Lentil (Picture Puffin Books)

by Robert McCloskey

Paperback, 1978



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Puffin Books (1978), Edition: Illustrated, 64 pages


Lentil's harmonica playing saves the day when calamity threatens the homecoming celebration for the leading citizen of Alto, Ohio.

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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Lentil can't sing or whistle, so he gets a harmonica and plays all the time. When Colonial Carter gets back to town, Sneep tries to ruin the celebration by making everyone's lips pucker by sucking a lemon in front of them. Lentil's lips can't pucker, so he plays his harmonica and everyone's happy.
LibraryThing member sdbookhound
Lentil wants to sing or whistle but for some reason he can't. What he does do is learn to play the harmonica. This skill comes in handy when an important persong comes to town.
Very cute story and the illustrations are McCloskey's usual wonderful work.
LibraryThing member pgreenley
A classic book that may not be very appealing to students today.
LibraryThing member fuzzi
Lentil is a boy who wants to sing, or even whistle...but can't!

So he saves his pennies to buy a harmonica, never guessing how he will help the entire town with his music.

Cute story, loved the illustrations!
LibraryThing member MrsLee
All that a child's book should be. Lovely to look at, intriguing to think about. A young boy wants to make music but finds he does not have the voice to sing, nor the talent to whistle. He is introduced to a harmonica. Eventually, he and his harmonica save the day, proving that ..."you never can
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tell what will happen when you learn to play the harmonica."
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LibraryThing member hart0521
Great book to teach a child about not giving up. A young boy wanted to be a singer, but he did not have the ability. He decides to get a harmonica instead and practices all the time. At the end, he plays for the Colonel b/c he never gave up!
LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
Oh how nostalgic. Love the names of the boy and the town, Lentil and Alto. Love the series of images as the boy walks through the town practicing his harmonica. Love the ending. Not so sure I like the message that Sneep's attitude needs reforming - maybe he has a point about Carter.
LibraryThing member Adrinnon
Lentil was sad that he was not able to sing so he saved up for a harmonica. He played his harmonica everywhere and everyone loved the music except for Old Sneep. There was news the Colonel Carter was returning and the town got ready to welcome him home. When Colonel Carter steps out of the train
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Old Sneep distracts the band from playing causing confusion. Lentil saves the day with his harmonica. GENRE: realistic fiction. USES: to teach confidence, and problem solving. CRITIQUE: This book is set in the past in a small town with colonel, so it is not very relatable to kids in that way. However kids can relate to not being good at something like singing, and finding an alternative solution. MEDIA: pencil.
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LibraryThing member NMiller22
A young boy named Lentil can't carry a tune, yet learns to play the harmonica and ends up saving the day when an important visitor comes to town.
LibraryThing member LarisaAWhite
An enchanting bit of early Americana, in which a small-town boy with a harmonica charms the mayor of the city.




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