sometimes you just need to do something to shock and change people's attitude.
LibraryThing member darleneua
This book would be appropriate for second graders.They would really enjoy it, because there is a trick to the story that they have to figure out.
LibraryThing member jspann
This is a great book for all elementary children to read. It teaches students how to be on their best behavior, or they will end up with a mean teacher like Viola Swamp! The pictures in this book are very interesting, and it just a humorous book that all kids no matter young or old would enjoy.
LibraryThing member D.Holliman
Again Allard does a great job with telling this story about how their school's football team is in horrible state and the only person who can pull it together is the Swamp. The toughest, meanest, scariest substitute (she is also a witch, honest) yet she is the one who can get students working hard.
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What i like about this is that it shows that although you may say you don't like the tough mean teachers, they can be just the thing a student needs to succeed and that it isn't only the soft spoken teachers who are successful.
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LibraryThing member bcbias
The Smedley Tornadoes was a terrible football team that hadn't won a game all year, much less scored a single point. Miss Nelson hears some students talking bad about the football teacm so she decides to dress as Miss Viola Swamp to whip the team into shape. Miss Swamp is the usual witch of a
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substitute and is mean to the team but they start getting better and better. At the end of the story, the football team won the game with a score of 77-3 all thanks to Miss Nelson...I mean Miss Swamp.
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LibraryThing member michelleknudsen
Another sequel to Miss Nelson Is Missing! This one was again less satisfying than the original, although still fun to read. Definitely requires familiarity with the original to get the jokes. The plot is on the surface about the failing football team and how “Coach Swamp” whips them into shape,
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but the deeper mystery is the question of how Miss Nelson is apparently in two places at once. We know she’s really Miss Swamp, but she is seen in her classroom as herself at the same time that Miss Swamp is on the field. The surprise solution—that her twin sister has been filling in for her—feels somewhat unearned and is just a bit of a letdown.
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LibraryThing member whitneyw
I have always loved these series about Mrs. Nelson and her Alter ego the substitute teacher from the black lagoon! In this book Mrs. Nelson has to whip the foot ball team into shape because the big thanksgiving game is coming up and the foot ball coach has gone insane. She is a sweet great teacher
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but as her alter ego "Miss Swamp" she is a drill Sargent who takes not prisoners. She whips the team into shape just in time for the game and she gains a sweat and tears along the way.
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LibraryThing member alv003
The football team has a big game coming up and they haven't been winning anything at all. Miss Nelson calls in the evil Viola Swamp to get the team focused and working together, but it turns out to be Ms. Nelsons twin sister.
LibraryThing member krf76
I liked this book. It was about Miss Nelson filling in a being the temporary coach of the football team at her middle school and the kids never caught on. I gave this book 5 starts because it is comical and I think kids need to read humorous books some times. I had a teacher that said she was
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always watching and I think she really was. In the book Miss Nelson says that she is always watching the kids. I think you could use this a motivation for older students but the main use would be entertainment, if you ask me.
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LibraryThing member jrjohnson1
This is a great book to teach children to respect elders. It also is a good book teach children that it is good to work together to acomplish certain task.
LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
The students at Horace B. Smedley School were at it again! Only this time, the kids acting up weren't in Miss Nelson's Room 207, but on Coach Armstrong's football team - a team that hadn't won a single game (or scored a single point) because they refused to practice. The Smedley team were the worst
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in the whole state of Texas, and an embarrassment to the entire school community, from Principal Blandsworth to old Pop Hanson the janitor. When Coach Armstrong has a nervous breakdown, it falls to sweet Miss Nelson to step in - as always - and set things right! With the help of Miss - that is to say, Coach - Viola Swamp, of course...

This hilarious third and (sadly) final adventure featuring Miss Nelson and her dark doppelganger has all the hi-jinks and disguises one has come to expect from Smedley School, with a surprise ending that most readers will never see coming! As with the first two books, Miss Nelson Is Missing! and Miss Nelson Is Back, the combination of Harry G. Allard's humorous narrative with James Marshall's droll cartoon-like illustrations makes for a real winner here. If only Miss Nelson Has a Field Day weren't the final book featuring these characters!
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LibraryThing member dukefan86
What a cute story! Funny story here about a bad football team that gets whipped into shape by Miss Nelson--dressed up as a mean substitute! Since I enjoy college football season, and have pulled for my college team through thick and thin, I liked this children's book!
LibraryThing member Mcs018
This book can be used to talk about football. The students will enjoy learning about football, and following Miss Nelson help the football team to win.
LibraryThing member eoertl1
The Miss Nelson series is a great way to teach students the concept of having a substitute teacher. Often times, students take advantage of the sub and act out in a way that is unacceptable. The author does a great job of illustrating every concept and scene appropriate to the text. These are very
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popular books that children enjoy reading and they help elaborate their vocabulary by reading conceptual text.
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LibraryThing member magarcia
Great collection for kids to read about.
LibraryThing member Kate_Schulte078
This book can be used to show students that hard work pays off, it can also be used to work on predictions. I think students will like this book, especially if they have read Miss Nelson is Missing!. This book will also get the sports fans reading.
LibraryThing member zfrid
Miss Nelson Has A Field Day is a funny book that shows children to be careful about what they say. Mr. Blandsworth overheard the children talking about the meanest substitute named Miss Swamp. Mr. Blandsworth then tried to be Miss Swamp and the children know it's him. However, the real Miss Swamp
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arrives and puts the football team to work. When their coach returns, the team is in shape and ready to win games. I love the Miss Nelson books because they show different scenarios that may or may not actually happen in schools. I think the main idea of this book is to be thankful of who you have as a teacher.
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Nebraska Golden Sower Award (Nominee — 1987)
Kentucky Bluegrass Award (Nominee — Grades K-3 — 1987)
Buckeye Children's & Teen Book Award (Nominee — Grades K-2 — 1989)
Flicker Tale Award (Nominee — Picture Books — 1988)


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