Otis (Dolly Parton's Imagination Library)

by Loren Long

Paperback, 2009



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Penguin Group (2009)


When a big new yellow tractor arrives, Otis the friendly little tractor is cast away behind the barn, but when trouble occurs Otis is the only one who can help.

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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
Otis was a happy tractor who loved his job helping on the farm, and enjoyed his after-hours occupations - riding the rolling hills, exploring the Mud Pond, playing leapfrog with bales of hay - as well. When the farmer brings a beautiful baby calf home with him, Otis finds a friend and companion as
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well, and his happiness is complete. But then Otis is replaced by a shiny new yellow tractor - the latest model - and parked out of sight, behind the barn. Sinking deeper and deeper into dejection, Otis refuses to be roused by his worried little friend... until, that is, the day the little calf becomes mired in the Mud Pond, and the big yellow tractor is of no use.

A sweet little story, with delightful illustrations, Loren Long's Otis is a conscious tribute to some of the classic American picture-books of previous generations, from Virginia Lee Burton's Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel to Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson's The Story of Ferdinand, and as such, has both contemporary and nostalgic appeal. Having loved both of the aforementioned books as a girl, I was delighted with Long's gentle tale, and the accompanying artwork, and appreciated the parallels to these other works that I observed in it. I'm not sure that this will ever be a favorite of mine - perhaps I would have to grow up with it? - but there is no denying that it has great charm.
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LibraryThing member szierdt
Amazing illustration and tone that is set through imigary. A tale that explores the timelessness and simplicity of friendship. Also, illustrations and events are very true to rural/farm life. It would be nice to have children write a letter to a friend.
LibraryThing member shomskie
Otis is a fun loving and hard working tractor on a farm. One night, he helps settle the nerves of a young, frightened calf and helps the calf fall asleep. Although the thought of a machine and an animal being friends is peculiar, they soon become inseperable. That is until one day, the farmer
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brings home a shiny, brand new tractor. Otis is relegated to weed duty until his friend the calf needs his help to pull him out of a sinking mud puddle. Excellent art work and a compelling story.
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LibraryThing member alyson
Very retro looking(Long says he was influenced by Virginia Burton and Robert Lawson) book. You can't not like this little tractor!
LibraryThing member christieb
This book is a great reminder that just because something is old, it loses its value. Would be useful in teaching children of all ages about the value of age.
LibraryThing member funkigurli
Otis is a hard working red tractor who befriends a lonely young calf from the farm he works on. They become great friends and play together all the time. One day Otis is replaced by a new, big yellow tractor and is sad. But when his friend needs his help Otis will still ride to the rescue. Very
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cute book about overcoming obstacles.
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LibraryThing member chelsiking
A very cute story about a tractor & a little calf. Even though the little tractor gets replaced, the friendship between the machine & the little animal remains strong & in the end Otis, the tractor, saves the little calf. A great book for readers of all ages!
LibraryThing member dreamer2000
Very good book about an unlikely friendship. Good moral to the story and overall good rise and fall of the climax. Very good art.
LibraryThing member pamcclak
Fun, uplifting, friendship story. I enjoyed the use of the red and yellow coloring for the tractors, contrasting with the brown and gray backdrops. It made the tractors stand out.
LibraryThing member sharonstrickland
A delightful book about a little farm tractor and his new found friend a little calf that has come to live on the farm with him. Otis works in the field each day with the farmer until a new big yellow tractor replaces him. Otis is then put out behind the barn to rust until the little calf finds
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himself in distress. Otis ends up being the only one to save him.
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LibraryThing member kikione
This is story about a tractor and a little calf that become friends on their farm. They are doing great until the farmer brings in a brand new tractor that sends Otis into obscurity. The little calf misses his friend and Otis is sad and dejected. Then one day, the calf gets into trouble and no one,
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not even the new tractor, can help him. No one but Otis, that is. The illustrations are strikingly beautiful. The colors are muted; black, white, gray and red. The new tractor is a bright yellow, overwhelming the page just like the tractor overwhelms Otis.
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LibraryThing member ChelseaRose
Otis is such a lovable little tractor! It is so sad when the farmer replaces him with a new tractor, leaving Otis to sleep outside. Nothing works as well without Otis, the hens don't lay as many eggs and the beautiful little calf is so sad. Even though Otis has been hurt, it doesn't stop him from
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coming to the rescue of his friend, proving his worth is equal to any new fangled version. I love the font used in this book, as well as the color scheme of greys and minimal color.
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LibraryThing member cshupp
Cute story. I thought the emphasis on friendship regardless of what you are or what is going on in your life was endearing. I really liked this book.
LibraryThing member Jenlovely
This is a very cute book about a tractor who is a big part of a farm, befriends a calf at the barn, and leads a great life of work and fun. All is well until he is replaced by a new shiny yellow tractor. Otis is sent out back to be forgotten and covered with weeds. He is needed again when the calf
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gets stuck and no one but his trusty friend can rescue him from his predicament. The farmer then sees that although he is not big, shiny, and new he still has an important role of keeping up morale and general happiness. I loved the illustrations in this book. The use of color, or lack of, makes different elements stand out.
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LibraryThing member colorred
I bought this book because my son loves tractors. It has a great story about friendship.
LibraryThing member alexandraharris
This story has wonderful illustrations and is a touching story. It is great lesson on friendship and belonging.
LibraryThing member jenhope
This is a cute story about how an old friend can always help out and sometimes they are the ones that help you out the most even though they are not as new. I think this would be a cute story to read to the kids and talk about making good friends.
LibraryThing member Bamulholland
The illustrations in this book are adorable. Otis' story is a story of friendship with the pictures contributing and telling the story as much as the words. This book would be best for older toddlers who are able to sit through longer stories.
LibraryThing member MsLangdon
Part Bb/Picture Book

