Happy Birthday, Moon

by Asch Frank.,

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New York : Scholastic, 5/01.


When a bear discovers that the moon shares his birthday, he buys the moon a beautiful hat as a present.

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LibraryThing member paroof
Just read this one again recently to my 7-year-old on his birthday and he still liked it.
LibraryThing member kidlit9
When a bear discovers that the moon shares his birthday, he buys the moon a beautiful hat as a present.
LibraryThing member jhsmith
This book would be good for 3rd grade and younger. It would be a good idea to read this book while learning about echos. Maybe the the whole class could find somewhere that echos and see how the bear in the book was talking to the moon.
LibraryThing member cbruiz
In this book of the Moonbear series, Bear asks moon when his birthday is, Moon then questioning Bear's birthday. Being the subsequent day, Bear vies to buy a hat for the Moon and vice versa. So Bear empties out his piggy bank and and goes down to the hat shop, picking up a splendid hat for Moon.
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That night, Bear rests the hat purchased for Moon on a tree, and Moon slowly comes to try it on. The next morning, there is a hat lying on the doorstep of Bear. Bear tries on the hat, liking it, but the hat blows away. Bear then goes to talk to moon about it. Both of them admit loss of each other's gift hats, but tell each other they love one another and Happy Birthday. I really enjoyed this book. Frank Asch's Moonbear series will always have a special place in my heart, as their innocence and humor affect me more than so many other children's books. The artwork is simple, but perfect, the storyline continuity flows well, and its clever prose is cute.
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LibraryThing member slblack2
and then the moon wished Bear a Happy Birthday too. at the sky one night he decides As Bear looks that it would be nice to give the moon a birthday present. In attempts to to talk to the moon, Bear climbs trees, paddles across the river and hiked through the forest till he got to a mountain. Bear,
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shouts to the moon,"Hello!". His voice echos through the mountains and Bear gets very excited. He ask the moon when his birthday is and what he wants. Oh course, the Bear is hearing his echo so the moon's birthday is the same as Bear and so is what he wants,which is a hat. So Bear gets his money together and buys the moon a hat. That night, Bear climbs a tree and sticks the hat in a tree where it looks like the moon is wearing the hat. The next morning the hat had fallen out of the tree and Bear thought the moon had given him a present as well. But the wind blew and Bear lost the hat. He went to the mountain top that night and told the moon he lost his hat. The moon told him he lost his hat too. Then the Bear wished the moon a Happy Birthday
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LibraryThing member AshleyCampbell
This book is best suited for younger elemntary ages students. It would introduce topics like birthdays, echos, gift giving and unrealistic themes well. The illustrations are simple, but they depict the actions of the story very well.
LibraryThing member kperk12
A good echo type book for 1st or 2nd grades, with cute pictures and story line. Bear is such a friendly character who is trying to be kind to moon for his birthday. Its a great story to use and teach about echos in the mountains as well.
LibraryThing member Lthatfield
"Happy Birthday, Moon" is a cute book about a little Bear who decides he wants to give the moon a birthday present. The Bear paddles across the river and climbs up hills and starts talking to the moon. When he asks his questions, the moon repeats them right back to him. Bear gets the moon a hat for
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his birthday and leaves it for him. All the while, Bear doesnt know its just his echo he hears talking back to him.
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LibraryThing member setonhansen
In this book Bear decides he want to talk to the moon. So he climbs a mountain and yells as loud as he can some questions. Everytime he asks a question the moon asks Bear the same question. When Bear answers the moon answers right after but always with the same reply. So Bear finds out that the
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moon's birthday is tomorrow and he wants a hat just like Bear. Bear puts a hat in a tree and sees that it fits the moon perfectly. During the night a wind blows the hat on to Bear's front door. Bear puts it on and it fits. But the wind blows the hat off his head and away. Bear climbs the mountain and tells the moon what happens. The same thing has happened to moon but they both still love each other.
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LibraryThing member jlowens4
I thought the book, "Happy Birthday, Moon" was so cute! I would readl this book to kindergarten, or first graders. The little bear wants to get the moon something for his birthday. So he climbs in the tree but the moon still can not hear him. So then bear goes across the river and climbs the
