The tiny seed

by Eric Carle

Paper Book, 1996



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New York : Scholastic, Inc., 1996.


A simple description of a flowering plant's life cycle through the seasons.

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LibraryThing member bspentecost
The tiny seed is about a seed that is smaller than the rest of the seeds. When the seasons change all of the other seeds are blown to places they can’t grow or they grow faster and get picked. The tiny seed gets overlooked and is able to grow into the biggest flower ever seen. When autumn comes
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it slowly dies but its seeds blow out into the world to live on. I would use this book for a kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grade class. I would find the book helpful for teaching students about the seasons and plants.
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LibraryThing member setonhansen
This story follows the life of a seed. Through the seasons the seed is flying through the air with other seeds. It is a little seed. Several things happen to the bigger seeds that prevent them from growing and getting big. The little seed takes its time and grows bigger than houses. Autumn comes
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and the flower looses its petals and the seed pod opens and the process presumably restarts. There is not much off a story but I like the book and the over all circle of life message. It is relatively short and good for read alouds.
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LibraryThing member jrjohnson1
I love the ilustrations in this book. It would be a good book to read if class was learning about plants.
LibraryThing member jhsmith
It is a good book with fun pictures. It is a good book to use while teaching the seasons. It teaches not to under estimate even the smallest person because they can grow to be the biggest and most beautiful of all.
LibraryThing member mickmyster13
Love this book! I read it twice duing a plant unit to kindergarteners. We read it and then we drew a picture of our favorite plant and wrote about what it needs to grow. Some students wrote that the seed shouldn't catch on fire from the sun. I remember one girl was shocked that a seed could drown,
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she just thought that was the strangest thing.
I figure if I could read this book twice with in two weeks and have 100% engagment with kindergarteners, then it must be a good book. Not only good, but educational.
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LibraryThing member renee.sutter
This is a great informational book about how seeds grow and what they need to survive and what thing could harm them. As always with Eric Carle the illustrations support the text so well. This would be a great book to use in a lesson on how plants grow. In kinder I might have them draw a plant and
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the main parts. I might also have them draw the stages.
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LibraryThing member cgammerman
Everything about this book is great and 4th and 5th graders would really appreciate the concept of the life of the seed to the flower. This would be a great book to use during the unit about how things in the environment grow and all that can happen to them along the way. I love Eric Carle's
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writing style and the pictures are amazing!
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LibraryThing member srgrammer
This is a great story to read to children when the season is changing from Winter to Spring. It talks about how one little seed makes a huge flower.
LibraryThing member h_clark
This is a beautifully illustrated book that expalains the life cycle of a flower in a fascinating and fun way.
LibraryThing member ermilligan
This book is poetic, yet it has simple text and great collage pictures. The picture dramatize the life cycle of all plants, as one tiny seed grown into an enormous sunflower.
LibraryThing member jcraft
The Tiny Seed is a great book about overcoming obstacles. It tells the story about the adventure that the "runt" seed of the bunch goes on after being overlooked by everyone. The seed grows into the largest flower of them all.
LibraryThing member smendel18
This is a great science book. It is about a tiny seed that is not like a lot of the other seeds, but it survives all of it's hardships. This book talks about the lifecycle of plants and the natural way that nature works. Students will be able to see how flowers are formed from beginning to end.
LibraryThing member eastahlhut
Eric Carle's books have amazing illustrations. The way he creates pictures is like no other artist and it really captures childrens atttention. The artwork in the Tiny Seed is no exception. This book is great to read aloud to young children. It is a great book to introduce the plant life cycle. It
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takes you on the journey of a tiny seed and its pursuit to become a beautiful flower.
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LibraryThing member Lakapp
“The Tiny Seed” written by Eric Carle is an entertaining story about a seeds journey through the seasons. The tiny seed is much smaller than the other seeds, and sometimes struggles to keep up. Many of the other seeds disappear or get eaten by birds, but the tiny seed perseveres and continues
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on the journey. At the beginning of spring all of the big seeds start growing into flowers, but the tiny seed becomes the tallest flower of all. This is a great story to read to elementary students of all ages.
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LibraryThing member elwindle
This story is about a group of flower seeds blowing through the air in Autumn, but with only one tiny seed among them. As they travel through many dangerous places, one flies too close to the sun and is burned up, another lands in the ocean, but the tiny seed continues on. During the winter a mouse
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eats another, but still the tiny seed survives. Finally only the smallest seed is left, and it sprouts to become a beautiful flower. This is a great story to share with children of all ages. It could be used to discuss plants and their lifr cycle.
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LibraryThing member mdkladke
The TIny Seed is about a little seed that gets to sail through the wind with a lot of bigger seeds and the tiny seed gets to experience a lot of different things. This book is an ok book, a little down at times because some of the seeds don't make it. But it does have a good point, no matter how
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small you are you can still make it and be bigger than you thought you would be.
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LibraryThing member temorrison
This is a story of how seeds are spread. It starts out in Autumn and the seeds fly off with the wind. But there is only tiny seed that cannot keep up with others. Some of the seeds are lost. One gets burned up in the sun, another drowns in the ocean, and another one gets stuck on a mountain. Then
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the season changes to winter and the seeds settle in the earth. But one of seeds get eaten by a bird. But the bird does not see the tiny seed. A mouse eats another seed. Now it is Spring, and the seeds begin to sprout, but the tiny seed does not start growing yet. But soon he starts to grow, and a child that is outside playing breaks one of the plants and it cannot grow anymore. Another flower gets picked by a boy to give to a girl. But the tiny seed is still growing. Soon it becomes summer and the tiny seed has turned into the biggest flower and everyone enjoys him all summer long.
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LibraryThing member katiejanelewis
There is a tiny seed that is blown about the world that eventually lands on soil where it can grow. As the sun shines down and the rain pours, the tiny seed and its neighbors begin to grow. The first neighbor's plant gets broken. The second becomes a beautiful flower that gets picked. But the tiny
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seed's plant grows and grows and grows... into a flower that is taller than houses!

