Bear's Bargain

by Frank Asch

Paperback, 1991



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Scholastic (1991), 31 pages


Bear and Little Bird try to help each other achieve impossible ambitions.

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LibraryThing member cbruiz
In this "Bear" book by Frank Asch, Bear wishes to learn how to fly and asks bird to teach him. Bird asks Bear to teach him how to be big. First Bear makes Bird eat the food he makes him and lift barbells. Not working, Bear and Bird plant a pumpkin seed, growing a pumpkin. On the unripe pumpkin,
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bear cuts a picture of bird. As the pumpkin grows, so does the picture of Bird. Bird then tries to show bear how to fly. First Bear jumps off of a rock and hits the ground. Not working, Bird and Bear go downtown to the craft store to buy supplies. They build a kite and bear paints a picture of himself on it; subsequently they fly the kite in the air, and Bear gets to fly. I enjoyed this "Bear" book. It shows children that anything is possible if you have the right mentality. The artwork is in the typical Frank Asch styling, simple yet effective, and the storyline continuity follows well, stock with clever humor; one scene that stuck out is Bear gluing himself to the seat while attempting to build a kite.
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LibraryThing member EmilyAnnSp
Moonbear's Bargain is about a bear and his bird friend who try and help each other out. The bear wants to learn how to fly and the bird want to become big and strong. The bear thinks of ways to help the bird become big but they do not work. He then thinks of an inventive way to make bird grow big
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and strong. Then the bear wants to learn to fly so bird tries to help. Bear cannot fly so Bird thinks of an inventive way for Bear to fly. This is a cute book for beginner readers or readers whoa are working on fluency.
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LibraryThing member clgribbin
Bear and Little Bird decide to help each other. Bear teaches Little Bird how to get big. He carves her into a little pumpkin and grows to get big. Little Bird teaches Bear how to fly. He makes a kite with a picture of him and flies it in the sky.
LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
Absolutely wonderful. Def. the best 'Bear' book by Asch. I wish I'd known about it when my boys were tots - apparently my library had others and I assumed they had all so didn't look further.

Anyway, I really love the emphasis here on hard work, patience, & perseverance. Our heroes don't know
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they're working hard; they're being friends and enjoying the satisfaction of accomplishment. Nowadays too much emphasis is placed on the dichotomy of work vs. play, and no matter how many vacations we take or how many toys we buy, we're never satisfied. We, as a society, need to find ways to make our jobs more empowering & satisfying, so we can take true pleasure from that part of our lives, too.

I'm saving this book for my (hypothetical) grandchild.
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LibraryThing member jfe16
Bear wishes he could fly like Little Bird. Little Bird wants to be big and strong, like Bear. So the two friends make an agreement: Bear will show Little Bird how to be big and Little Bird will show Bear how to fly.

Although Bear and Little Bird each get their wish, it isn’t quite in the way they
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expected. Young readers will enjoy seeing how the two friends work together and how they each get their wish. Love and friendship lie at the heart of this tender tale, a gentle fable for young readers on the joy of having friends, of working together to accomplish something, of keeping a promise. Creativity, imagination, and inventiveness take center stage in this delightfully charming tale.

Highly recommended.
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