An Extraordinary Egg

by Leo Lionni

Other authorsLeo Lionni (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1995



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Scholastic (1995), 32 pages


Jessica the frog befriends the animal that hatches from an egg she brought home, thinking it is a chicken.

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LibraryThing member ht_storytime
Very funny. The kids just crack up every single time you call the alligator a chicken.
LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Three frogs have an egg they think is a chicken egg, which explains why they assume the alligator that hatches from it is a chicken. They have a lot of fun playing with it, but finally it finds its mother and leaves. The frogs have a good laugh over the mother calling it "my little alligator."
LibraryThing member kmtheodorou
This is a really cute book for showing kids how to make friends. I loved the bright colors and great wonderful pictures.
LibraryThing member baphilipson
This book is about an alagator and a frog. They find an egg. This is kind of a longer book so I would not recommend reading it to young children. Many you could if you cut in up into different sections and read them at different times. It could be used in a unit on reptiles.
LibraryThing member bamabreezin4
I like that the pictures help kids understand the humor in the alligator's egg being mistaken for a chicken's egg. I feel that this humor is age-appropriate for readers of the age that could read this book independently. I also like the way the theme of friendship is explored. The outcast frog,
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whose discoveries seem unappreciated by her friends, has the ability to make them laugh at the end of the book, and it even turns out that they are the ones who don't know that they are mistaken.
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LibraryThing member Anna-KateSisson
A frog finds an alligator egg thinking it is a huge pebble and brings it back to her friends. Her friend tells her that it is a chicken egg and when the baby alligator hatches, they continue to call it chicken. The alligator becomes good friends with the frogs and lives with them until a bird comes
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to bring the alligator back to its mother. The frogs all think it's silly when the mother alligator calls their friend chicken her baby alligator.
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LibraryThing member jmallen
This book is about 3 frogs that live on an island. One frog likes to explore and bring back things she finds. One day she finds an egg. The other frogs tell her it is a chicken egg. When the egg hatches, they all become friends with the "chicken." Later, the "chicken" is told by a bird that its
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mother is looking for it. Once it and a frog find its mother, she calls it an "alligator." The others frogs still do not realize that the "chicken" is actually an alligator.

