Peter's Chair

by Ezra Jack Keats

Hardcover, 1967



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Harper & Row (1967), Edition: 1st


When Peter discovers his blue furniture is being painted pink for a new baby sister, he rescues the last unpainted item, a chair, and runs away.

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A more charming or contemporary child than Peter is hard to bring to mind.

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LibraryThing member jhsmith
I thought it was really good. It would probably be good for pre-k - 1st grade. It teaches readers/listeners how to deal with a new sibling and more importantly sharing.
LibraryThing member conuly
Peter is growing up. Coincidentally, he also has a baby sister.

Putting these two things together means that the family is going and repainting all his unneeded baby things - his high chair, his crib, his little chair - for the new baby.

Like many children, the fact that he's outgrown these things
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doesn't seem to Peter to be the concern. The problem is that they're HIS things, so he took his chair and he Ran Away. To... the front of the house.

It's resolved a bit neatly when he realizes, through sitting in it, that he really has outgrown all these things and comes back in to rejoin the family and welcome his sister, but it's all very sweet.
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LibraryThing member kapeoples
Kindergarten or First grade reading level. This story is about Peter and he is growing up and not liking the changes that are happening in his house. Peter is getting a new baby sister so all his furniture and toys are being painted and made pink for a girl. The changes upset Peter so he runs away
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from them. A good story for kids growing up and coping with new siblings. Beautiful illustrations.
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LibraryThing member tshrum06
This is a good example of realistic fiction. Peter's reaction to having to give up his old things is very relateable. Many students also have probably had to deal with younger siblings and the jealousy issues that arose from that.
LibraryThing member Keatsgroup
Peter, an only child realizes that the addition of a baby sister is going to change his life. Although he goes through an emotional crisis revolving around being replaced and worries about his old baby toys being taken away, he realizes he is growing up and has a new role as the big brother. The
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illustrations are rich with varying textures,multiple layers and contrasting colors that catch the attention of the reader. The pictures and text have great synergy that heightens the overall impact of the book. This story can be used to help children understand and accept change.
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LibraryThing member aswideman
Peter's chair teaches children to not be stingy and to be fair. It’s nice to do good things for others.
LibraryThing member EmilyAnnSp
This is a great book for younger students who are dealing with the birth of a new sibling. Peter has a new baby sister and realizes that all of his blue baby furniture is now pink for his sister. He gets upset about all of "his" baby furniture. Once he realizes he is too big for all of his
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furniture he decides to paint it pink for his sister.
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LibraryThing member klhocutt
A new baby has been added to the family and the big brother is feeling a little jealous. The new baby sister is getting all his old things and he is not liking it. He decides that he wont let her have his chair and then he decides its ok and givers her the chair.
LibraryThing member srrush
This is the story of a little boy whose family just had a new baby girl. The parents begin painting all of the little boy, peter's things in order to get ready for the new baby. Peter becomes upset because he feels as though all of his things are being taken from him. Later on, he decides that he
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has out grown his old things and his little sister can have them.
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LibraryThing member kljohnson2
Peter's chair is realistic fiction and an easy picture book. This book would be good to read to younger grades when doing a unit on family. Also, this book could be helpful for children are having adjustment problems with the addition of new a sibling.
LibraryThing member mknest
This is an important book for any child who is feeling unsettled due to a new addition to their family. As the main character, Peter, struggles with jealously of his new sister, he decides to run away from home. After some time away from his new sister, he returns to his family and helps paint his
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old high hair pink for her. At a first grade reading level, this book would be a helpful addition to a classroom and could begin a conversation about family changes and different family structures, a matching Social Studies requirement.
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LibraryThing member markauch
Wonderful story for children who are struggling with a new baby in the house. Peter has to learn that he needs to share with his younger sister. He is originally very upset because all of his old things have been painted pink for the new baby. Peter is so upset that he runs away! However, in time
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he begins to accept the change and embrace his new lifestyle. This book can help children understand a new addition to the family or change in general.
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LibraryThing member victoriawatson
This is a story about a boy who becomes jealous of his new little sister. He tries to take back his old baby things. He soon realizes that he can't use them anymore because he is too big. Therefore, he helps paint his old things pink for his little sister.