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moutain so that the moon can hear him. He says Hello moon and then moon says Hello. It goes on back and fourth. The funny thing about it is that it is bear's echo that he hears, not the moon talking back to him. He asks the moon, "when is your birthday?" Of couse the moon says the same thing back. Bear tells the moon his birhtday is tomorrow and he wants a hat and of course the moon says the same thing back. The bear goes and buys the moon a hat and puts it in the tree so that the moon can find it. When he wakes up the next morning the hat is by his front door. So that night he goes across the river and climbs the mountain to thank the moon for his hat, and the moon says the same thing back. I really think that this would be a good book to read to younger students. It would then give you the opportunity to talk to them about real and fiction. You could also ask them why do they think the moon is saying the same thing back to the bear? I really enjoyed reading this book.
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LibraryThing member EmilyWilhite
Review: This book is a great example of fantasy because it combines the world as we know it and fantasy. Bear is personified as he talks to the moon, and teaches us a cute lesson about echoes.
Characterization: Bear is a good example of a main character. He is focused on throughout the book and we
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know him well by the end.
Level: Primary, Intermediate
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LibraryThing member amandawebster
A bear wishes to talk to the moon and to give him a birthday present. He climbs into the mountains and, hearing his own voice echoing back, discovers that the moon's birthday is the same day as his.
LibraryThing member BNBHarper
Another wonderful book by Frank Asch. This book is about Bear going to the moon. Bear went to the moon and found out that the moon had the same birthday as him and that the moon also wanted a hat like Bear did. The reason Bear thought this is because when he talked to the moon, he heard his echo
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but thought it was the moon talking. I really enjoyed the illustrations in the book. They were very peaceful. I think this would be a good book to be used in the classroom on a students birthdays and the class could possibly all make hats afterwards.
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LibraryThing member srn006
Bear decides that it's moons birthday so he embarks on a quest to buy the moon a hat. He tries everything to get the hat to the moon.
LibraryThing member Elizabeth1977
A bear has a conversation with the moon and they even exchange birthday gifts. The perfect story to teach children about echoes.
LibraryThing member Rita6
This book is truly a sweet and warming easy fiction book written in second person. The book tells the story of a bear that is interested in the moon. The pictures are illustrated extremely well, blue and very warm and also unique.
LibraryThing member EYskollari
This book is about a little bear that likes to share his things with the moon and always hears the echo of his voice and thinks the moon is talking to him.
LibraryThing member kspannagel
Bear loves the moon so much that he wants to give him a birthday present. But he doesn't know when his birthday is or what to get him. So Bear goes to have a little chat with the moon.
LibraryThing member nkertz
heart warming book about a bear who is friends with the moon. he hold s the moon close to his heart and wants to give him a birthday present. the illustrations in the this book are lovely. this book can be used in a lesson about friendship and common interests.
LibraryThing member clwalker
Bear loves the moon so much that he wants to give him a birthday present. But how can he find out when the moon's birthday is, let alone decide what to get him? Resourceful Bear knows what to do: he goes off to have a little chat with the moon. What a wonderful surprise to find out that he and the
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moon share the same birthday!
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LibraryThing member achatela
Bear looked up at the moon he thought it would be nice to give the moon a present. He talks to the moon and the moon says he wants a hat for his birthday. He tried to place the hat on the moon but he couldn't reach. He also tried placing it on the tree branch until it was just right. In the night
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the hat fell off. The next morning bear was surprised to see a hat that he thought must be from the moon.
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LibraryThing member AMaffett
This book would be great for sequencing as you follow the bear as he tries to find a present for the moon.
LibraryThing member sarahetuemmler
This is a fun, easy read for children about a bear who decides he is going to talk to the moon. He wants to wish the moon a happy birthday. The bear then also says it is his birthday too. The bear gets the moon a present and the moon gets the bear the same present. It ends with the moon and bear
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both losing their present but of course they remain friends. It shares the theme of friendship and that presents are not all the matters.
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LibraryThing member Kelsly93
This book is good for teaching the class about friendship and treating others nicely. The bear wants to give the moon a birthday present.
LibraryThing member Sullywriter
A reissue of this charming classic.


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