Llama Llama and the bully goat

by Anna Dewdney

Paper Book, 2013



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New York : Viking : Published by Penguin Group, 2013.


Following their teacher's lead, Llama Llama speaks to Gilroy Goat and tells him he should not act like a bully on the playground.

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LibraryThing member Jessie32
What a super story of a mean little goat that is bullying the other goats. This goes through talking about how the little goat gets in trouble for being a bully to his friends; knocking over their towers, calling names etc. It is a great time to talk about emotions and what to do if you are getting
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bullied or see someone else getting bullied. Age appropriate- 3 years- 2nd grade
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LibraryThing member amassingale
Llama Llama and the Bully Goat is a story about a classroom full of animals. During a singing circle all of the animals were taking turns singing, and Gilroy the Goat would finish each turn my making fun of the sounds that they were making. Later, Gilroy the Goat went and picked people that were
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playing in the sand. Llama Llama learned that if he is being bullied then he needs to go tell a teacher/adult as soon as you can. I would use this book in the beginning of the year to show my students what a bully was, and how to avoid it and learn from it. I could also read this later in the year if we are struggling with bullies. The author shares this lesson through rhymes. Genre: fantasy, poetry
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LibraryThing member BriannaMaeee
This was a very relevant book with the bullying movments going on. It's a good book to introduce bullying to younger children. It teaches them that hitting hurts and no one wants to be freinds with someone who hits. I think it is a good book for any young child to show them the effects of bullying
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at a smaller level.
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LibraryThing member chretaylor
This book would be good to remind students what to do when being bullied or when they see someone being bullied. The teacher can present this book to the class when she sees a problem in the classroom.
LibraryThing member KaylaAnn715
This book starts off by all of the animals being in class together, singing sons and doing arts and crafts! All of the "children" sing their song differently! Gilroy, one of Llama's classmates, likes to make fun and bully llama in everything that he does. Llama will sing and Gilroy laughs; then,
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Gilroy calls Llama a not nice name! The teacher intervenes and shows the students that that is NOT okay! After the teacher intervenes, the children go out for recess! But oh no, Gilroy is at it again!! Gilroy kicks the dirt in Llama's shirt, then he throws some sand on Nelly, and then he steals the Llama's dolls! Then, the author goes into how Llama and his friend confront Gilroy about how bullying is NOT okay and they say, "Being bullied is no fun! Walk away... and tell someone!" Then, in the end, the teacher asks Gilroy, after a long timeout, if he can be a friend to his classmates, and, in conclusion, Gilroy sings along with the class in sing aloud and undoubtedly, Llama and Gilroy become friends!
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LibraryThing member NatalieCJones
This story is fantasy, but the plot is pretty realistic. It's about a llama who is being bullied by a goat at school. He calls her names and laughs at her. It happens a lot, and the teacher says that if it keeps on happening, tell the teacher. The goat gets diciplined by the teacher, and he learns
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a lesson.
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LibraryThing member mirikayla
Like most picture books about bullying, the resolution is too simple and neat. But like all Llama Llama books, this one is still great.


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