Whistle for Willie

by Ezra Jack Keats

Paperback, 1999



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Scholastic (1999), Edition: First Edition, 31 pages


A little boy wishes so much he could whistle.

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LibraryThing member conuly
Nice book about a little (black) boy who wants to learn to whistle, and, predictably, eventually does.

It's always nice to have picture books that feature black kids that take place in the US and that don't make "being black" the focus of the story, or else talk all about some "issue". The truth is
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that there aren't enough books that fit that criteria, and sometimes I think it's nice for my nieces to be able to see books about kids who act and look like them, y'know? So we've got a lot of books by Ezra Jack Keats.

It's also interesting to me to see how much freedom Willie has. Clearly, this book was written in a less paranoid (if not actually any safer) time.
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LibraryThing member LanitaBostic
Peter wanted to whistle to his dog Wille but he couldn't. He tried whistling but only air came out. A boy was playing with Peter's dog Wille. When the boy whistled, Willie ran straight to him. Peter tried and tried to whistle but he couldn't. He tried spinning around and around but that only made
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Peter dizzy. He thought if he hid in a box on the sidewalk and whistled, Willie would turn around an run to him. He blew and blew but nothing came out. Finally, Peter blew until a whistle came out. Willie stopped and looked around. Peter was whistling! Willie ran straight to him! Peter whistled and whistled. Mom, dad, and Willie loved to hear Peter whistle.
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LibraryThing member cvyork
Great book! I know why I liked it so much when I was kid. Great book to have in the classroom... or a read aloud.
LibraryThing member acwheeler
Cute story about whistling. Teaches children how to whistle and has amazing illustrations!
LibraryThing member Keatsgroup
Peter is determined to whistle throughout the story and fianlly at the end of the book he learns how, showing the reader we can reach our goals if we work hard. This story exposes a playful blur between the child's imagination and reality. This text has a childlike approach to the conflict in the
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story. The collage style of illustration brings a new (when first published) and fresh perspective to children's literature.
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LibraryThing member chron002
Peter is trying to learn to whistle for his dog Willie. Keeps trying until he finally does. This would be good to teach children to practice skills until they accomplish them. 1st-3rd grade children would read this book. I love weenie dogs so I liked this book.
LibraryThing member EmilyAnnSp
Peter has a dog Willie. He is not able to whistle for Willie like other boys whistle for their dogs. He practices all day. He goes home and practices there but he still can not seem to whistle. He decides to stop practicing for a while and hid in a box and see if he can call Willie without him
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noticing him. When he tries to whistle one last time he can finally whistle! He shows his parents and then whistles from then on.
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LibraryThing member katiejanelewis
Peter thinks it would be fun to hide and then whistle for his dog, Willie. But there's one problem... Peter can't whistle! He tries and tries with no avail. Finally, he takes a little break from all of this whistling practice and then - Bam! - one day, he whistles! A real whistle!
LibraryThing member abmcenerney
learning how to whistle
cute book
LibraryThing member atlomas
This book is about a boy who wants to learn how to whistle to call his dog Willie. This book is so adorable and I especially loved the picture of him in the mirror with his father’s hat on. I would frame that picture and put it in my home.
LibraryThing member sdlucas
Peter wishes that he knew how to whistle so that he could get his dog to follow him. He tries and tries and finally he is able to whistle. This would be a good read aloud book. It show children that even though they may not be able to do something the first time they try it they should continue to
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try and do the task and eventually they will be able to do it.
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LibraryThing member victoriawatson
This is a story about Peter who wants desperately to whistle so that his dog will come straight to him. After a long day he manages to whistle and is very happy!

Good book!
LibraryThing member KayceeWeeter
This is a story about a young boy who longs to be able to whistle to his dog, Willie. He tries, and tries, and tries but repeatedly has no luck. Finally, after trying many different things, the boy is hiding from his dog and out comes a real whistle! Willie runs straight towards him and he whistles
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the rest of the day away.
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LibraryThing member pisces9315
Peter is a boy who wants to learn how to whistle so that he could get his dog’s attention. He keeps trying every chance he gets, but nothing ever comes out. After trying to whistle all day long, he was finally able to whistle and continued to whistle ever chance he got.
LibraryThing member lpeal
A boy named Peter wanted to learn to whistle. He mainly wanted to whistle so his dog Willie would look around and see who was whistling. He tries many different things through out the book, he even wears hat to feel grown up. Hw finally learns to whistle. It is a great book that teaches kids to
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never give up.
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LibraryThing member cjs048
Whistle for Willie is about a boy who could not whistle to call his dog. He tried and tried but no whistle would come out. He would hide when he saw his dog because he was disappointed that he couldnt whistle. Finally he figured out how to whistle and from then on he whistled at everything.
LibraryThing member mfwilson
This book is a great book for intermediate readers. Many of Keat's books are used and read during Black History Month to inform students of the civil rights movement. The cool things about her books, is that her characters are based off of real people and are used in all of her stories.
LibraryThing member DOBbaby
growing up, multicultural, paperback
LibraryThing member indiabessette
A boy wants to learn to whistle and eventually knows how.

Recommended Age: Preschool
LibraryThing member crashingwaves38
I didn't really care for this book. It kinda meandered away from the point for the majority of the book. Part of the reason he wanted to learn how to whistle was so that he could hide and whistle for his dog just so the dog would get confused when he couldn't find who was whistling. How nice is
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that? The only good thing I can say about this book is that it teaches that practicing is the best way to gain a new skill. Otherwise, it just wasn't a great book. Or even a good book, really.
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LibraryThing member DellaShaw
A boy wanted to learn to whistle so he could call his dog willie. the boy practiced and practiced until he learned how to whistle.
LibraryThing member mknest
A perfect Ezra Jack Keats tale of his classic character, Peter, and his dog Willie. Peter is determined to learn how to whistle for his dog but finds he cannot do it. In his quest Tom learns to whistle, her gets frustrated andy distracted- going on many short adventures before finally succeeding.
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It is a touching easy read for early elementary readership that gives an authentic voice to the challenges and confusions of childhood.
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LibraryThing member hhuget
Whistle For Willie is one of many Keats books with colorful illustrations and a relatable story. This story in particular highlights Keats' ability to relate to children's everyday experiences--in this case a young boy who wants to learn how to whistle. A great read and a classic for elementary age
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LibraryThing member maydeegalarza
I little boy wants to whistle but cant. he learn how to whistle.

Source: Tacoma Public Library
Age: 3-5
LibraryThing member DannieN
Peter is a young, African-American, dog owner who sees other dog owners being able to call their dogs in by whistling. This story will teach readers about perseverance and determination as Peter sets out to learn how to whistle. During his whole walk home, Peter tries and tries again to practice
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his whistle and it takes him until he goes back out to look for his dog, Willie, that he actually can do it. He goes home proud to share with his parents what he can do. The book is written very simply and the illustrations seem almost as if they were made with cut out pieces of paper.
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