Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse (Pinwheel Books)

by Leo Lionni

Paperback, 1974



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Dragonfly Books (1974), Edition: Reissue, 32 pages


Alexander, a real mouse, wants to be a toy mouse like his friend Willy until he discovers Willy is to be thrown away.

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LibraryThing member cmiersma
When a poor lonely mouse finds a toy wind-up mouse that is loved and appreciated by his owner, the real mouse looks for a way to turn into a wind-up mouse too. When he sees his wind-up mouse friend in a box of throw away toys, he finds a way to turn his friend into a real mouse.
This fantasy has
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talking mice and toys and also contains magic. A lizard performs magic for the mouse in order to turn his toy friend into a real mouse as well. The setting is also realistic and takes place at a family's home. This is only appropriate seeing there are toys in the house. This setting is nesecessary for this story because it involves the plot.
Media: Collage
A teacher could use this book in a classroom to teach kids that friends are necessary for life and that a good friend thinks of others first.
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LibraryThing member clstone
'Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse' by Leo Lionni tells a wonderful story of friendship. Alexander meets a wind-up mouse, Willy in Annies room one night. Alexander wishes he was a wind-up mouse so that he will be loved as much as Willy is. The story tells of his efforts to be turned into a wind-up
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mouse by the lizard in the garden. By the end of the story Alexander is dissapointed and goes back to his baseboard home only to find Willy there. This story can be read to most students and tells of a lovely story made in mouse heaven.
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LibraryThing member aconant05
Alexander and Willy are both mice. However, Alexander is a real mouse, and Willy is a wind-up toy mouse. They become friends who help each other out in bad situations.
LibraryThing member meastwold
This is a great fantasy book because it deals with many talking animals, wishes, and magic from a lizard. The plot of this book also plays a big part in it. It has a very simple plot that keeps the reader engaged as it goes along, but then throws in a twist to keep the reader wanting to know what
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will happen.
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LibraryThing member al04
Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse is an example of a Fantasy book because it invovles talking animals and dreams coming true. During the story the wind-up mouse gets turned into a real mouse which realistically could not be true.
The illustrations in the book are incredible. They look like they are
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done with collaged paper but the designs and colors are very unique and creative. Leo Lionni has a great way of making his illustrations simple yet informative which make a wonderful book.
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LibraryThing member saralogue
Leo Lionni writes a wonderful story about friendship with underlying lessons on diversity. I love this author because these stories are both nice to read and have real and deep content to pursue in class projects. Using content from Leo Lionni books you can teach writing mini lessons and have rich
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discussions. This book helped me to fall deeper in love with Leo Lionni books.
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LibraryThing member Leshauck
Great book for learning how to relate to people and how to make new friends. A book for all ages.
LibraryThing member kmtheodorou
this was a fun and colorful book for kids. I loved the adventures Alexander and the mouse took to the garden and the animals they meet in the garden.
LibraryThing member shawjonathan
I bought Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse for a four year old. It's a sweet story of friendship between a real mouse who lives as an outsider and a mechanical mouse who appears to be cherished by its owner but has a tightly constricted life. Leo Lionni is one of the great masters of picture books,
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and this is marvellous.
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LibraryThing member katiejanelewis
Alexander the mouse has a difficult life. All he wants is to have food and love. One day he notices that a wind-up mouse named Willie is living in the same house and is receiving all sorts of love! Alexander thinks he wants to be a wind-up mouse like Willie and he goes to find the lizard who can
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change him. Alexander is told to find a purple pebble and to bring it back when the moon is full in order to be turned into a wind-up mouse. As he is looking for the purple stone, he sees that Willie is about to get thrown away with the old toys! So, when Alexander finds the purple stone and the moon is full, he goes to the lizard to make a special wish... for Willie to be a real mouse so that they can be friends forever.
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LibraryThing member jgabica
This fantasy book stars a mouse who interacts with a wind-up mouse and a lizard. The mouse decides by the end of the book that it is better to be a live mouse than a toy mouse who can only move when people wind you up. The lizard magician changes the wind-up mouse into a real mouse at the wish of
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the original, real mouse. Media: Collage. Caldecott Hono
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LibraryThing member aswideman
This book is about a lizard turning a wind up mouse into a real mouse to be friends with Alexander. This book is a cute book to read to younger students to show how they can use their imagination to play.
LibraryThing member ksjeffcoat
Alexander wished that his wind-up mouse would turn into a real mouse so he can play with it. The wind-up mouse turns into a real mouse. This book is great for younger readers because it uses their imagination.
LibraryThing member katerch
This sweet book teaches the value of friendship. When the little mouse Alexander finds another mouse he is thrilled! The only problem with his new friend is that he is a toy. Willy, the toy mouse, soon becomes a less loved toy and Alexander finds a way to free him from his state and make Willy more
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like himself! This is an excellent book for younger, beginning readers.
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LibraryThing member JRFyock
Alexander and the Wind Up Mouse is about a little mouse that meets a wind up mouse named Willy. Alexander lives in a little whole inside of a house. One day he goes into the house and meets Willy, Annie's toy. He wants to be a wind up mouse like Willy and goes to the Magic Lizard in the garden.
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After Annie has a birthday party, she throws Willy and all of her old toys into a box to throw away. Alexander then wishes for Willy to become a mouse and the lizard grants him his wish.
This book is good for teaching about making new friends. I would recommend this book to teachers on the first day of school.
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LibraryThing member LanitaBostic
Alexander was a mouse who lived in a house. The people in the house did not like him. There were always cups, saucers, and spoons flying whenever the poeple saw Alexander. He only wanted a few crumbs. One day Alexander met Willy. Willy was a wind-up mouse (Annie's favorite toy). Willy slept in the
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best bed and the people liked to play with him. Alexander beame very envious of Willy and wanted to be like him-a wind-up mouse. Alexander found a lizard in the garden who could change him into anything he wanted. Alexander thought for a while. Instead of asking to be a wind-up mouse, Alexander asked that Willy be a real mouse. Alexander was lonely. Then, he met Willy.
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LibraryThing member kefoley
One day a mouse is searching in a house for any crumbs he can find. He is spotted by a human and chased back into his hole by a broom. Alexander, the mouse, meets one of the favorite toys of the house, Willy, a wind-up mouse. The two become friends and Alexander wants to be just like Willy, a
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wind-up mouse. Alexander seeks out a magic-lizard and finds out that what he really wants is for his friend Willy to become a real mouse.

