A rainbow of my own

by Don Freeman

Paperback, 2003



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Scholastic (2003)


A small boy imagines what it would be like to have his own rainbow to play with.

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LibraryThing member TorrieM
I would use this book for kindergarten and first grade. I would use this while doing a unit on Spring or weather. It is about boy who wants a rainbow of his very own and what he would do if he did. When the rainbow went away he returned home to find the light reflecting from his fish bowl made his
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very own rainbow.
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LibraryThing member anncampbell
A young boy sees a beautiful rainbow through his window. He tries to find the rainbow but he's not able too. He then preceeds to have a fantasy about if a rainbow decided one day to come and stay a while. In the end he does find his own rainbow in his room.
LibraryThing member missbrandysue
The child narrator sees a rainbow and tries to chase it but finds that it has no end. But upon returning home he finds a rainbow on his wall made by the refraction of light hitting his gold fish bowl.

I liked the fact this book was written by the author of Courdoroy. But it didn't grab my attention
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well. It was very short, and good for pre-school students.
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LibraryThing member matthewbloome
As with all Don Freeman books, this is very well done. A fast, entertaining book that can keep a young audience at atttention.
LibraryThing member sreinh2
I thought that this book was adorable. It follows a young boy who sees a rainbow and wants one of his own. So the boy imagines he can catch a rainbow and how having his very own rainbow would be fun for so many different reasons. I liked this book because it shows a character that uses his
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creativity and imagination to view a world where he is happy. I thought that the pictures were simple but wonderful. Most of the pictures are painted in dark colors and then when the rainbow comes into the picture, it is the brightest thing the reader sees. I really liked that part. It focuses the readers attention on the rainbow instead of the dark surroundings in the book.

The one thing that I did not like about this book was that the colors of the rainbow were not in the right order. I know that this is a small thing in the story but every time I turned the page and saw the rainbow all I focused on was that the colors were backwards. Besides this small detail, the story was pretty good. Also, the ending seemed to be trying to give a science lesson on rainbows, while the rest of the story is very simple. I liked the ending but I felt that it was too much for such a simple story.
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LibraryThing member wichitafriendsschool
A small boy imagines what it would be like to have his own rainbow to play with.
LibraryThing member uufnn
After being professionally active the 1930s to the 1970s Don Freeman died in 1978. He was an American painter, printmaker, cartoonist, illustrator and writer of children's books. Source: Wikipedia.com. "A Rainbow of My Own" [Tells the story of] [a] small boy [who] imagines what it would be like to
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have his own rainbow to play with." Source: Summary of the book from the title page.
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