Good book!
LibraryThing member eedalton
This book has to do with a young boy who has a baby sister. In the story he notices that his parents have painted all of his things pink to give to her (such as his crib). He takes his chair and his dog and stay outside for a while because he is upset that his sister is getting his things. He
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doesn't fit in his chair anymore and he realizes its a part of growing up. His mother surprises him at dinner with a big boy chair and he is ok with helping his dad paint his chair pink for his little sister.
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LibraryThing member arewald
The new baby in Peter's family is getting all of his old things and he's feeling left out. But perhaps he needs to realize he's growing up now, and can't even fit in his little chair anymore. Kids really seem to identify with this book, and the colors in the illustrations are wonderfully vivid.
LibraryThing member ktextor
This is a story about a boy who has a new baby in the house who happens to be, a girl. Peter gets jealous when he finds out that his family is painting everything that used to be his, PINK!! He becomes very upset and steals his favorite chair because he doesn't want them to paint that pink either.
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when he runs away with the dog they find themselves in the backyard and Peter no longer fits in his special chair! Peter decided to come back inside but does he finally help out his family? or hide the chair from his baby sister forever? Great read for students who have a new baby in the family and finding a book that students can relate to.
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LibraryThing member kapickens
This story is about a little boy named Peter who has a new baby sister. He is very jealous and doesn't want to share his things with her. Later, Peter finally gives her his old chair that is too small for him. I like how this book invites other children to enjoy being a good big brother or sibling.
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I am certain I will read this book with my new babies in the future.
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LibraryThing member haleyg
This is a picture book about a young boy named, Peter who begins feeling replaced by his new baby sister. His parents got mad at him for playing too loudly in fear of Peter waking his sister. They would take his old blue baby crib and painted it pink. They even painted his old room pink. Before
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they could get to anything else, frustrated Peter grabbed his little blue chair, stuffed animal alligator, and his dog with some cookies and biscuts; he was going to run away. He got outside and sat in his small chair with his dog. Suddenly his mother looked out the window and saw him sitting there with all of his belongings. She called Peter in for dinner. For the first time, Peter was asked to sit next to his father in the grown up chair. Suddenly, Peter felt special again, and offered his favorite blue chair to his parents to paint pink for his sister. He even made the first pink brush stroke.
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LibraryThing member atlomas
This book is about a boy who is coming to terms with having a new baby sister around. He runs away with his old baby chair; the last thing that has not been given to his new sister yet. He comes back home later when he realizes he is too big for the chair in the first place. He brings the chair to
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his father and suggests they paint it for his new baby sister.
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LibraryThing member chris.coelho
Peter's Chair is a book about a young boy who struggles with the fact that he has a new sister, and she seems to be taking all of his old stuff. First he notices that she is using his old crib. Peter's painted that old crib pink, and that did not sit well with Peter. After that, Peter's dad asked
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Peter if he wanted to paint his old chair for his sister and her new room. Peter was mad. He went outside with his old chair and tried to sit on it. He realized he was too big for his old chair. Peter went back inside and ate lunch with his family. It was there when he realized that he wanted to paint his old chair for his new sister.
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LibraryThing member Khoffy
Peter's Chair is a fantastic book dealing with childhood jealousy and confusion about the arrival of a new sibling. It's a great book to share with children who are going to have a new sibling to help them deal with their feelings. Ezra Jack Keats' books are fantastic means of discussing feelings
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with students, allowing the teacher to ask students to examine what the characters are feeling and what parts of the text show them those feelings.
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LibraryThing member cabram90
Peter has a problem with his little sister having his chair so he takes it before his dad paints it pink. Then he comes to an understanding that he has grown out of the chair a no longer needs it so he participates in helping his dad paint it for her.
LibraryThing member lewaddell
This book is about a boy, Peter, who has a new baby sister and is jealous of her because his parents are painting all of his old things pink for her. Soon he realizes he is too big for his old things and decides its not so bad that his sister is getting all of his things.
LibraryThing member CIERRAMOORE
Peter is not enthusiastic about having a baby sister, and doesn't understand why his baby things are being painted and used for her. He decides to run away to the front porch, but begins to think about how much he really uses those old things, and if it's really that bad having a baby in the
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AGE: 3,4,5
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LibraryThing member satyridae
Delightful story about how Peter comes to terms with the new baby in his family.


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