Possum Magic

by Mem Fox

Hardcover, 1990



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Gulliver Books (1990), Edition: 1, 32 pages


When Grandma Poss's magic turns Hush invisible, the two possums take a culinary tour of Australia to find the food that will make her visible once more.

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LibraryThing member tripleblessings
Set in Australia. Two possums travel to various cities and taste Aussie food, searching for a way to make the invisible young one turn visible again. Whimsical, an interesting way to learn a little Aussie geography and culture.
LibraryThing member paroof
Actually a pretty good story about a little possum who's grandma has made him (or her) invisible - mostly to protect him from snakes. But now he wants to see what he looks like and grandma can't quite remember the spell to make him visible again. Grandma Poss and her grandchild travel all over
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Australia eating human food - since the spell definitely has something to do with human food - until the child is fully visible again. My first grader liked seeing the map of Australia at the end with the cities (and foods eaten at each) highlighted.
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LibraryThing member ccondra
Students can learn about possums and then read this book. Also a good way to learn about animals in Austrailia
LibraryThing member meallen1
This book was about a grandma possum that had magical gifts ans she turned her grandsom possum invisible so the snakes could not find him. Then one day the grandson possum wanted to be visible again, and the only way he could was to eat people food. So they went all over Australia to find the right
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food to make him visible.
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LibraryThing member jesseann81
This is a story about a two possums who live in the australian outback. A little male possum named Hush and a Grandma Poss. Grandma Poss is magic and she changes all of the animals colors and looks. She changed Hush to be invisible. He had so much fun with the things he could do unseen. Then he
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began wondering what he looked like. So Grandma poss looked everywhere for what it would take to turn Hush visible again. Eventually, she found it. And she made him visible again.

I read this to my 4 year old daughter and she was so happy whenever Grandma possum found a way to make Hush visible again. I feel very comfortable reading stories that have happy endings to my children.

This would be a great story to read to a kindergarden or first grade class to make them realize exactly what the phrase "the grass isn't always greener on the other side" truly means. I would have the children react and ask them if he or she would like to be visible or invisible and why?.
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LibraryThing member alprince
This is a book about a grandma who makes Hush the possum invisible. She uses magic to make him not visible. At first, Hush and all the other possums thought it was cool how he could go anywhere or do anything and no one could see him. Afer a while, Hush decided he wanted to see what himself looked
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like so he asked grandma to turn him back to normal. Grandma had to search for the magic cure to turn him back. They went to several places in Australia until they finally figured out how to turn him back. Hush was then visible and very happy. I would use this book for children in kindergarten or first grade.
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LibraryThing member jalann
Children will really enjoy this book. It would be wonderful to use when studing fables. You might even be able to do a unit on fabls from around the world. You might also talk about how a possum in Australia and a possum in the US are different. Kids will really enjoy reading this story.
LibraryThing member lewaddell
The baby possum is invisible and wants to be seen again but the grandma cant remember the spell to make him visible again. So they tavel around trying different foods to fix it. The baby possum eventually becoms visible again and stays that way forever.
LibraryThing member bdferguson
Grandma Poss uses her 'bush magic' to make her granddaughter Hush completely invisible! But when Hush wishes to see herself again, Grandma Poss can not remember what type of food is the antidote. The pair travels across Austrailia trying many different types of food in hopes of making young Hush
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visable again until they eventually find the correct dish. This is a great story to use to show children the differnce in cultures and help them to learn about different countries.
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LibraryThing member TerraO
This is a sweet story about grandma possum and how she tries to protect her grandchild. The grandma possum puts a spell on her grandchild to make her invisible so no other animals will harm her. The little possum later wants to see her reflection, so the two possums search for a cure and end up
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with a happy ending.
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LibraryThing member francescadefreitas
A gorgeous classic. Baby possum travels around Australia trying different Ozzie foods to try and cure his invisibility. Makes me hungry.
LibraryThing member Caspettee
An Aussie classic about a baby possum who travels around Australia trying to find a cure for her invisibility. A lovely touching story that any child will delight in.
LibraryThing member tas026
Grandma Poss uses her best bush magic to make Hush invisible. But when Hush longs to be able to see herself again, the two possums must make their way across Australia to find the magic food that will make Hush visible once more.With great pictures.
LibraryThing member chris.coelho
Possum Magic is a book about a grandma possum, Poss, and her grandchild possum, Hush. Poss, who is into magic, was able to make Hush invisible. At first, Hush loved being invisible. She was able to avoid snakes, while also sliding down kangaroo tails. After a while though, Hush wanted to see
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herself again; so Hush went to her grandmother to see if she could make her visible again. Unfortunately for Hush, Poss was unable to make her visible. Grandma Poss was devastated. She felt terrible that she could not make her visible again. The two went to bed, and upon waking up in the morning, grandma Poss remembered the trick that makes invisible possums visible again. It had to do with food; human food. So they tried all types of human food until coming upon the three correct types of food: a vegemite sandwich, pavlova and lemington. Poss was s grateful to see Hush again that she hugged her tightly. From that day on, Hush remained visible. For good measure, however, Poss and Hush ate the three magical human foods on Hush's birthday just to ensure that Hush stayed visible.
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LibraryThing member benuathanasia
Very...original. The illustrations ruined it for me, but the story was adorable.
LibraryThing member JillSmith23
This is a book that would be good for children who are at an early childhood level. It will help children learn about animals in Australia and about different Australian cities. It is a magical book that has a cute story line, and children will love it.
LibraryThing member PatrickRiegert
The theme of "Possum Magic" is that family is always there to love and care for you. I liked this book because I thought the theme was nice. I would recommend this book for first graders
LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
When Grandma Poss uses her Bush Magic to make Hush invisible, the little possum has many amusing adventures: being squashed by koalas, riding down the backs of kangaroos, and hiding (as her grandmother intended!) from snakes. But when she decides that she wants to see herself again, Grandma
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announces that the cure lies in eating human food, of... some kind. And so the pair sets off around Australia, eating Anzac biscuits in Adelaide, Minties in Melbourne, and Vegemite sandwiches in Darwin...

