by John Burningham

Hardcover, 1985



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Crown (1985), Edition: 1st, 32 pages


A little girl and her grandfather share very special moments.

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LibraryThing member ahaps8
This is a really great book for teaching inferencing, predictions and using pictures to tell the story. When I first started reading it I thought it was really odd and had to start again. It is also quite an emotional book. I found anyway, that proberly depends on what connections your make.It is
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also aan interesting view for students whereby although the book does not use dialogue conventions it is completely in dialogue between the little girl and her granpa. Lots of great opportunities here.
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LibraryThing member tzarate
This book tell the story of a young boy who spends his time with is grandpa all the time. At the end the grandpa dies. Very sad story but very good message for kids.
LibraryThing member KMClark
This book is not your typical story book. It requires more than one read as the material is presented in dialogue only and has a sad ending; however, the book offers very nice illustrations and great opportunities for major discussions and inferences.
LibraryThing member kfisher524
This is a very sad story about the relationship between a girl and her grandpa. The story ends sadly, but it is a great way to encourage children to see how important it is to treat their grandparents . You never know what tomorrow holds!


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