The Quilt Story

by Tony Johnston

Other authorsTomie DePaola (Illustrator)
Paperback, 2008



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Scholastic Inc (2008)


A pioneer mother lovingly stitches a beautiful quilt which warms and comforts her daughter Abigail; many years later another mother mends and patches it for her little girl.

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LibraryThing member anne07
One of my childhood favorites. Great story about a quilt that gets passed down through a family.
LibraryThing member annikasmith
This is a great example of a realistic fiction book. Part of the book is set in olden days but the end is set in present day. It tells the story of a well loved quilt and all those that loved it. It is a realistic book about how having one familiar loved thing is nice when change comes along. The
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characters, setting and plot are all believable and could easily have been real life events and people.
Art Media: watercolor, acyclic, and oil paints
Appropriate Age: Primary
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LibraryThing member malinacoulter
A little girl’s mother made her a quilt to help keep her warm at night. She took the quilt where ever she went. When her family and her moved away from their home, the quilt was the only thing that was able to comfort her. Years later another girl found the quilt and was able to find comfort in
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it too.

This is a great children’s story. The little girl, Abigail, was always able to find comfort in her quilt. As she went through a hard time it was the only thing that could comfort her. When she got older and did not need it any more she places it up in the attack. Years later another girl found the quilt.

In the classroom I would like each student to write about something they have that brings them comfort when they need it. I would also like to make a quilt for the classroom as well that we would be able to keep in there.
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LibraryThing member AmyPollard
This is about a little girl named Abigail whose mother makes her a quilt that she loves and takes with her everywhere and it makes her feel at home even when they move away and her little girl finds it years later and starts to love it too.

This story touches me because I have a baby blanket that I
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love and haven't been able to let go and always makes me feel better and I hope to pass on to my child one day.

Classroom connection is that we could discuss things special to us or make a paper quilt representing different things that are special to us.
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LibraryThing member katyguerra
A little girl's mother make her a quilt with her name sewn on it. The quilt is very comforting for the girl, such as when they were moving. When the girl is older and has a daughter, her daughter finds it and uses it.
I really liked this story. I can relate to this story because my mom had a
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trinket box, I was very attached to it. My Mom would put her special jewelery in the box. When I was married, my Mom gave me the box so I can put my wedding rings in it too, just like she did.
I can use this story in my class by asking my students what is something from home that they are attached to, and if allowed to bring it to class to share with everyone.
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LibraryThing member kayelaniwalter
A little girl named Abigail has a quilt that he mother made her. She love that quilt that she took it everywhere she go. Even when the moved from their house to another.

Personal Reaction:
I thought it was a very adorable book that kids could enjoy, because it deals with what they love and
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their mother made it for them.

1. Tell stories about there favorite thing there parents made them?
2. Write a story about their favorite quilt.
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LibraryThing member TaylorLanman
This story is about a little pioneer girl named Abigail and her mother who sews a quilt for her. Abigail finds comfort in her quilt. She plays with it every day. She wears it as a dress and she wraps herself up in it. One day the family has to move and Abigail takes the quilt with her. When
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she arrives in their new home Abigail is very sad and she feels like everything is new. To make her feel better, her mother wraps her up in the quilt. Later, Abigail puts the quilt in the attic. Years later another little girl finds the quilt and she uses it as a means of comfort for herself.

Personal Reaction:
I can relate to this story because I also have a blanket that my mom made me. I even brought it to my college apartment. It's always nice to be able to cuddle up in my blanket and watch a good movie. Not only does it bring back good memories, but it also reminds me of my family. I think that this book is good for children who are moving or have moved before (especially here in Lawton and Ft. Sill).

Classroom Extension Ideas:
1. As a class we can make a paper quilt. Each of the students can design their own square and we will put it all together and take an afternoon to talk about each square.
2. I will have my students draw a picture of something that always makes them feel better.
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LibraryThing member KatieKirk
The quilt story is about a quilt that is made for a little girl by her loving mother. The little girl always has the quilt with her whether she's inside or outside, asleep or awake. The little girl finds comfort and happiness with her quilt. Later, another little girl find the quilt and is
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comforted by it too.

Personal Reaction:
This is a very sweet story. I love how simple the story is and the loving family theme. The illustrations are very fitting with the story.

Classroom Extension Ideas:
1. The artwork in this book appears to be done with pencil and watercolors. Using these art tools I would have student's create their own quilts.

2. I think this would be a good book to read at the beginning of a school year. At that time school's probably have the highest number of new move-in students. This would be a good book to when starting a discussion about what makes new kids feel "at home" in their new house.
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LibraryThing member ke141703
Summary: A pioneer mother lovingly stitches a beautiful quilt which warms and comforts her daughter Abigal.They use it and then pack it away. Many years later it is found by another girl and she has her mother mend and patch it. They move away and take the quilt with them and it is brought back
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Personal Response: I really liked this story. I can relate to it because I have a quilt thats been passed down to me. It is comforting to cuddle up in a handed down hand made quilt.

Classroom Extension Ideas: Talk about what makes each student comforted like the quilt comforts the girl. Also have them draw what a quilt they would want would look like.
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LibraryThing member JPercival
Summary: The Quilt Story is about the journey of a quilt, and the comforts it provides. The quilt is made by a mother for her daughter before they leave on wagon train out west. The quilt was something the little girl treasured and used for many different things, such as, a gown or a horse
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Personal Reaction: I did not care much for this book. I think the book was about the passing down of an heirloom, but the story was unclear.

Classroom Extension: Use the book to introduce a lesson about the wagon trains, and the struggles of the settlers. Have each student write down 5 items they would take with them on a wagon train.
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LibraryThing member KaraCalderon
This story is about a little pioneer girl named Abigail. Her mother makes her a quilt that Abigail loves. She does everything with her quilt, and gets comfort from it. When her family moves she feels like everything is new, but then she gets her quilt out and she feels better. Years later
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another little girl finds the quilt and finds the same comfort for it.

Personal Reaction:
I was not a big fan of this book. I thought it was a bit gross that mice were eating it, and animals were having babies on it. I did however like the comfort theme with the quilt.

Classroom Extensions:
1. We could make a classroom quilt. Each student would receive a square piece of material, and special fabric markers to decorate it with. Once they were done I would have all of the squares sewn together and a quilt made. It would be our classroom quilt that we could use during reading time.
2. We could discuss what each of our comfort items are; for example a blankie or special stuffed animal, and why it means so much to each of us.
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LibraryThing member CaitlinJones
This story is about a little girl who has a quilt made by her mom. This quilt follows her and her family through the pioneer days as they move. It provides her comfort. The quilt is then found by a child in modern times who has the quilt through her families move and it provides her the
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same comfort.
Personal Reaction:
This book would help many children understand that everyone moves with their families. This quilt shows that comfort can be provided regardless of where you are located. I liked how even the animals enjoyed the quilt.
Classroom Extension Ideas:
1. Have each child bring in a piece of fabric of their choice. Then sew together your own classroom quilt that can be placed for children to find comfort within the classroom as well.
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LibraryThing member wichitafriendsschool
Story about two girls, one from pioneer daysk one from modern times, who share the same quilt.
LibraryThing member NMiller22
This is the story of two girls one from pioneer days, the other from modern times who share the same quilt.
LibraryThing member Whisper1
When a little girl moves many miles from her previous home, she is exceedingly lonely. Living across the American plains is an entirely different lifestyle and she finds solace in quilting. It helps to work on something that resurrects her many memories before finding new friendss while missing the
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prevous ones. She rediscovers her previous quilt, and together she and her mother mend the patterns of sun and a life that made her very happy
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