One Fine Day [Library Binding]

by Nonny Hogrogian

Paper Book, 1971



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Macmillan Publishing Co. (1971)


After the old woman cuts off his tail when he steals her milk, the fox must go through a long series of transactions before she will sew it back on again.

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LibraryThing member CTieyah
This book received the Caldecott Medal in 1971. It is about a fox’s journey to get his tail sewn back on so his friends will not laugh at him. He stole milk from an old woman and she chopped off his tail, refusing to sew it back on unless the fox would bring her some more milk. The fox is set off
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on many errands as he tries to get what he owes the woman in return for his tail.

I was caught off guard at the beginning of the book when the woman chopped off the fox’s tail. I did not expect that sort of “violent” reaction in a children’s book. However, I did like the book. My three year old daughter will steal candy from the counter when she thinks no one is looking, so I wanted to read this story to her in hopes that she will begin to see that stealing only causes more trouble. One thing I did not like so much was the idea that the fox only wanted his tail back so that his friends would not laugh at him. This tells children to worry and care what other people think about their appearance. It does not portray true friendship, either, because real friends would not laugh at you.

Because this is has a repetitive style of writing, I would incorporate a memory exercise by asking the children to remind me who the fox is getting each item for as I read through the story. I could also take it another way and ask the children where they think the fox would get the next item from. At the end, maybe we could play pin-the-tail-on-the-fox.
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LibraryThing member aflanig1
A folktale about what happens when a fox steals milk from a woman.
LibraryThing member rjmcwhorter1
This book would be good to read to a classroom because it can enhance the memory of young students with the repetition. The teacher can have the children fill in the steps of the story as they go along, and it will make it more interactive and enjoyable.
LibraryThing member hd071338
Caldecott: This is the story about a fox who gets very thirsty so he decide to nock over a pail of milk that belongs to an old lady. The old lady slices off the foxes tail because she is very mad at the fox for drinking and spilling all her milk. The fox soon has to repay the old lady for what he
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has done so he can get his tail sewn back on. To end the fox has to go to 3 animals, 3 people, a stream and some grass all so he can get some milk to give to the old lady so he could have his tail sewn back on.

I thought this book was overated because the old lady used a knife to cut slice the foxes tail off. I can not believe anyone would even want to read book this to a child. This book also showed me that there are not very many giving people out there because the fox had to go through 8 people before he could even get to one person who would give him anything.

The only moral I could think of was that you should never take something from somebody because you never know what they might do to you. This book was definitely trying to teach children that they shoud always ask to see if they are even allowed to have something that belongs to someone else.
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LibraryThing member DushiyanthiMcCarley
It is a story about a fox who made his way through the forest and when he got to the other side he was thirsty so he found an old woman with a pail of milk. Before she noticed him he drank all the milk. The old woman saw that and cut off his tail. The fox was upset and asked he to sew his tail bakc
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on and she said she would if he returned the milk. So in order ot get the milk he had to find a cow and the cow wanted something in return and after the fox had found everything he finally got the old woman to sew his tail.

I liked the story because I think children will enjoy trying to guess what happens next in the story.

Extention: I would give the children the first few lines of a story and have them finish it.
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LibraryThing member artlibby
A greedy fox drinks an old lady's pail of milk and then loses his tail for it! The fox is then forced to make up for his crime by replenishing her supply. The text proceeds in a linear fashion as the fox wonders the countryside bartering his way with people, animals, and nature in his quest to make
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amends with the old woman. The world seems to be a cruel place; the fox whose tail is slashed off finds it difficult to find someone to help him without getting something in return. In the end the fox isn't the only greedy character! The fox proves to be a difficult character to connect with; however, young readers will be cheering for him towards the end of the "tale". The repetitive nature of the text allows for predictability, and listeners will know what to expect during read alouds. While the difficulty level of the text makes this appropriate for elementary school libraries, the morbid backdrop of the story would not have me running to add this to my collection. However, the story stems from an Armenian folktale, and as such would add an element of diversity to a children's book collection.
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LibraryThing member tiburon
This seems like it is based upon a folktale. It is a sweet story about a fox who goes on a quest for milk, only to have his tail chopped off! He has to figure out a way to repay the milk to the old woman so that she will sew his tail back on. This was written and illustrated by the same person, and
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it is a Caldecott medal winner.
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LibraryThing member pvhslibrarian
Personal Review:

