Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

by Eileen Christelow

Paper Book, 1989



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New York : Scholastic, c1989.


A counting book in which one by one the little monkeys jump on the bed only to fall off and bump their heads.

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LibraryThing member wfzimmerman
Five small simians engage in progressively more hazardous activities leading to incapacitation and even hospitalization. Stunning twist at end as heretofore benign character revealed to be engaged in same activities as simians under her charge.
LibraryThing member langerer
Five Monkeys Jumping on the Bed is a repetitive story about monkeys jumping on the bed and it counts down from five monkeys to one until they have all fallen off the bed.

This is one of my all time favorite children's books. It is repetitve and I like how the children can read it with me. I also
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love how it becomes more of a song than just a read aloud book.

In the classroom this book can be used to begin early learning of basic counting. I would also use this book in a safety lesson such as the need for following rules and directions to keep fom getting hurt.
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LibraryThing member TirzahB
five little monkeys jump on the bed, and one after another they fall off the bed. After their mother repeatedly tell them not to jump (according to doctors orders) the monkeys continue to jump on the bed after every one get hurt they all go to bed and then mamma starts jumping on the bed
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personal reaction: I like this book for toddlers because it is very simple, with good repeatable words that were easy for little ones to catch on to.

classroom extension:
1. I can have the students sing the book as a song and hold finger in the air as we count down monkeys

2. I can talk to the student about the importance of listening to their parents I can teach the cause an effect through this story

3. I can teach the children to count through this book by adding monkeys ex 10 little monkeys...
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LibraryThing member Johnika
This is a great beginners counting book for mall children. Five Little Monkeys been around for years and will never get old. It’s easy to catch on, and very easy to keep up. It is a great tale for teaching children of what may happen when you jump in the bed, “…she fell down and bump her
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head, mama called the doctor and the doctor said, “no more monkey’s jumping in the bed.”
Good for bed time reading
Recommended for children aged 1 to 5
Easy to read print
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LibraryThing member aduckwiler
Summary: This book is about 5 little monkies that each fall off the bed and are told by the doctor to stop jumping on the bed. It ends with the monkies all going to sleep and the mother jumping on the bed.

Personal Reaction: I enjoy this book because my 3 year old can read it with me. He has just
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started reading by looking at the pictures and memorizing so he gets so excited and has so much character when reading. This just puts the joy in teaching a child how to read.

Classroom Extentions:
1) Use as an extention to a subtraction worksheet.
2) Journal about what happens in school when we break the rules.
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LibraryThing member hoosgracie
Great rhyming story/song of a Mother getting increasingly frustrated as her little monkeys jump on the bed and fall off and hit their head.
LibraryThing member kefoley
This is another great math book to help teach the concept of addition and subtraction. All students love this book because it has monkeys jumping on the bed. This is a fun interactive book for children to enjoy.
LibraryThing member conuly
Most people know the rhyme about monkeys jumping on the bed, right?

Boy, those monkeys never learn, do they? Love the punchline at the end, where Mama jumps on the bed :)
LibraryThing member sarahbatte
A fun catchy book to read to children. I loved this song when i was a child. A story about five monkeys that are jumping on the bed and they all fell off and bump thier heads. Then at the end the mom jumps on the bed?
LibraryThing member Shelby09
This book is a very fun read aloud because it is repetitive and a sing-a-long. It is about five little monkeys who are jumping on a bed and one by one they fall off. Their mother tells them each time to stop jumping on the bed, but they don’t listen. Soon, they have all fallen off and gotten
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hurt. Finally their mother tucks them all in and goes to her room, where she, ironically enough, starts jumping on her bed.

I used to love reading this book when I was a child because it was easy to memorize since it is so repetitive. I loved singing the song with my mom as we read it. It is just a fun and very memorable book that I can’t wait to read to my children and students one day.

In the classroom, you could use this book to teach the students how to count down from five. You could also teach them the importance of listening to instructions and discuss the consequences of not doing so.
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LibraryThing member sntorrejon
This book is great to read with young students. It is funny and easy to read.This story teaches them a valuable lesson to learn from their mistakes. It also teaches them how to subtract, this would be great to incorporate in your math lessons.
LibraryThing member lquilter
Fun counting book. Only complaint is that it is stereotypically gendered -- the doctor is a man, of course. The parent is a mom. The monkeys are more boys than girls. The girls are all wearing little girlie outfits.

All that said, I loved the last page -- "Thank goodness!" said the mama. "Now I can
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go to bed!" and then she's dancing on the bed.
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LibraryThing member mcprice
This is a cute story with an important message, don't jump on the bed. This can also be used for math because it counts down from five till three are no more little monkeys. This could also be used for interactive writing because of the repeating sentences, and similar sentences.
LibraryThing member aengle
K-3. This book is about 5 little mischievious monkeys that are constantly being told by their mother not to jump on the bed because they one-by-one fall off and bump their heads. It's also a fun little chant that students will be able to participate in and pick up pretty easily.
LibraryThing member ejhamilton
This is a classic. It is a cute sing along book, and kids love that. it also could help with subtraction. this would be good for K-2ND grade.
LibraryThing member MarieliGoodner
This story is about a family who happen to be monkeys. Mama has a bedtime routine in place that begins with taking baths, putting on pajamas, and even brushing their teeth just as most human children do. Once the monkeys have been put to bed and mama leaves the room, they take advantage and start
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jumping on the bed. One by one, they eventually get hurt.

