Corduroy Lost and Found (first Scholastic paperback printing, Jan. 2008)

by Don Freeman

Paperback, 2008



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Scholastic Publishing (2008), Edition: first Scholastic paperback printing


Corduroy the teddy bear sets out one night to find a birthday present for his owner, Lisa, but soon realizes that he cannot find his way home.

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LibraryThing member kmcgiverin05
Corduroy is a fantasy book about a stuffed bear tha tis friends with a little girl. It is fantasy because stuffed bears can't really think or walk around. I would use this in a primary grade classroom when talking about what to do for friends birthdays, and what to do if you ever get lost. Corduroy
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is a the main character who is pretty flat, but is happy to have such a good friend.
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LibraryThing member MelanieRoss
This is one of the books from a series of Corduroy books. It is a story about Corduroy (a stuffed bear) who discovers that his best friend named Lisa, who is his owner as well, has a birthday coming up. Corduroy is upset because he does not have a present for her; therefore, one night when she
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falls asleep, he decides to go look around town for the perfect gift. He soons finds something that he thinks would make a great gift- a big yellow balloon that is in the sky; however, he cannot seem to catch up to it. Corduroy gets lost and Lisa comes looking for him soon after. Once she finds him at Mr. Gonzalez's newspaper stand, she takes him home and explains that he was all she wanted for her birthday.
I would read this book to children in Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. This is a book that could be read at any time. One particular good time is when a student in the class has a birthday coming up because this story has to do with a birthday. Another good time to read it is when students are learning about outerspace because it has to do with Corduroy thinking that the moon is a big yellow balloon.
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LibraryThing member runner_roader
Corduroy is a stuffed bear who just found out his best friend / owner Lisa is having a birthday soon and he has not gotten her a gift yet. He sneaks out very early one morning, taking a ride on an elevator and eventually seeing the perfect gift for Lisa, a great big balloon (actually the moon). But
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after trying to catch the balloon, which continues to move away from him, he is picked up by a dog, dropped on a pile of newspapers and eventually found by a newspaper man. Corduroy realizes he's lost and the newspaper man holds onto him in hopes that his owner will come looking for the lost bear.

Cute story about love and thoughtfulness for others. Good story for children to discuss compassion and respect for other peoples belongings. The newspaper man did not try to sell Corduroy, but thought someone might come looking for him. A story that could be read during the holidays or around birthdays to encourage children to think of ways to express their love for someone special.
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LibraryThing member jfe16
One afternoon, Lisa and her mother are riding the bus home after a shopping trip. Corduroy sits on Lisa’s lap, looking out the window and listening to Lisa talk to her mother about her birthday.

Corduroy is worried. Lisa is having a birthday and he doesn’t have a gift for her. Early the next
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morning, he sneaks out of bed and quietly leaves the apartment. He’s off to find a birthday present for Lisa. But what will happen when Lisa wakes up and Corduroy isn’t there?

And then Corduroy discovers that he’s lost . . . .

This irresistible narrative, a new outing for the cuddly little bear, retains the feeling of Don Freeman’s original Corduroy stories. Young readers will enjoy sharing Corduroy’s new adventure with their families.

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