Based on an Armenian folktale, the fox's adventure is a series of steps that will eventually repay the old woman so he can get his tail sewed back on. The story can introduce many common animals and objects from nature to a young reader and the repetitive phrases allow the reader to
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join in with the story. I didn't find the illustrations particularly inviting, but the story also shares the concept of controlliing one's greed and following through to pay a debt.
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LibraryThing member aprilbrittain
One Fine Day depicts the tale of a fox that lost his tail to an old lady for drinking her milk. In order to get it sewn back in place, the fox had to bargain with many different people for items throughout the forest.

I really think older kids would enjoy this book. The repetitiveness of the story
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and use of animals and people talking to each other will keep the children’s attention throughout the story.

I would use this book in an analytical way to show how each of the objects that were asked for would be used by the requestor. Also, this would be a great example to use on why we do not take things that do not belong to us.
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LibraryThing member carebeargirlie5187
This story is about a fox who stole milk from and old woman, who in tern chops off his tail. The fox then goes on a mission to return milk to the old woman so that she would restore his tail.

I enjoyed the illustrations and the repetitive lines.

I would use this book in a classroom to show that all
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things have a price. I would encourage the students to recite the repetative parts of the story alloud with me.
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LibraryThing member tterrill
This story is about a fox that takes an old lady’s milk without asking. He finds out the hard way that there is a consequence to stealing. In order to get his tail back from the old lady he must get her some milk. He quickly finds out that getting milk is not an easy task. The story tells about
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his journey.

Although I thought that this was an enjoyable story, I felt sorry for the fox. He made a mistake and unfortunately no one was willing to help him without getting something for themselves.

I would use this book as a retell. I would assign parts to the children and have them act out the story. This book could also be used to teach children that all people and animals have something to offer.
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LibraryThing member jenhope
This is a great book to use for introducing the idea of how to make a list or how to organize information in a book into a list. You could read the story and have then write down what the fox has to do in order to help the women out. Plus, doing an activity like this could really help with writing
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skills and remembering what they story line was about.
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LibraryThing member mfink1
This book is a really cute book for children. A fox drinks an old lady's milk, something he wasn't supposed to do, and has to suffer the consequence, his tail being cut off. To make it up to the old lady and to get his tail back he must get her more milk. It took alot of time and hard work from the
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fox to make things right again.

This books is all about consequences and about how when you do something wrong, its not always easy to make it right again.
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LibraryThing member GWES.Second
A fox has to bargain with others to return the milk he drank and in turn get back his tale.
LibraryThing member BrittanyLynn
In this story a fox is very thirsty so he stops and drinks from an old woman's pail of milk and drinks up most of it. She becomes angry and cuts off his tail. He beggs her to sew it back on, but she refuses until he gives her milk back. So he sets off to try to get it back. He finds a cow, but the
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cow won't give him any milk until he gives her some grass. The field won't give him any grass until he gives it some water. The stream won't give him any water until he brings it a jug. The sweet maiden won't give him a jug until he gives her a blue bead. The peddler won't give him a blue bead until he gives him an egg. The hen won't give him an egg until he gives her some grain. He meets a kind miller and he gives him the grain. He then takes it back to the chicken and from there gives everyone else what they asked for until he finally has the milk for the old woman. The old woman then sews his tail back on for him.

I enjoyed the story, even though it was very repetitive. I enjoyed it because I liked the message that it presented. It teaches hardwork and consequences of one's actions and I think that they are both very important things to teach children.

