Paddington Bear

by Michael Bond

Other authorsFred Banbery (Illustrator)
Paper Book, 1973



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New York, Random House, 1973, c1972.


Adopting for their own the lost bear they find in Paddington Station, the Browns have some exciting first moments with him.

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LibraryThing member hnebeker
I loved my copy of Paddington literally to pieces. Pieces that I insisted my mother glue, paste, tape-whatever it took- back into one book over and over again. I had a strange habit of sleeping with my books as a child. I don't mean taking one or two to bed and falling asleep while looking at them
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either. My mother says she would find me literally (no pun intended) sleeping on a bed of 10 or 12 books. She would gingerly pull them out from under me as I slept. Well, Paddington was a regular bedfellow and a good companion. I never grew tired of the story of a bear who was real. And in reading all of the series over again I found that this is by and far still my favorite friend to take to bed with me;)
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LibraryThing member Yaraalkhalifa
This book is really cute no matter what age you are. If you want a cute easy book this is the write book for you and you little ones!
LibraryThing member bereneezypie
This is the beginning book of an adorable series! This is such a cute book! Such a great read for all ages!
LibraryThing member Fjola
A good illustrated and abridged introduction to the Bear Paddington. He's just as outrageously clumsy and obnoxious (but oh, so well meaning!) as I remembered him. This book covers the first two chapters of the original story, published in 1958 and explains how he gets into the Browns' care. The
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illustrations are warm, cute and full of humor, very much in the spirit of the original.
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LibraryThing member Jdwalker
i really enjoyed this book! Paddington charms his way into your heart just like he charmed his way into the Brown family's hearts. One of my favorite parts of the story was when Paddington went to the opera for the first time and thought the acting was real so he went back stage to tell the person
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who played the father in the play that he should not throw his daughter out! The author did such a good job portraying this angry bear standing up for what he thought was right. I also really enjoyed the part of the book where he is putting on a magic show for the family and he "accidentally" breaks the grumpy old neighbors watch. Everything Paddington gets himself into is because of his curious nature and independent ways. I love how the Brown family was patient with Paddington and found the humor in everything that he did. One of my favorite characters was Ms. Byrd. I liked her character because even though she was thought to be strict, she always had a soft spot for Paddington. My two boys and I listened to this story at night on CD. When we were finished listening to it, they wanted me to read it to them! I think my first graders will enjoy hearing this story next year.
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LibraryThing member thornton37814
Classic children's lit book. A bear managed to find his way from Peru to Paddington Station where he meets the Brown family. Who doesn't love Paddington?
LibraryThing member LaviniaRossetti
I read this brilliant story as an audio book, so there are less descriptions and no 'said such-and-such', but I still found it a great tale full of adventure. In fact, I think it may well be better to listen along with nothing telling you who's talking because it seems as if they are really
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speaking, and you are part of the story, and it's coming to life as you read. The people telling my version hesitated often, talking slowly and clearly to let the listener hear.

Paddington wasn't at all called that at first. He was found by the Browns at Paddington Station, only to inform them that he didn't really have a name at all; well, he did, but that was in bear language, and nobody could understand Spanish anyway, for he lived in Peru. Judy and Jonathan Brown were proud and boastful to have a bear in the house, and Mrs and Mr Brown were - well, Mr Brown was astonished and rather disliked the 'animal', but Mrs. was interested to know about him and eager to help find his people.
Read (or listen) to this great book, and find out what happens in Paddington's adventures!
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LibraryThing member GRgenius
First book started and finished in the new year and I'm quite pleased. Who doesn't love Paddington? Seriously, such a cute little fella who always means well, even if trouble sometimes seems to follow him. A great read for the whole family!
LibraryThing member DKnight0918
Paddington is such a cute bear.



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