Little dog lost : the true story of a brave dog named Baltic

by Mica Carnesi

Paper Book, 2012



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New York, NY : Nancy Paulsen Books, c2012.


"A dog is rescued after days afloat on a sheet of ice in the Baltic Sea (based on a true story)"--

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LibraryThing member MaryConner
I always appreciate high interest true stories like this. I think it is wonderful for children to be exposed to stories like this where something scary happens and the good in people prevails and someone or something is saved. I did feel that this book was a bit too simplistic for me. I woud have
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preferred more detail in the story. I really enjoyed reading the note from the author at the end which provided more of the facts of the story. If that hadn't been there, I probably would have looked the story up online to learn more about it. Unfortunately, I think the lack of a lot of detail in the story would make me only use this with younger children unless I was going to have older children research more about the story.
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LibraryThing member abbylibrarian
A sweet story about a Polish dog that got trapped on an ice floe in a river and the people who rescued it. This picture book is based on a true story from 2010.
LibraryThing member attebb
A true story about a dog lost out on a ice cap. People see him floating along the river and call the fire station to help rescue him, but the ice and water is moving too fast. He floats out for two more days before running into the Baltica ship. The crew aboard work tirelessly to save him. They
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first try to use a net, but the dog slips into the water and then they decide to lower a small boat into the water and convince him into the boat. They nurse the dog back to health after sitting on the ice, wet and cold during the coldest part of the year in Poland. After he is well, the crew name him Baltic after the ship and give him a home on the ship with the rest of the crew. The story is a good read-aloud nonfiction story for young children. The illustrations are beautifully drawn and colored and children will enjoy the suspense of whether the dog will be rescued and yet has a sweet ending. The story is also wonderful for beginner readers.
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LibraryThing member rsaenz4
A true story about a dog who is in the middle of a river stranded on an ice glacier. Some people see him from the edge of the river and call the fire department to come rescue the dog but unfortunately they are not able to because the current sweeps dog away. A crew on a ship see dog and
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they try to rescue him too. First they tell dog to jump into a net that they put near him but when dog jumps he slips into the water. that is when one of the men in the crew decide to go get him on a small boat. He is successful and dog becomes part of the crew. They name him Baltic because the ship's name is Baltica. They welcome dog to his new family.

A lovely true story that warms our hearts. I like how the author uses simple text but with it creates a significant amount of meaning. I like the illustrations because they perfectly depict what is happening in the story.
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LibraryThing member shazam79
i read that children are captivated by this book. i did not have that experience in my storytime. i had to really work it to capture their interest.
LibraryThing member Sullywriter
Simple. heartwarming story with great illustrations.

Merged review:

Dog is dramatically rescued from an ice drift. Simple and satisfying.
LibraryThing member AshleyWheeler
This book is a true story about a dog who was seen adrift on the ice near Poland. Firemen try to rescue him but fail. The dog remains on the ice for two days before a research ship, Baltica, finds him and rescues him. The crew nurses him to health and adopts him as part of the crew.
LibraryThing member CaittBitt
The true story of Baltic the dog is a great story to share with students. The story starts off right away with an intense scene. A small dog, which they call Dog until he is named later in the book, is stuck on a piece of ice, and is quickly drifting out to sea, the Baltic Sea to be precise.
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Throughout the next couple of pages Dog does not leave his piece of ice as he floats out further and further. Days later a ship is moving by and spots Dog. They try many times with many new methods to save him, and finally they do! This book is a great story to teach children to never give up. Just as Dog never gave up while he sat on the ice, children can learn to persevere in whatever situation they are in as well!
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LibraryThing member sbasler
I found this story quite heartwarming. The author did a good job of retelling the story of Baltic in a simple way that children can understand. There is an illustration in the middle of the book where the dog looks so sad, tired, and lonely. It was a relief to read that he was saved, and that he
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was able to stay with the crew that saved him. This story shows kindness and loyalty, which are two excellent traits to possess.
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LibraryThing member aelmer
This book is a true story about a dog that got stranded in the flow of ice in the Baltic Sea, and how the kind people on the boat that did all they could to rescue him, and adopt him as their family pet!

I think that this book would be a great way to teach students about love and loyalty. Also, the
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illustrations were phenomenal and could inspire some really great artwork! I also loved the addition of the factoid page end to really give a more concrete feel to the story. .
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LibraryThing member AliciaFine
This story was about a dog who floated on the Vistula River on a piece of ice, and was eventually rescued. This is based on a true story about a dog named Baltic. I would use this in a lower grade since it was a very easy read with pictures.
LibraryThing member ryckecraw
Little Dog Lost retells the true story that came to us from Poland, where a dog was found floating on an iceberg on the Vistula River. The author takes us through the events of discovering the dog on the riverbanks to his eventual rescue by the crew of Baltica, a scientific research vessel.


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