A Pocket for Corduroy

by Don Freeman

Other authorsDon Freeman (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1980



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Puffin Books (1980), Edition: Open market ed, 32 pages


A toy bear who wants a pocket for himself searches for one in a laundromat.

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LibraryThing member conuly
In many ways, this is just a reprisal of the original book.

Corduroy is out and about, he hears a comment that makes him think is outfit is lacking in some way (this time, he doesn't have a pocket), he goes looking for it, he gets lost and stays the night away from his friend Lisa, he makes a number
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of naive comments about his situation, he gets found, Lisa helps him with his outfit.

It's not a bad book, it's just not very original.
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LibraryThing member MeditationesMartini
This is a cute story from the seventies about a little girl whose bear gets excited about having a pocket and she loses him at the laundromat when he goes off in search of a pocket and a hairy artist dude finds him and washes his overalls and keeps him safe and the laundromat owner makes sure he
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gets back to the little girl again. The little girl and her mum are black and the artist guy is white and the laundromat owner is hispanic, but they don't make a big thing of it, which I expect was pretty forwardthinking for 1978 kids' books, but actually what I kept thinking was about how this is a normal book about a normal thing that could happen that shows kids in 1978 a city and a regular day they can recognize, and how much worse we are at treating people like people and life like life in our kids' books these days. Like sometimes it's good, like here, and sometimes it's kind of bad, like in Busy Day Busy People by Tibor Gergely, but I bet if you trace the rise of Reaganite neoliberalism, with its "no such thing as society," and the rise of books featuring cuddly anthropomorphic animals engaged in nonsensical but highly marketable adventures (this not meaning Corduroy. Corduroy is a stuffed bear and he could be any bear. He is not a Care Bear. He is not Spongebob.), it'd be a perfect inverse correlation. Also everyone is really hip and nice in this book. 1978 THE LAST GOOD YEAR
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LibraryThing member crashingwaves38
My daughter loves the Corduroy books. This one was fairly simple--Corduroy wants a pocket, so he wanders off and spends the night in a laundromat by himself. It doesn't feature as much activity as the original Corduroy, but it is a fun book, and I enjoyed reading it to my kids.
LibraryThing member Charlee526
A story about a bear who goes looking for a pocket. He gets lost at a laundry mat, but gets found the next day!
LibraryThing member acwheeler
I have loved this book since I was song! I think it is a very sweet and cute book to read to the class about a girl and her teddy bear. He ends up looking for his pocket and gets lost from his owner, At the end of the story she finds him and sews the teddy bear a pocket!
LibraryThing member AStall
A little girl named Lisa takes her bear, Corduroy, to the laundromat, where he decides he need to find himself a pocket. He climbs into the wet laundry, in search of a pocket and finds what he thinks is a cave. Lisa turns back and Corduroy is gone! He is in someone else’s laundry and just misses
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getting dried. The man whose clothes Corduroy is left in the Laundromat after it closes and finds soap chips, which he thinks is snow. He falls asleep in a laundry basket and Lisa comes to find him the next day. Lisa makes Corduroy a pocket and a name card.

This story is so cute. It’s told from the point of view of a stuffed animal but the author makes him so believable. It makes me think of stuffed animals I had as a child. I would make up stories about them and what they needed or wanted.

In a class, we could bring our favorite stuffed animals to class and have a show-and-tell or story time. We also could also write about a time we lost something that was precious to us.
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LibraryThing member Aecape
This book is about a little girl names Lisa, that has a precious teddy bear named Coruroy. Lisa and her mom go to the laundry mat and Corduroy goes too. While at the laundry mat, Corduroy becomes a curious teddy and wonders off. He ends up getting washed and lost. He sleeps at the laurdry mat until
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Lisa finally finds him the next day. This is a really sure book and students love it. This was one of my favorite books growing up and i think all students enjoy it.
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LibraryThing member xuesheng
While at the laundromat with Lisa, Corduroy realizes that he doesn't have a pocket and decides he needs to make one. His search leads to a series of adventures at the laundromat. Very cute story!
LibraryThing member allawishus
Corduroy still lives with Lisa and her mom; this time she takes him to the laundromat while she and her mother do their laundry. While he's there, he decides he wants a pocket for his overalls. He looks around the laundromat for a proper piece of material with which to fashion a pocket; Lisa loses
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track of him and can't find him when the laundromat closes. Overnight in the laundromat Corduroy has an adventure; Lisa comes by and gets him in the morning and later makes him a pocket out of some spare fabric.

I think it's kind of cute how Freeman updated his conception of Lisa and her mother; no longer clad in 50's style dresses and kercheifs, they both now look like they belong in the 70s; characters are shown in bell bottoms and other styles of the era. (Actually one of the nice/interesting things about the illustrations is their attempt at showing a diversity of colors/shapes/styles of dress for the various characters.)

I like that Lisa is shown as taking tender care of her favorite stuffed animal and I like that the story isn't about Corduroy being afraid at being left behind - he knows she'll find him eventually! That's sweet.

