Angus and the Cat

by Marjorie Flack

Paperback, 1985



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Scholastic Paperbacks (1985)


Angus the Scottie dog spends three days chasing the new cat that has come to live at his house, but when the cat disappears Angus misses his new friend.

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Angus and the cat don't seem to like each other, until the cat disappears and returns
LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
Angus the Scottish terrier - whose encounter with some territorial anatine rivals is chronicled in the hilarious Angus and the Ducks - returns in this second delightful adventure, just as enthusiastically curious as ever. The object of his interest this time around is the new resident of his home:
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a feline interloper who likes to sleep on Angus' couch, tries to steal Angus' food, and proceeds to sleep in Angus' patch of sunshine. The little dog's efforts to defend his territory inevitably result in his enemy retreating to spots too high for the little dog to reach, until, after a particularly memorable chase, it appears that the cat has been routed. Angus has won! Or has he? Most importantly, does he really want to...?

These vintage picture-books about Angus, original published in the early 1930s, have a jovial quality to them that is very pleasing! The stories themselves are engaging, the typographical decisions - the use of capitalization for emphasis, the layout of the text, in order to coordinate with the images - are astute, and the artwork is adorable. Angus and the Cat continues the process whereby its eager young canine hero learns more about the world, and how to interact with it, and can be read either as a simple animal story, or as a tale with significance for children who have mixed feelings about a new sibling. Recommended to all young dog lovers, and to fans of the impetuous Angus.
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0590120670 / 9780590120678

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