Fish is fish

by Leo Lionni

Paperback, 1995



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Scholastic (1995), 30 pages


When his friend, the tadpole, becomes a frog and leaves the pond to explore the world, the little fish decides that maybe he doesn't have to remain in the pond either.

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LibraryThing member MeditationesMartini
I'm no particular fan of the essentialism (fish is fish and land creatures is land creatures and never the twain), but the art is cute and I like the sentiment that the world of the pond isn't "juuuuust right" for the fish because he's a fish and everyone's okay if they just know their place in the
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great chain of being, but because it's just as magnificent and full of adventures as--and a life spent underwater just as full as a life spent--above.
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LibraryThing member madelinelbaker
This book is a good example of fantasy because fish and frogs do not talk, and they probably are not friends either in real life.
LibraryThing member aecrozier
This story is about tadpole and a minnow that are friends. Soon the tadpole starts to grow legs and becomes a frog while the minnow becomes a fish. One day the frog leaves the pond and the minnow is left by himself in the pond. When the frog comes back to the pond he tells the fish about the world
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and how there are birds and cows and people and how it is so much better than the pond. Once the frog leaves the pond, the fish is sad that he cannot see cows and birds and people so he decides to jump out of the pond. He lands on the grass and can't breath. Luckily, the forg comes to his rescue and pushes the fish back into the pond. Once the fish is back in the water he feels the cool water go through his gills, and he sees all the colors the sun makes in the water and he decides that to him the pond is the pretty place ever.
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LibraryThing member yarb
Eye-catching art doesn't make up for a wafer-thin story.
LibraryThing member Orpgirl1
Leo Lionni is one of my favorite children's authors, but this book left me a little disappointed. The plot revolves arund 2 friends, a frog and a fish, that became close when both were fully aquatic. Once the frog moves from the tadpole stage, however, the plot thickens, as the amphibian friend
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experiences a life that the fish can only imagine. When the fish attempts to jump onto land to see these marvelous creatures (cows, humans, birds), he has to be rescued by his frog friend. His realization in the end is that 'fish is fish', meaning that he has well-defined life and role that he cannot change or escape. Although I appreciated the colorful and imaginative drawings of animals from the fish's perspective (all land animals had fish bodies with terrerstial appendages), I was struck by the fact that Lionni seems to promote the idea of a hierarchy of class or societal structure that these individuals could not leave. Instead of feeling proud for the fish in recognizing his uniqueness, I was instead saddened by the feeling that he was missing out on the great things in life, and was simply settling for being 'fish is fish.'
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LibraryThing member ksjeffcoat
A fish and tadpole are friends and a tadpole becomes a frog and the frog hops all around sees many different things. The fish wants to see them to so he flops onto the shore and can't breathe but the frog saves him. The fish realizes how much he loves his home when he gets back into the water.
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Younger kids will like the colorful illustrations and the entertaining story line.
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LibraryThing member msequeira06
Genre: Fantasy because fish and frogs do not talk and though they may have those experiences as far as seeing those things, they cannot comprehend and communicate these to others. Media: Colored pencils
LibraryThing member aswideman
This book is about a fish wanting to see outside of the water and so it jumped onto land and couldn’t breathe. A frog pushes the fish back in the water. This book shows children that people can be nice and caring to help you when you need it and they should do the same in return.
LibraryThing member Esus15
this book is a really colorful and imaginative book. the book starts with a fish and a tadpole, they had wonderful times together until the tadpole begins to turn into a frog and eventually hops out of the pond and disapears. when he comes back the fish asks what the world was like, but when the
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frogs tells him about the people and cows, he imagines a fish doing those things instead. very cute and i find that kids like to giggle at how silly the fish is.
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LibraryThing member aengle
K-2. Fun little story for students to read about the differences in a tadpole and a fish.
LibraryThing member alswartzfager
This is an older book and not too interesting. It is about a fish and a frog that grow up together and the frog gets to experience the world, but the fish does not. The frog tells the fish about everything, but the fish learns that it is ok to be just a fish. The illustrations are colorful, but I
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find the book pretty boring. However this book could be used when a class is talking about personification.
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LibraryThing member wturnbull06
This is a good example of fantasy because it has a fish feeling emotions. The emotions are very real and relevant to the fish and you can relate to them as a reader.
Characterization: the fish in a round and dynamic character because you get to see a lot of how he feel about things and he changes
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from wishing he could be like frog and see all the wonderful things frog see to realizing all the wonderful thing he get to see in the water and being okay with it.
Media: mixed media
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LibraryThing member Leshauck
We all need friends who can inspire us to do great things. A friend stays with you always thats what this book is all about.
LibraryThing member al04
Fish is Fish is a fantasy book because it involves talking animals to adventure out and discover the world. This would not happen in real life because animalss would not be discussing the characteristics of people, cows and birds.