It's a nice followup that maintains the tone and feel of the previous Corduroy book. It's like hot cocoa on a rainy day!
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LibraryThing member jcofsky
This Corduroy adventure gets underway when Lisa brings him to the laundromat with her mom. When Lisa's mom instructs her to get everything out of her pocket before putting it into the wash, Corduroy becomes curious and wants his own pocket. He sneaks off and ends up being missing by the time that
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Lisa goes to leave. After his little overnight adventure Lisa luckily finds him with the manager the next morning! Phew!
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LibraryThing member derbygirl
(easy, mulitcultural) Lisa and her bear Corduroy are at the laundromat with her mother doing chores. Lisa tells Corduroy to stay put, but in the bear's curious fashion, he wanders off in search of a pocket. Will the two friends find each other again? A pocket for Corduroy is book 2 of the Corduroy
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series(2 altogether). I gave it three stars simply because I didn't like it as well as the first. I remember Corduroy as a child, and it had been one of my favorites, precisely because of the love I felt for Corduroy. I didn't feel that concern for Corduroy in this second book of the series. My son (6 yrs.) enjoyed the book however stating that he liked it because Lisa found her bear. The book supplies the necessary elements of conflict and resolution.
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LibraryThing member shazam79
i love this book, and was unsure if kids today would appreciate it without bright colorful illustrations. i had the bear and made a pocket, and acted out some of the things as i read. the kids seemed to enjoy this one.
LibraryThing member dangerlibearian
Pockets are awesome!!
LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
In this follow-up to his classic picture-book Corduroy, which saw a lonely stuffed bear exploring a department store at night, looking for a button, Don Freeman once again sends his adorable ursine hero on an unexpected quest: this time for a pocket. When Lisa, the little girl who took him home in
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the first book, brings him with her to the laundromat, Corduroy overhears a conversation that convinces him he needs a pocket. Never loathe to go exploring, he sets out to find one, becoming separated from his little girl, and having an overnight adventure in the laundromat as a result. Will he ever be reunited with Lisa? Will he find his pocket...?

There's never much doubt as to that, in this feel-good picture-book, but that's OK - with its charming artwork and a winsome little hero, A Pocket for Corduroy makes for an enjoyable read, regardless. I didn't love it like I did the first, which was one of my favorites as a girl, but it was still a fun little book, with the same kind of fantasy appeal - what do those toys get up to, when we're not there...? - that made Corduroy a success.
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LibraryThing member KellyLPickett
Another story anout Corduroy the bear and how he thinks he needs to change something about himself to make him better. While in the laundromat he hears someone mention a pocket and realizes that he doesn't have one so he sets off to find one. When his owner finds him missing her mother makes her
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leave without him so Corduroy finds himself lost in the landromat.
This is a sweet story about the love between a gild and her bear no matter what he does or dose not have.
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LibraryThing member siyu_jiang
Lisa and her mother took their laundry to the laundromat and lisa carried away her toy bear.But bacause Corduroy wante to find something to make a pocket, so he get in a laundry bag and took an advanture in the laundromat. Children likes taalking with their toys and imagine that they can talk and
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walk. 2-4.
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LibraryThing member Dyne001
A pocket for corduroy is about a girl who loses her bear at the laundry mat. The bear also is looking for a pocket for himself.
This story is definitely odd to read as an adult because noone seems to notice that the bear moves itself and knocks over the laundry soap. It is a heartwarming tale full
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of fantasy and childhood imagination.
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LibraryThing member Jclark5
This picture book is a spin off of my other edited book "Corduroy" however, in this book the little bear is searching for a pocket because he realizes he does not have one. Similar to the book by Freeman the bear is searching for something with great despair. In the end his owner, Lisa ends up
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making him a pocket square just like she sewed on a button in the first book. Freeman engages a younger audience with his light and cheery vocab and ability to use illustrations to show vibrant times and shadows to show more lonesome times.
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LibraryThing member tburfe1
This is the cutest book I have read so far! It features a multicultural neighborhood, and a young African American girl as the other main character. Corduroy is a teddy bear that goes in search for a pocket. He ends up getting separated and has adventures in the Laundromat that takes the reader
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down soap slides and into laundry baskets. The characters are very well developed, and the pace flows really steadily. I loved the illustrations. They were interactive and had so much to look at. At the end, the little girl made her bear a pocket of her own. It didn’t really make the reader think about anything, but the diverse setting normalizes multicultural environments naturally.
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LibraryThing member kamijake
The kids love this sweet tale of Corduroy. They love to sequence the story and then the kids sew on a pocket and decorate a button on their own corduroy bear.
LibraryThing member LexaGoldbeck
I have mixed emotions about this story. I like it because it was a childhood classic, however, there wasn't much to this story. What I mean by this is that Corduroy feels left out because he doesn't have any pockets and he goes to search for it and gets left in the laundromat and found the next
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day. That's it. I just don't feel like there is much depth to the story and I really wish that was apparent. I like the illustrations. They are very simplistic with bright colors with black accents. I like how it all is done with watercolor. The watercolor gives a certain softness that I think works really well with the story.

If there was a big message of this story, I would say that everyone wants to be included at some point. The story starts off by Lisa's mother saying, "be sure to take everything out of your pockets, Lisa dear. You don't want your precious things to get all wet and soapy," which then Corduroy responds, "Pockets? I don't have a pocket! I must go find something to make a pocket out of." All of this starts his journey because despite the fact that Lisa told him to stay in the chair, he got up because he wanted pockets like Lisa had.
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LibraryThing member jeemra
Corduroy is an adorable story about a bear who goes to the laundromat and performs chores with his owner. The illustrations are beautiful and though it is a simple, modest book, it is an unforgettable and lovely tale. This is aimed for lower elementary students. It is a wonderful story!
LibraryThing member paroof
My son loved this book and made me read it one over and over and over. Lisa takes Corduroy to the laundry with her and her mother and accidently leaves him there overnight where he has quite an adventure.
LibraryThing member LibrarianRyan
How have I gone my entire life not realizing the family in the corduroy books was Black. The world has always needed more POC recognition in children’s books, but maybe in my younger days I didn’t pay attention the way I do now. I love the corduroy books, or at least remember loving them as a
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child, and this book reiterated it. Viola Davis writing a new book for the 50th anniversary of the original makes more sense to me now. I wish there were more books like Corduroy, and more books with various POC as a child. I may not be POC, but as a navy brat, I would have loved to see the places I lived and people I made friends with more represented.
#Wintergames #teamreadnosereindeer +16
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