A Kiss Goodbye

by Audrey Penn

Paperback, 2008



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Scholastic (2008)


Chester Raccoon is very unhappy about leaving his home, a tree that has been marked by tree cutters, but his mother tries to convince him that their new home might be even better.

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LibraryThing member sdglenn
Great for all ages. This story is about moving. We could have the kids write a list of reasons of why moving can be a good thing.
LibraryThing member Dpadelsky
Audrey Penn presents A Kiss Goodbye, the picture book sequel to "The Kissing Hand" and "A Pocket Full of Kisses", featuring the further adventures of the lovable young Chester Raccoon and his family. In A Kiss Goodbye, Chester encounters an all-too-common dilemma: the trees in his part of the
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forest are being cut down, and he and his family have to move to a new home. Chester is saddened at having to say goodbye to his faithful old tree, and apprehensive of moving to a strange new tree, but he soon learns that moving isn't all bad and makes friends with a brand-new playmate. A heartwarming read-aloud storybook, beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist Barbara Leonard Gibson.
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LibraryThing member stevekep32
Excellent book for September K or grade 1. Story is about a raccoon who is afraid to go to school for the first day.
LibraryThing member lrflanagan
Sometimes we do not like doing things, but we have to do them anyways. This little raccoon did not want to leave his home in the tree, but his mother insisted. He was not happy at first, but in the end he met new friends and decided he wanted to stay in his new home. This shows children to always
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look at the bright side of things.
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LibraryThing member olongbourn
We meet Chester the Raccoon again.

This time, he has to move with his family because their tree is marked to be cut down. Change is always difficult, for the young and the not-so-young. Mother helps Chester through the move to the new tree they will live in. This is a nice addition to any
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Kindergarten to second grade class or school library. Just like the Franklin books, that help little ones learn the right way to behave and help little ones transition, Chester is turning into a baby-step coming-of-age series for young elementary aged kids.

I received an e-book version of this story from Net Galley.
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LibraryThing member MrsBond
Chester the raccoon and his family must move. He is not excited about the idea and does not understand why this change has to happen. His mother and a new friend help him to see the good in the move. Sweet story.



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