by Don Freeman

Paperback, 1979



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Puffin Books (1979), 48 pages


A circus bear has trouble hibernating and dreaming up a new act at the same time.

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LibraryThing member srssrs
Bearymore is a cute story about a bear who is a unicyclist in a circus. Unicycling bears aren't in literature every day, so this character is unique and different to children's literature. The illustrations and text work in concert. The pictures enhance the story. The pencil sketches are simple and
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match the story's simplicity. The bear's unicycle act is not exciting enough for the circus anymore, so while he hibernates for the winter in his circus wagon, he will try and think of a new act. The personification of the animals in the circus is well done! Children can definitely relate to the circus theme and could probably try and help think of an act for Bearymore. This could be a great read aloud book. There are lots of opportunities for predictions!
I really liked the simpleness of Bearymore. It's plot is a bit predictable, but it is still cute!
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LibraryThing member TirzahB
Bearymorry is a bear who works at the circus. bearmore's act is riding on a unicycle. during the winter the circus moves to Florida and bearymore stays to hibernate, until they return in the spring. one day before hibernation the ring master sits down with Bearymore to have a serious talk
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with him about his act. the ring master tells Bearymore that he must come up with a new act or he will not be able to allow Bearymore to return to the circus in the spring. Beary more is worried because he does not have time to come up with a new act because he must go in to hibernation. In the early spring when Bearymore wakes up from this long nap he stumbles across a new act by accident. when it is time to preform Bearymore does very well and pleases everyone and his job is saved.

Personal reaction: I likes this book because it was a goo story the beginning, middle, and end were all tied together with no gaps in the story that leave you saying well what happened their

Classroom Extension:
1. I can have a discussion with the children about a time when they were faced with a problem and could not find a a way out.

2. I can have the children come up with ways that they could have helped Bearymore with his problem.

3. I can have the children draw and color a picture of Bearymore hibernation and I can use that portion of the book when Bearymore was hibernating to teach them about bears.
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LibraryThing member matthewbloome
I've neglected Don Freeman books for a good long while, boiling him down to a simple Corduroy reference, but his writing is so much more than that. He was a great narrative storyteller. He gave us great, lovable characters who struggled to overcome life's problems in honest, noble ways. Bearymore
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is a fine example of one of those characters. He's noble and kind and manages to do amazing things when faced with an adverse situation, things he even isn't aware he could do. Maybe I'm a sucker for a happy ending, but this story tickled me in the best sense.
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LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
Sweet and simple, with the touches of language that are Freeman's hallmark. A little long for preschoolers, but a little simple for early elementary, nowadays.


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