The theme within Fish is Fish was highly climatic and humerous. The
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way the fish would dream about the pictures of the other animals was very goofy and saddening because he could not understand. The relationship between the frog and the fish is catching because in the beginning the friendship is closely bonded.
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LibraryThing member Mluke04
This is a fantasy because the frog and the minnow have human characteristics. They can talk, dream, and they are curious.
The illustrations used in this story support the text and add to it especially when the fish is imagining what birds, cows, and people look like. The illustrations depict them
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as fish with feathers, horns and udders, and clothes. The text doesn't say what the fish sees in his mind the illustrations show it.
Media: Collage
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LibraryThing member mdkladke
This book has really colorful pictures and is a good book for children to read. The frog tells the fish about the world outside of the water and the fish wants to experience it. The fish doesn't understand that he can't live outside of water, until he actually tries to jump out of the pond and the
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frog comes to save him. In the end the fish finally discovers that he is a fish and will always live in water.
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LibraryThing member rlhopper
This book is about a fish and a tadpole who are best friends. One day the tadpole turns into a frog and leaves the pond. When he comes back he tells his fish friend all the amazing things that he had seen while he was gone. The fish was jealous and decided that he had to see these things for
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himself so he jumped out of the pond. When he landed in the warm grass, he could no longer breath. Luckily, the frog was there to save him. In the end, the fish realizes that he is just a fish and that he could not do what they frog did.
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LibraryThing member rvangent
This is a great example of modern fantasy because the fish and frog are given human characteristics as they talk to each other and use their mind to imagine things. It is not too far fetched so that the reader cannot follow it, but it is just fictional enough in that the fish and frog talk. It does
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provide some real facts about frog and fish development.
Media: oil pastel
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LibraryThing member aflanig1
A fish and a tadpole become friends, but when the tadpole turns into a frog and explores the world, the fish is left behind. The frog comes back and tells the fish about the world and the fish
LibraryThing member JRFyock
Fish is Fish is a book about a young fish and a tadpole that become friends. The tadpole starts to grow and becomes a frog, while the fish is still a fish. The frog jumps out of the water and explores the world and comes back to tell the fish all about it. The fish thinks all of the people, cows,
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and birds look just like him. One day he decides that he is going to explore above the ocean too, but he gets stuck on a rock and can't breath. The frog pushes him back into the water and explains to him that "fish is fish".
This book is great for young children who are having self esteem issues. I would recommend this book to elementary teachers.
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LibraryThing member bamabreezin4
I like that this story is somewhat predictable and has great picture support for the text. It teaches acceptance of oneself and appreciation for what one has in such a way that kids might gain from it, but they can still enjoy the story. Seeing the fish's point of view is interesting, also.
LibraryThing member clstone
'Fish is Fish' by Leo Lionni is a wonderful story of friendship between a minnow and a tadpole. One day, the tadpole begins growing legs and eventually turns into a frog. The frog climbs out of the water and leaves the minnow to explore his new world. When the frog comes back, he tells the minnow
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all about his travels and what he has seen. The minnow has grown into a big fish and wishes to explore the world, too. At the end of the story, the minnow jumps out of the water onto the grass and realizes he can't breathe. As he calls for help, the frog hops over and helps him back into the water. I enjoyed this story and would read it to students in K-3 grades.
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LibraryThing member setonhansen
This is about a minnow and a tadpole. They are born in the same pond until the tadpole turns into a frog and hops away. He goes and sees the world. Then one day while the minnow is wondering whatevr happened to the tadpole the frog comes back. The frog tells the minnow all about the different
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animals and sights to see. The fish wants to seeev erything but when he tries to leave the pond he can't breathe. The frog pushes him back in the water and says fish is fish.
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LibraryThing member bspentecost
This book is about a tadpole and a minnow. They are both in the same pond but the tadpole soon grows into a frog and hops away. The frog goes to explore the world and the minnow begins to wonder what happened to the tadpole. When the frog comes back he tells the minnow about what he saw. The fish
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tries to go on the same adventure frog went on but quickly notices fish can not leave the water. Fish is fish! I liked this book and would use this if I was teaching about life-cycles of tadpoles. It would make the lesson more fun. I would use this with any grade that I may teach this lesson. I would not read it to any grade above 4th.
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LibraryThing member amguess
This book is about a fish who is friends with a frog and the frog leaves the pond to go and explore the world. The little fish decides that he too wants to go and explore the world outside of the pond, and jumps out of the pond and gets stuck and the frog comes back and pushes him back in. He
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figures out that he can't go outside of the pond like the frog can.
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