Hattie and the Wild Waves : a story from Brooklyn

by Barbara Cooney

Paper Book, 1990



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New York, N.Y. U.S.A. : Viking, c1990.


A young girl from Brooklyn, New York enjoys her summer at the beach where she can paint and listen to the wild waves.

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LibraryThing member juanitaloo
A great book book about following your dreams and being individualistic, about not being afraid to be different. Although this is a picture book, the author does not talk down to the children and use kid language. The story is based on the life of the author's mother and describes what it was like
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to grow up in Brooklyn in a prospering German-American family during the late 1800's. There is a lot of description about family and how they lived. German words are interspersed in the conversation of the text. Each illustration has many details, and much information can be learned about the life and times through the elaborate paintings.
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LibraryThing member cegordon
The book is about a girl who doesn't exactly fit in with the rest of her family. She has dreams of becoming an artist. Throughout life, she continues to struggle to be like her siblings. Eventually she learns that becoming an artist is the right thing for her to do and becomes her own person.
LibraryThing member Jrstoner
In the book the little girl enjoys drawing pictures and in the summer going to her family's summer house and listening to the waves. She watches her sister get married and her brother become a successful business man. Her parents wonder what will become of her. Then one day she annouces that she is
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going to be an artist.
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LibraryThing member kdcoshatt
This book is about a little girl following her dreams. While her brothers and sisters were dreaming of getting married and being workers Hattie was dreaming of being a painter. She never told anyone what she wanted to be because she thought they would not understand. one by one her sisters got
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married and she was left alone, just her and her dog. She continued to paint. One day she told her parents what she wanted to be an she went to art school to become a painter.
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LibraryThing member dms02
I did not enjoy this book nearly as much as Miss Rumphius. The illustrations were beautiful though. Worth a look.
LibraryThing member kes030
The main character of this book has big dreams! She wants to be a painter. Would be great intro into art and would also be good for a grand conversation about dreams students could have for themselves.


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