The Alphabet Tree (Dragonfly Books)

by Leo Lionni

Paperback, 1990



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Knopf : Distributed by Random House (1990), 32 pages


After a storm blows some of them away, the letters on the alphabet tree learn from a strange bug to be stronger by forming words, then a caterpillar comes along and tells them that words are not enough; they must say something important.

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LibraryThing member meastwold
This fantasy story deals with the concepts that are sometimes lost when talking about forming letters into words. This book informs readers how words come from letters and with those words sentences can be formed. All of this is explained through a cute tale of the alphabet tree.
LibraryThing member al04
The Alphabet Tree is a fantasy book that involves talking animals and talking letters. The letters that are on the leaves are blown away with a gust a wind and then get pushed together which realistically could not happen.
The style of the book catches the readers attention had describes a cretive
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extra by a wonderful ending. The plot, dialogues and illustrations catch the readers attention and make the story interesting.
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LibraryThing member kmcgiverin05
The Alphabet tree is a fantasy book where bugs talk and even letters. I would recommend this for the primary grades, it is short and sweet. The characters who are the letters are round characters that we don't know much about, but they grow greatly, literally. First they are blown away by the wind
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and then they learn to make words and then sentences. I would use this in the classroom to show how words and sentences start, and to show how a simple story can even be funny.
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LibraryThing member kmtheodorou
This book is great for learning the alphabet. Also how to spell and the letters in the words and the sound the letters make. I really enjoyed this book.
LibraryThing member lisabankey
A story about a tree with letters. With the help of a bee and a caterpillar the tree end up with a message of peace for the president.
This book is graphically interesting as the letters arrange in to letters and then into words.
LibraryThing member aswideman
This is a cute book for younger students about a tree filled with alphabet letters. This book can help students learn the letters of the alphabet and how to form words and sentences.
LibraryThing member ksjeffcoat
This book is about all the alphabet letters hanging out in a tree and they work together to form phrases, then sentences. This book has coloruful illustrations and would be good to read to younger students who need help with word work and sentence making.
LibraryThing member bamabreezin4
Though the ending in which the caterpillar takes his new sentence "Peace on earth and goodwill toward all men" to the president is somewhat open-ended and not necessarily something I'd add to this book, I loved this story. The illustrations provide an opportunity for so many lessons. Letters are
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identified, then concept of word is explored, then it even goes on to sentence building.
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LibraryThing member katiehummel
All the letters in the alphabet used to be on one tree, until one day a gust of wind threatened to blow them off. Huddled together, a bug told them if they were to group together to make words the wind would not be able to blow them off. Then a caterpillar came and told them that just being words
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wasn't good enough, they should become sentences with meaning.

