The very quiet cricket

by Eric Carle

Paper Book, 1990



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NY Scholastic 1990.


A very quiet cricket who wants to rub his wings together and make a sound as do so many other animals finally achieves his wish. The cricket's sound is reproduced at the end of the book.

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LibraryThing member nboria05
Another great book for early childhood use! The story goes on as you get to meet all different kinds of animals and hear what kinds of noises they make. You could also have a conversation with children on how we say hello and proper introductions. And of course at the end is the famous cricket
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noise that children love!
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LibraryThing member ahernandez91
A new cricket is born and throughout the day he is greeted by many other insects. The Very Quiet Cricket tried to rub his wings together to greet back, but he just couldn't make a sound. Finally, by the end of the night he met a female cricket and when greeting her he was finally able to make a
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sound! This book teaches different sounds made by several insects, also showing their habitats. The illustrations clearly show what each different insect looks like, though it is not a photograph!
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LibraryThing member carrie.murphy
This is one of my favorite Eric Carle book's because it is about a cricket who goes on a journey to find its voice. This story is greata for young readers because identity is not always easy to come by and this story teaches this lesson to children by using the adventures of a cricket.
LibraryThing member TimiF
This book teaches children that they need to grow up first before they can be like older people. It teaches them to keep trying until they reach their goals.
As a child, this was my favorite book. I would get my mother to read it to me over and over until I could read it.
LibraryThing member Lthatfield
One day a little cricket was born into the world. It was greeted first by a large cricket, than many other different insects. The other cricket and the insects would always greet the little cricket, but he could never respond no matter how hard he tried. Finally, the little cricket meets a female
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cricket and the little cricket was able to make the most beautiful sound she had ever heard!
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LibraryThing member alprince
This book is about a little cricket who could not make a sound. Every morning all the animals came up to the cricket and greeted him. The cricket wanted to respond each time some animal came up to him but when he rubbed his wings together nothing happened. He could not make a sound. Throughout the
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book lots of animals/creatures came up to the cricket but he was never able to make a sound until another cricket came up to him. He tried once more and when he rubbed his wings together he made a beautiful chirping sound. This is a great book for children who feel like giving up. The little cricket kept trying eventhough he failed many times. I would read this book to children in 1st or 2nd grade.
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LibraryThing member setonhansen
This is the story of a cricket born in the morning. Through out the day he meets all kinds of insects who say hello but when he tries to respond nothing happens. Unitl that night when he meets another quiet cricket and when he tries to chirp he lets out the most beautiful chirp she has ever herad.
LibraryThing member wendyfincher
This book is about a baby cricket who meets new insects throughout his day. Each time he meets a new insect they are friendly and say hello. When the cricket tries to respond by rubbing his wings together nothing happens. However, the cricket was growing through the day. By that evening ,when he
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met a female cricket ,he tried rubbing his wings together and sang a beautiful song for her.
This is a level 2 book. This book has some repetitive words and is a great read for beginner readers.
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LibraryThing member rachelsticka
I think Eric Carle's strength is his illustrations. Using a tissue-paper collage, he makes amazing images for his books. I think that children could create their own story, following Carle's media and use of animals in his stories. Or each child could create a different page of his book.
LibraryThing member kelasater
This is a story of a baby cricket and the trouble with his wings. As he goes through the day, he sees many other insects that tell him "Hello" and he wants to respond, but when he rubs his wings together, no sound occurs. At the very end of the day, he meets another quiet cricket and when he rubs
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his wings together, a beautiful sound finally occurs.
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LibraryThing member lewaddell
This book is abut a young cricket that can't make a noise. He meets many different animals who greet him but when he tries to respond he can't make a noise. Until the end he meets another cricket and when he tries to respond this time the most beautiful chirp sounds.
LibraryThing member tlelm
This is a book about a young cricket and his struggles to be heard in society. He tries to talk to different creatures who say hello and good day, but when he rubs his legs together nothing happens. One night when he sees another cricket he is able to make a beautiful sound.
LibraryThing member megross
This book is about a cricket that can not make any noise. He meets many different animals butcant make any noise. He then meets another cricket at the end of the book and is finally able to make a beautiful chirp.
LibraryThing member Day4
This book is a great beginner book for kids to get kids interested in information books. It has a plot, but there are facts and new discoveries in the story that are still fact-based.
LibraryThing member dbhutch
This book is about a cricket that could not make a sound til the end of the book. Along the way he meets all kinds of other bugs
LibraryThing member natasha.bevis
This book is a sweet love story . It is a very good example of modern fantasy because when reading this book one can feel the emotions that the cricket has. Carle does an excellent job in pulling at the reader's emotions with his simple text and his breathtaking artwork. The character of the
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cricket is small, yet we see him encountering different insects and we feel his struggle as he is unable to make a sound. until finally he meets a female cricket and at long last that struggle is broken.
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LibraryThing member booschnoo
This is a good example of Fantasy because it has insects that talk. It brings the reader into a world where this is a possibility.
Stars: Character
Age: Primary
LibraryThing member lmbenji
This Eric Carle book really sums up some of the 5 senses. The cricket tries to respond to all the surrounding animals but when he tries, no sound can be made. Finally, when a female cricket comes along, he is finally able to make a sound and it is the best sound she has ever heard. I remember
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loving the fact that in the end the cricket can make a sound teaching children that even those with the lowest and shyest voices can be heard!
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LibraryThing member Dportnoy
This is a wonderful Eric Carle books to read to anyone! Through a story of a cricket trying to "find it's voice" it meets other animals along the way who greet the cricket. At the end of the book he finally makes a sound! This book invites children to learn how to greet other friends. It also
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teaches children what types of sounds other animals can make. I love this book!
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LibraryThing member KatelynLum
This is another great book by Eric Carle. With the audio clip included and the phenomenal pictures, this book will be sure to capture the attention of all ages. It teaches the importance of friendship through a very interesting and innovative way.
LibraryThing member jthall1
The book is about a cricket who is born and can not talk. A bigger cricket welcomes him to the world, then a locust and many other insects. Everytime the cricket rubs his wings together no sound comes out. He meets insect friends along the book that help him make a chirping cricket sound.
LibraryThing member ebruno
A newborn cricket ventures out into the world discovering his inability to make a sound crickets make when rubbing their wings together. Finally, when night falls, he runs into a female cricket and instantly he sings a sweet song.
LibraryThing member ht107821
This book was a really great way of starting out my reviews. You can do so much interaction with the childern in this book. Whether it is talking about the noise that a cricket or animals make or even a voice - response activity. The book repeats its words so that by just a few pages being read the
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children will get the few words such as "rubbing his wings together, but nothing happened not a sound. " The children will interact with you and love to answer the rest of the book for you. In the cricket finally gets his voice and it sounds out the sound in the very last page. The children will love it! The story line is very simple, a cricket it born and cant find his voice but, then evenutally does. This will be a delight to children who are very shy and not as outgoing as other to know that not only did the little cricket find his voice but, they will soon too. The story will be a very good way to be an ice breaker in the class as well as other extention ideas for teachers to use in the class.
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LibraryThing member sawalbeck
Great unit starter on insects. Many different insects mentioned. I start the lesson by reading the story then going back over the book and making a list of insects.
LibraryThing member Sagittar1us
Great book for kindergarten!


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