This story is cute and entertaining for young kids.
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LibraryThing member EllieGiles
A beautiful story of friendship between Alexander, a crumb-searching mouse, and Willy, a wind-up mouse toy.
LibraryThing member lleighton05
Genre: In this story there is a mouse who talks and has feelings, and a toy wind-up mouse that also talks. This is not realistic in the real world, and could never occur. However, the theme of wanting to be like someone else is something that students and children could relate to.
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Character: In this story, Alexander is a lonely mice and wants friends. When he meets Willy, who is loved by Annie, he wants to be wind-up mice like him. However, Alexander is a dynamic character, because by the end of the story, he is happy he is himself, and changes Willy into a regular mouse so that they can be together. His mindset changes and he becomes satisfied with who he is. Alexander is a round character because the reader learns most about him through his narration of the story.
Media: Collage
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LibraryThing member beth1219
Genre: Fantasy

Review: This is a good example of fantasy because it is about a mouse who isn't liked by the people he lives with, but he finds a wind up toy mouse that is loved and they become very good friends. Alexander thinks he wants to be a toy, but instead he turns Willy into a real mouse so
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he wont be taken away as an old toy. They they're friends forever.

Media: collage

Age Appropriateness: Primary

Setting: The setting is a backdrop because we have no idea where these mice live other than they're in a house, but the setting does not have any importance in the story.
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LibraryThing member bknight07
Genre: Fantasy Fiction
Review: This book is a good example of a fantasy fiction because of it's unique ability to use animals to be friends and teach a lesson. The toy mouse and the real mouse learn to appreciate each other and communicate/ have emotions in the same way humans do. Willy is turned
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into a real mouse by the help of his friend mouse and the magic lizard.
Age App.: K-2
Characterization: Alexander is the protagonist. Throughout the story, he wants to be loved like the wind-up mouse. After realizing the restrictions put on the wind-up mouse, he decides to be a good friend and save Willy. He learns that free will is not something to wish away, and friendship is more important than comfort!
Media: Collage
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LibraryThing member mmharvey
This story is about a little mouse who makes friends with a childs favorite toy, a wind up mouse. He wants to be just like the wind up mouse.He has the opportunity to make one wish and was going to wish that he would be a wind up mouse One day the mouse finds the toy has been thrown away and uses
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his wish to wish the wind up mouse is real. Helps find books by the author and resources about his work.
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LibraryThing member victoriawatson
Great book about a mouse who be-friends a wind up mouse. Alexander wishes for his friend to become real and his wish is granted my a lizard.
LibraryThing member clgribbin
Alexander is a real mouse that feels unloved. He wishes to be like Willy the wind-up mouse because he's Annie's favorite toy. Alexander is told by the lizard in the garden to find a purple pebble and he will change him into a wind-up mouse. Alexander takes the pebble to the lizard but then decides
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he wants Willy to become a real mouse like him.
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LibraryThing member SarahWilmot
This is a good example of a FANTASY because readers must withhold skepticism to enter the believable world Lionni has created. Lionni has used his imagination to incorporate a magic lizard, a wind-up mouse and a real mouse into a story that reflects on the human condition.

Theme: The implicit theme
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is that we shouldn't envy another's life because it may be that we do not fully understand it. We need to focus on enjoying the blessing we have, not craving for the seeming benefits someone else has.

Age Appropriateness: primary

Media: mixed media, mainly torn pape
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Caldecott Medal (Honor Book — 1970)
Grand Canyon Reader Award (Nominee — 1977)


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