A picture-book travelogue/fantasy featuring two of the most adorable didelphine heroines in literature, Possum Magic is an Australian tour-de-force, and one of two titles that author Mem Fox and illustrator Julie Vivas worked on together (the other being Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge). The story is engaging enough - I liked the inclusion of so many uniquely Australian treats - but it is the artwork that really makes the book! Vivas' creatures are amusing, endearing, and simply delightful; her scenes magical and involving! Highly recommended to all young readers who appreciate magical stories, animal stories, or Australian stories!
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LibraryThing member Kelseybelsey29
A possum is invisible so that he can sneak around other predators without being seen. One day he realizes he doesn't want to be invisible anymore, he wants to see what he looks like. His grandma remembers the revers spell has to do with eating, so they travel to different countries to make the
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possum visible again.
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LibraryThing member sradin2
I loved this book for a few different reasons. First, I loved the illustrations in this book and found them to be very fitting and enhanced the story. The illustrations allowed the reader to see the main character Hush both as visible and invisible. Without the illustrations the audience wouldn’t
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get as much enjoyment out of Hush’s adventures. Additionally I love the language that was used in this story. The reason for this is that the author tied in a lot of Australian words into the story which made the story more entertaining to read because of its uniqueness. Additionally, the readers were able to learn new vocabulary while reading the story. In my opinion, I would say the overall message of this story was to stay positive even if things don’t go the right way.
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LibraryThing member lmeza
I liked the art in the illustrations, but I did not like the drawings - seemed a bit scary.
LibraryThing member pussreboots
Lovely book with beautiful illustrations. It's nice to know that Vegemite is useful for something.
LibraryThing member lfasce1
I thought that this book was very entertaining and had a story plot that was not ordinary. What I also enjoyed about this book was that there was a map in the back that shows the locations that their trip consisted of around Australia and the description of the food that they ate at each stop. This
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is a nice book to use when teaching about culture or about Australia in general. The story plot is very cute, consisting of a grandmother possum making her grandson invisible. The little possum longs to see himself again and to interact with other possums and animals. They travel around all of australia to find ingredients to make a potion that will make him visible again. This story shows that love and determination will allow you to do whatever you believe can happen. I would recommend this book for a read aloud for students in 2nd or 3rd grade.
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LibraryThing member Nicole129672
Grandma possum makes small cubs invisible to protect them form predators. audio book. Good novel read by mem fox.. Great illustrations if you can find the novel!
LibraryThing member wichitafriendsschool
Grandma Poss uses her best bush magic to make Hush invisible. But when Hush longs to be able to see herself again, the two possums must make their way across Australia to find the magic food that will make Hush visible once more.


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