Long, L. (2009). Otis. New York: Philomel Books.

Otis is a friendly tractor that works on a farm. When he’s not working, he’s playing, and at night, he sleeps soundly in his stall in the barn. He develops a friendship with a little calf. Then one day, the farmer replaces Otis
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with a new yellow tractor. Otis is left, unused behind the barn until one day when only he can save the day. In story of friendship, young readers will certainly love and adore the characters of Otis and the little calf. Ages 4-8.
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LibraryThing member NataliaLucia
Personal Response: I found Otis to be a slightly boring story about two friends. However, I do think that children, especially those interested in cars and tractors, will enjoy it.
Curricular Connection: Otis is read aloud to a Kindergarten class. After the story, the teacher asks the children how
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they think that Otis felt when the farmer parked him behind the barn. The class could discuss emotions, such as feeling sad, lonely, or left out. Students could share instances that they felt left out or sad.
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LibraryThing member kreierso
A great story about friendship. The illustrations make this a wonderful read-aloud that will appeal to any child.
LibraryThing member hetrickm
This is a story that I would use for a read-aloud story at the beginning of the school year when talking about friendship and newness as a new concept. Very heartfelt and moving, Otis should be in every classroom.
LibraryThing member juliabaird1
This was a sweet book about good but unexpected friends. It was also a lesson that not everything that is new is better.
LibraryThing member katie.flanigan
Otis is great book. The illustrations in this book are great. I think children especially boys, would like this book.
LibraryThing member lalenaz
This is a beautiful story of kindness, friendship, and selflessness. This book is about a special tractor. Otis, the tractor, develops a special friendship with a calf. Otis's engine sound helps the calf to sleep. One day the owner of the farm comes with a big, yellow tractor, which he replaces
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Otis with. Otis rusts behind the barn. The incident of the little calf getting stuck in the mud brings out the hero in Otis and he becomes favorite of calf, village, and the farm owner. This story shows to the children that with kindness and selflessness our world around us becomes a better place to live in.
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