This book is excellent for an integrated lesson on plant life, but it is also a great moral story about how sometimes the things we do don't always look like other peoples', but that's okay!
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LibraryThing member srrush
This book is about a seed that comes from a flower and is smaller than all the other seeds. The other seeds get ruined by the sun, weather, people or other conditions, but the little seed grows to be the biggest and most beautiful flower anyone has ever seen. The flower then spreads more seeds in
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the wind and the cycle starts all over again.
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LibraryThing member Gabrielle.Detrick
This book is a very good resource for early elementary classrooms. I would recommend this book to a first or second grade classrooms. I have seen a second grade class use this book to learn about science lesson. It covers so many science standards that relate to the environment and plants. The
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book’s main theme is the life cycle of a flower seed. The book is fiction because at the end of the book the flower grows to be higher than the houses. This could not be possible! It relates to a state standard for first grade, where student must learn the difference between fact and fiction in science.
The book is about a tiny seed that is not as big as the rest of the seeds it travels with throughout the story. It goes through the seasons and proves to be the one seeds that survives at the end, and grows into the biggest flower the world has ever seen. It is a cute story that students can gain a lot of knowledge from. It discusses the process of how a seed turns into a flower right from the start of its life. The book discusses the seasons and how it each helps the seed to grow, die, and reproduce more seeds to be grown into beautiful flowers. “The Tiny Seed” is a must have for every elementary classroom and offers a lot of information for use in lesson plans.
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LibraryThing member Necampos
The Tiny Seed was a great book with a lot of good information. It was a cute story about a small seed traveling. It would be good for learning science information, as the tiny seed experiences a lot of things. It would also be a good lesson that being small doesn't mean anything, because the tiny
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seed grew bigger than all the others.
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LibraryThing member rachel0217
This is a great book to show the seed cycle, changing of weather, and certain conditions for seeds to grow into flowers. This would be a great book to read when your introducing the seed cycle.
LibraryThing member LacyPalmer
This book is about how seeds travel and how some make it and some don't. There is one tiny little seed that is slower in growing than the other seeds. In the end the tiny seed grows into a beautiful flower and then spreads more seeds.
LibraryThing member Remugnaini
An easy picture book with unique collages that illustrate the book's plot. Interesting and delightful; this book's words and images are sure to stick out in children's minds long after they read it. All of Eric Carle's books are simple, yet beautifully illustrated and packed with vivid details that
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teach basic ideas and concepts which are fundamental for learning.
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LibraryThing member abruser
"The Tiny Seed" by Eric Carle is a fun and easy book for all ages. The story follows where the tiny seeds go from season to season across a lot of land. Sometimes the seed does not germinate, other times the seed germinates but the plant dies. Eventually a seed sews and grows into a giant flower
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and everyone admires it. The flower eventually dies and the seeds are dispersed once again. The story teaches the basics of botany and plant science.
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