Otis and the Kittens

by Loren Long

Paper Book, 2016



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philomel books (2016)


When Otis the tractor becomes trapped in a burning barn, after rescuing kittens, his animal friends and local firefighters come to his aid.

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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
Otis the tractor and his farmyard friends return in this sixth and thus far latest picture-book devoted to their adventures. Resting under the shade of a tree one hot, dry day, Otis is surprised to see a cat down in the cornfields, running toward the barn. Then he sees smoke coming from the barn,
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and realizes that there is a fire. Following the cat into the inferno, he saves her trapped kittens, only to become trapped himself. Can the animals, together with Fire Chief Douglas' help, get him out in time...?

Like its predecessors, Otis and the Kittens pairs an engaging, heartwarming tale with appealing artwork done in gouache and pencil. Otis is a winsome little hero, always trying to make the animals happy, always ready to step in when they need help, so it's satisfying to see the tables turned in this installment of author/illustrator Loren Long's series, being the recipient of help instead. The illustrations in this one are particularly cute - it probably helps that I love cats! - and add to the reader's enjoyment. Recommended to Otis fans, and to anyone looking for picture-books featuring fires and firefighters.
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LibraryThing member LibrarianRyan
This is a happy but also a sad Otis. The barn catches fire and little kittens are stuck inside. After Otis rescues them, he gets stuck in the burning barn. It will take everyone to get him out. I think why this makes me sad is because it reminds me of my grandma's barn burning down and no one being
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able to help. It’s a great book, but not one for me.
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Ohioana Book Award (Finalist — Juvenile Literature — 2017)

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