This story is great for children just learning how to read. It maps out how the order of writing takes place.
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LibraryThing member cdswindle
Type: Picture Book-Easy, Genre: Fantasy, Illustration: painted
This book is a cute book for younger children who are just learning how to put letters together to make words and so forth. This book is about a bunch of letters who live on a tree and they are having to hang on for survival. One day
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the wind almost blows them completely away but a friendly bee comes up and tells them that if they were to make words they would be stronger, so the bee helps them make words. Another day a caterpillar comes up and tells them that they will be even stronger if they were to make a sentence. So the words form together to make a sentences- they make short sentences until the caterpillar tells them that they need to make something that means something, something important. So they do.
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LibraryThing member sbbunn
Letters of the alphabet are scattered in a tree. A word bug comes along to teach the letters to make words. Once they learn how to make words a sentence caterpillar comes to teach them how to make meaning of the words they created by making a sentence. This is a good book to read to young
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kindergarten and first graders who are learning these reading and writing concepts. The author nor the publisher have a website.
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LibraryThing member slrice
The Alphabet Tree teaches children that single letters can be put together to form words. In turn words can be put together to form sentences. This easy read book will have your child ready to spell new words, all while practicing phonemes and phonics.
LibraryThing member bshoaff
The Alphabet Tree tells a short tale of a tree that has leaves that are full of letters. Due to a gust, the letters become discombobulated. However a special insect shows the letters how to recover from the wind and become even more powerful together. The message at the end is a nice surprise.
LibraryThing member fvalle89
Such a great book that could easily be used for a lesson on writing for meaning and why we have letters, words and sentences. The ending theme is great and could make a lasting impact, influencing students to write to make a difference too.
LibraryThing member connas01
This is a book for children from 2-5th grade, this is a book that contains the alphabet but it is all about trees. It shows you how to make an alphabet tree, and then gives you words that go with the letter of the alphabet like L is for leaves. The alphabet tree is where you build a trunk and then
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connect twigs to it, and then lastly you would add the leaves and each leave would have a letter from the alphabet. I enjoyed reading this book and loved that it provided an activity with it. This would be a good science book for my future classroom if we were learning about trees, then able to read and use an activity with it. Leo Lionni is a children’s book author and illustrator. He is known for writing the best picture books; he writes books literature based K-12. He has many other books that could be brought to the educational setting that could provide our children with a great deal of information.
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LibraryThing member princessofthesea
Subject Area: Language Arts
Genre: Fantasy/Informational
Critique: The author incorporates talking bugs and letters. Because these things possess human-like qualities, which the author makes believable, this book classifies as a fantasy. Things that would be impossible in reality (such as a
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caterpillar taking a sentence to the president) occur and the author makes them seem believable. The author also informs the reader about letters, words, and sentences. Because the author is giving factual information, this book also classifies as an informational genre.
Theme: By building words upon letters, sentences upon words, and ideas on sentences, the author creates a theme throughout the book of the importance that words can have when we put them together. The author shows the reader that letters by themselves are not very powerful (the letters get blown away by the wind.) However, when we put letters together into words, and those words into sentences, they become very strong. We can make an impact with our words. The author drives this point home by having the caterpillar say that he was going to take the phrase created to the president!
Age: primary
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LibraryThing member Esyounker
I used this book for my read-aloud lesson. This book teaches children about letters becoming words and words forming sentences. The story starts with letters living on their own leaf. One day, the wind blew and the letters were blown on each others leaves. The letters had now become words. A
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caterpillar comes around and tells the words to move around with each other to make up a sentence. The words did just this and formed a sentence. The sentence was about peace on earth and good will to all men.
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LibraryThing member cjs048
The Alphabet Tree is about letters that sat in a tree. They sat high up in the tree. One day they were blown away by the wind. A bee came along and told them they would be just fine if they made words that were 3-4 letters long. He was right! A catepillar came along and told them to make sentences
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that was the strongest way for them to be together. The catepillar then told the whole sentence to get on his back that he was taking them to the president.
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LibraryThing member justkaye
This is another classic book for many! Lionni has a great style with her children's books. This book is about an alphabet tree that lost almost all of its leaves in a strong wind. A bug and a caterpillar help put the letters back on the tree and to form a special message. This book would be great
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in the classroom to:
-show children how different letters come together to form words
-how team work benefits everyone
-see the alphabet in a different way that is more abstract than usual alphabet books
-form their own alphabet tree
-work hands on with letters
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LibraryThing member SarahCoil
This book had a sweet message, but was a little boring. I do not think that children would be that excited about it. I would have students cut letters out of magazines to form their own letters and words. This story would need to be used with older kids because the message would be difficult for
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some to understand. I would also have students predict what the president would say once the caterpillar got there.
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LibraryThing member paulweber
This book is a great tool for young readers, grades K-2nd. The book will teach children how to arrange letters into words and sentences. The illustrations are colorful and fun, and the children are sure to like this one!
LibraryThing member gsmith3
I really liked The Alphabet Tree by Leo Leoni. The book's central message had to do with letters and teaching children that letters make words and words combined form sentences. Obviously all young children are in the process of learning this in the classroom so I think the message by Leoni is an
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important and relevant one. I thought the book had good illustrations and a story children will be drawn to. I especially liked the part where the bug tells the letters that if they can stick together and make words then the wind won't blow them away. Overall, this was a simple story with a clear message that should be well received by young readers.
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LibraryThing member ekbrumley
This book will address phonemic awareness and other early reading skills. It will help young students understand that letters make words make sentences make books.
LibraryThing member EmilyDrennan
The Alphabet Tree is told by an ant and is story about a tree full of letters. There was a tree that was full of letters, and each letter a favorite leaf. One day the wind was very strong and some of the letters flew off of the tree. A bug explained to the letters that if they made words they would
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be stronger and the wind couldn't blow them away. Next time the wind came, all of the letters were safe. Later, a caterpillar says to the letters that they should make a sentence to become even stronger. The letters want their sentence to mean something and decide to spell out peace on earth and goodwill to all men. This story shows children that letters can become words and words can become sentences. As an activity, each student could draw their own alphabet tree and turn the letters into words, and the words into sentences.
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LibraryThing member Rosa.Mill
A story about a tree that used to house words. It gives good information on how letters make words and words make sentences and sentences have meaning. Interesting concept and again not what I was expecting.


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