I think that you could use this in the classroom to teach about the consequences of your actions. It could teach children that they can be either good or bad, depending on their choices and actions. I think it could also be used in a lesson on teaching that hardwork does pay off and that it is better to do the work than taking the easy way out. You could have a scavenger hunt to illustrate this.
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LibraryThing member KristinSpecht
Used to teach ELL what goes around comes around. There are consequences for your actions. They can understand what is going on with out actually reading the words.

Could be used to teach rhythm. Students could do text innovations and write stories about losing something because of a choice that they
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made and having to go through a long process in order get it back. Adding on to a story piece by piece makes it interesting and is an easy way to make it longer.
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LibraryThing member lpeal
This story was about a fox who is one day walking through the fields and is very thirsty . He sees a jug if milk while the owner of the jug turns her head, the fox drinks most of it. She turns around and sees him doingthis and cut off his tail, She says if he finds her some milk that she will sew
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his tail back on. He has to go to all these different people but finally finds milk. This is a cute book that talks about consequences. If you do somehting you need to realize that their are actions.
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LibraryThing member bcowie
The fox drinks an old woman's milk. As punishment, she cuts off his tail, and when the fox asks for it back, she tells him to replace her milk and she will sew his tail back on. The fox then goes from person to person trading items to ultimately replace the old woman's milk.

This was a cute engaging
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story. I loved the illustrations that went along with the story.

An activity to go along with this book could be a trading round in the classroom. Students could trade items with each other and discuss what it means to trade something for another thing.
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LibraryThing member achertok
One Fine Day shows how something small can be related to so many different things. Something as simple as drinking milk affects everything down to the fertilizer that makes grass for cows to eat. It is important to learn repercussions and hold yourself accountable. I bet the fox would think twice
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before taking some more milk.
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LibraryThing member Lauramel
This Caldecott winner depicts life in Armenia as a fox attempts to replace milk he has stolen from an old woman. A great story to read when tallking to a class about not taking things that don't belong to you.
LibraryThing member brayner0309
One Fine Day is the story of a greedy fox who learns quickly that being greeady will cost you. An old woman chops off his tail and promises to sew it back on if he returns her milk. This proves to be a daunting task as the fox has to do favor after favor to get the milk. In the end he does get the
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milk to the old lady and, in return gets his tail back.

I liked this story a lot and really enjoyed the pictures. I thought that the lesson being taught is a great one for children. I also think that showing how much he has to go through just because he was greedy is a good way to get the message across. I like the old-timey feel to this classic book.

When I read this to children, I will first ask them to tell me what they think greedy is. I will laso use my voice to engage them in the story and ask them to repeat what the fox has to do with me.
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LibraryThing member caitlinbennison
This wonderful Armenian folktale teaches children a lesson about taking what does not belong to them, and also about forgiveness.
LibraryThing member kidlit9
Fox must get his tail back, so he must find what everyone else wants so they will help him.
LibraryThing member aconant05
A thirsty fox drinks an old woman’s milk, and she cuts off his tail in anger. He begs her to sew it back on, but she says she won’t until he gives her milk back. He is then sent on a long chase to get the milk as he makes trades. The cow wants grass, the grass wants water, the water wants a
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pail, and so on. Finally an old man feels bad for him and gives him something for nothing allowing him to pay back everyone and get the milk for the old woman. Once he gives the milk to her, she sews his tail back on.

The theme to this book is consequences. I believe children can learn a lot from the fox’s mistake. If you do something wrong, it is likely that there will be consequence. In this case, the fox had the opportunity to make right what he had wronged, but it wasn’t easy and took a lot of time and hard work. It is good to think before you act.
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LibraryThing member rdelamatre
A rather surprising story about revenge and finding a lost tail, the language of this story is engaging in its repetition and holds attention with its bright illustrations. A great classroom book, especially for kindergarden/first.

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