This book could be used to teach about friendship or about how sometimes people or animals can be misunderstood, like the alligator as a chicken.
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LibraryThing member lcbelew
This book is about 3 frogs, and 1 frog would always find unique objects. One day she brought back a big, round, white pebble only to find out later it was an egg. When the egg started to hatch, a creature crawled out, and they thought it was a chicken. The chicken and the frogs became great
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friends. At the end of the book, the chicken finds it's mother, and the chicken was really an alligator. This book would be great to read to students or for students to read themselves because the vocabulary is great. It is hard enough to challenge them, but not frustrate them. It is also a fun interesting story that most any child would enjoy.
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LibraryThing member clgribbin
There are 3 frogs on Pebble Island. Jessica wonders off and finds an unusual egg and brings it back to her friends. They think it is a chicken egg. When an alligator hatched, they called him chicken. The chicken and Jessica became inseparable until a blue bird told the chicken his mother has been
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looking for him. They went to find his mother and his mother called him an alligator. The frogs thought it was funny that she thought he was an alligator, because to them he was a chicken.
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LibraryThing member GillianEvans
This book was an okay read, it would be one I would have to read to younger children beacause it is a little long and the words are a little difficult. It is about three frogs who live together and one of them, jessica like to explore. One day she finds an egg and takes it back to the others. One
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day an alligator hatches but they think it is called a chicken. They all become best friends until she has to go back to her mother. I would use this book in my classroom when we are studying about reptiles, or talking about friendship.
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LibraryThing member saw022
A curious frog discovers an egg that her friends believe to be a chicken. When the egg hatches, they make friends with their new chicken, who so happens to be an alligator. One day, the mother finds her baby and the frogs roll with laughter when she calls her baby an alligator.
LibraryThing member MKHowell
Jessica, the frog, finds an egg one day on her explorations. She brings it back and keeps it safe. She thinks that it is a chicken, and even when it hatches she continues calling it that. She eventually finds out that it is an alligator.
LibraryThing member vxz001
The story of 3 sisters frogs that live on an island.One of the sisters finds an egg and asks her sisters what it is.The "smart" sister tells them that it is a chicken's egg.When the egg hatches it is an alligator, but the sisters still think that it is a chicken. When the alligator and its mother
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are reunited the frogs find it interesting how the mother alligator calls their friend my sweet alligator.
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LibraryThing member zhelg
I loved the pictures in this book, my favorite from this author thus far. Book would be best for those who are still learning to read. A great book to start teaching children and introducing making predictions before and while you read.
LibraryThing member megancoleman
A frog named Jessica finds an egg and brings it home to show to her family of frogs. They decide it is the egg of a chicken, and befriend it. Then one day they find out that "chicken's" mother is searching for him, and when they take him home the mother calls him an alligator and all the frogs
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laugh hysterically. Younger audiences would find this mix up funny.
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LibraryThing member dennislankau
This book is appropriate for K-1st grade. Three frogs live on an island. One they day find an egg. When it hatches, they call it a "chicken" because that's what they think comes out of eggs. Instead, it is a baby alligator! The baby alligator saves one of the frogs when she becomes tagled in weeds
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at the bottom of the water. The three frogs decide to help the baby alligator find her mother.
* This is a good read-aloud book with pictures
* Students can discuss animals that come from eggs.
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LibraryThing member sarahbatte
A book about an egg found by a frog. The frog finds the egg and thinks it is a chicken. One day it hatches and they still think its a chicken untill it meets with its mom and the mom calls it an alligator.
LibraryThing member BarrettOlivia
Jessica is an adventurous frog. One day, she discovers an egg and brings it back to her friends; they all decide it is a chicken egg. Once it hatched, a creature crawls out, and the frogs continue to think it is a chicken, but it is actually a alligator. Jessica and the "chicken" become good
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friends, until one day the alligator is returned to the mother. This story demonstrates the value of friendship, and how it can be just as strong amount those who are different from one another.
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LibraryThing member LauraMcQueen
This would be a fun story to read to students. I think it would help them understand that sometimes people are wrong about what they say and do not even know it, just like the frogs were wrong about the alligator. I also think it would be a fun book to have students work on their critical thinking
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skills to see if and when they would notice that the "chicken" is really an alligator. I really liked this story.
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LibraryThing member rgraf1
An Extraordinary Egg tells the story about three friends who are frogs and find an egg. They think it's a chicken egg, so the animal coming out of the egg must be a chicken (although you can see on the pictures that it's an alligator). At the end of the book one of the frogs brings the
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“chicken“ back to his mother who calls him “little alligator”. The frogs find this very funny and can't stop laughing about it. This story could be used to teach children about eggs, what is inside an egg and which animals lay eggs.
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LibraryThing member dukefan86
The unique friendship between Jessica, the frog, and Chicken, the baby alligator, in this story is very endearing! Pretty illustrations as well. I smiled all the way through this book.
LibraryThing member JessicaSchroeder
This is a book about Frog who always searches Pebble Island for rocks and one day they find an egg. They think it must be a chicken so even after it hatches they still call it a chicken, even though it has 4 legs and is green and scaly. This is a great book about friendship and is a silly story
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that children ages 3 & up would enjoy.
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LibraryThing member rwalsh06
A friendship is made when a frog finds an egg. The other frogs think it is a chicken egg. The egg hatches and the "chicken" and frogs swim together and travel together. When the "chicken is taken back to its mother the chicken ends up being an alligator. This is a good book to use when teaching
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about diffent kinds of eggs and what hatches from them. This story also can teach a lesson of friendship.
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LibraryThing member dcully1
I found this book to be a good read but I felt that the plot was a little to predictable for me. However, this is obviously from my reading standpoint, so it would probably be much more interesting for younger readers. I really enjoyed the writing style because it was entertaining and funny. To be
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specific, when the frog was referring to the crocodile as a chicken throughout the book, I think young children would find this to be hysterical. The illustrator also did a really good job with illustrating the setting because it was really creative and believable. The moral of the story is that just because you find something and think you know what it is, doesn't mean that it really is that thing - and it could belong to someone else!
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LibraryThing member NikkiDahlen
I loved reading An Extraordinary Egg. I love this book because of the author's illustrations and because of the plot line. The illustrations are great because they almost look like a collage. The way the author made his illustrations created a very textured look that appeals to the reader. My
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favorite illustrations is the page with Jessica the Frog wandering around Pebble Island. The island is created with such great detail and texture and it really adds to the story. I also love the plot line. I love the idea of different animals becoming friends in an unusual situation. The friendship that develops between the alligator and the frogs is entertaining and uplifting. I especially enjoyed when the alligator saved the frog from drowning. The main message I took from this book is that you can find a friend in anyone and in any situation.
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