I remember this story as a song that I sang in Kindergarten. At the time, I did not think of it as a counting song. I was living through the monkeys jumping on the bed since my brothers and I were never allowed to jump on the beds!

As a classroom extension I would teach the students the song that I knew growing up and we would start counting at 10 little monkeys instead of 5. Another idea would be to have the students make a storyboard of their bedtime routine at home. They would draw a picture then put a caption underneath to tell us what was happening.
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LibraryThing member blue8444
So far I like this book more than my kids (14 months). I really enjoy the pictures and think it's a fun rhyme that I was already familiar with. The kiddos aren't as engaged in it as they are with other books, I'm not sure why. But I think it will grow on them.
LibraryThing member Shifflett2009
The book starts off with five monkeys taking a bath. Next they put on their pajamas, brushed their teeth, got in bed and said goodnight to their momma. The five little monkeys then began to jump on the bed. One of them fell off and bumped his head, their momma called the doctor and said no
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more jumping on the bed. This continued to happen with all five of the monkeys. Finally since all the monkeys had bobos on their heads they finally went to bed and went to sleep. In the end their momma finally got to go to sleep and rest.

I thought the book was very colorful. What caught my eye the most was the cover. The cover is well drawn and makes the monkeys look more real. I love the fact that the words go with the pages and its easier for young chrildren to read the book.

1. We could use this as a counting game.
2. We could talk about Monkeys and their habitat.
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LibraryThing member AllisonStrait
I liked this book for two reasons. First, I liked the way that the story was written. The story was engaging because it rhymed and was very catch, while flowing at a good pace. An example of this is how the story repeats itself by saying “no more monkeys jumping on the bed!” This becomes
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expected each time one falls off the bed. A second reason I liked the story was because of the illustrations. One example of an illustration I liked was of the monkeys’ faces when they were getting yelled at for jumping on the bed. This showed the monkeys as sad and scared, which was different from when they were misbehaving. Another example I liked was at the end when the illustration showed the mom jumping on the bed. I thought this was a good illustration because she looked happy and was having fun when she told her children that it was not okay to jump on the bed. The big idea of this story was for entertainment. Also, a big idea could be reasons why it is a bad idea to jump on the bed and how you could get hurt from it.
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LibraryThing member ppolanco
This retelling of the nursery rhyme “5 little monkeys jumping on the bed” was made into a book where the 5 mischievous monkeys jump on the bed at home. One by one each of the monkeys fall off the bed after their mama told them no more jumping on the bed. I have some of the best memories in
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elementary school with this book. It was a class favorite and it always connected us together. So many memories of my classmates and I gathering at the carpet, ready to read. We all participated and love singing this song as it was read aloud to us. It kept us all engaged and we never seemed to get tired of it. This book has a special place in my heart and I hope to show this to students someday.
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LibraryThing member BookwormMarie
This is one of my favorite story-time books for younger readers. They love bouncing and counting along with the silly monkeys. Although there are many versions of this story, I always come back to this one. It’s also a great concept book for young readers who are learning to count.
LibraryThing member katieloucks
I loved reading this book as a kid.
LibraryThing member troberts719
Mama puts the monkeys to bed, but they jump and jump. Soon, all five monkeys are hurt! This books is just like the popular song.
LibraryThing member Samantha_Orawiec
What a great nighttime book! It has great rhythm and a great story line. Although monkeys don’t have bed and wear PJs it really shows the effect of jumping on the bed and following directions. It continues of counting the number of monkeys who hurt themselves. The pencil illustrations are playful
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and help bring the text to life.
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LibraryThing member Sarah0423
Summary- It is a bedtime story of five little monkeys. When Mama monkey sends them to bed they start to play, doing what any kid would do; they jump on the bed. One by one all little monkeys fell off and got hurt. Mama monkey phones the doctor to check on her kids and the doctor told here “No
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more monkeys jumping on the bed”. After all of the little monkey have hurt heads and are fast asleep, Mama monkey goes to her room and promptly jump on her own bed.
Personal Reaction- I like this book. One of the little girls I babysit absolutely loves this book. She always likes to say what is coming next in the story. I will catch her singing the “5 little monkeys” song for the rest of the night. I also use the story when she starts to jump on her own the bed “ Do you want to end up like the monkeys and hurt you head?”
Classroom Extensions:
1.“Be like the little monkeys. Have the kids wear PJ's and head wraps to class.
2“ Bandage the monkeys”- Have the kids get into groups of five kids. Each kid needs to wrap an arm in toilet paper. The first team to get every member’s arm wrapped wins. You could incorporate the number 5 into other lesions and make “5” the number of the day.
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