All the Places to Love

by Patricia MacLachlan

Other authorsMichael Wimmer (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1994



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HarperCollins (1994), 32 pages


A young boy describes the favorite places that he shares with his family on his grandparents' farm and in the nearby countryside.

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LibraryThing member crashingwaves38
I loved this book. I loved everything about it. The sentences were fairly simple, yet descriptive. The illustrations were true enough to reality yet were soft enough to evoke warmer feelings. The lessons--of being grounded, of loving where you are, of having family who love you and watch over you,
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of finding beauty everywhere, of enjoying the simple things--were fantastic. The entire book was just very pastoral, bucolic. It evokes the imagination. This is truly a wonderful book, and I'm seriously considering buying it.
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LibraryThing member caseyannc76
A skillfully created book about the deep nature of love. This book does not tell us how to love, or why to simply reminds us of how it feels to love the people who are near and dear to us.
Source: Pierce College Library
Ages: 5-7
LibraryThing member annikasmith
This is a great example of a realistic fiction picture book. It is set in present day and depicts all the things to love while living in the country. It also tells a realistic tale of the different relatives that love the little boy who is the narrator.
Art Media: oil paintings
Appropriate Age:
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LibraryThing member foster7
This story begins when Eli is born, and readers can see the beautiful countryside he grows up in. Together, we visit the nearby meadow, river, woods, field, hilltop, marsh, and barn. Each place holds special meaning for Eli, his parents, and his grandparents. Near the end of Patricia MacLachlan's
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story, Eli's sister is born, and he looks forward to taking her to all of the special places. Mike Wimmer's realistic paintings allow the reader to see just how peaceful the land is. We also see the looks in his parents' and grandparents' eyes, and how much he means to them. Young Eli always appears curious. Each page portrays a young, energetic boy, whether he has his fishing pole in hand, or is gazing at a nearby turtle. The rich colors create a warm, hopeful mood. Further, we see that Eli wears the same denim overalls that his father and grandfather wear, and the reader can see each generation respecting the other. And, on the final page, with no text, we see a gorgeous landscape view from a hilltop, with Eli and his growing sister overlooking their home.
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LibraryThing member mcrook
A story about a young boy describing his favorite places that he shares with his family on their family farm and the surrounding countryside.
LibraryThing member rebecca401
Everyone has a different place to love, and together they make up all the places to love. This delightful story chronicles each family member's favorite place and how everyone introduces a new baby to his/her favorite place.

This book is a good example of poetry and can be a good writing-starter.
LibraryThing member RodriguezIsabel
A relaxing book to tone down a busy day. It has great pictures and shows the value of family.
LibraryThing member Phay_Mahony
This book is an excellent read aloud book because of how beautiful the pictures are, also it goes slowly and is easy to read aloud. The book is very sweet and excellent for younger children or children about to be siblings.
LibraryThing member lnmeadows
I think the moral of the story was okay, but the story did not at all catch my attention as a reader.
LibraryThing member rnelson12
All the Places to Love is a sensitive and telling story about visiting grandparents.
LibraryThing member tanishab
All the Places to Love uses realistic paintings by Mike Wimmer to illustrate all of the wonderful places to love in the countryside. This story is also an excellent example of intergenerational relationships as we see the bond developed between children, their parents, and their grandparents. All
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the Places to Love is a wonderful escape for both children and adults to temporarily get away from the hectic pace of city life.

The soft, dreamy illustrations in this book provided a sense of calm for me and made me long for a simpler life. The book also made me appreciative of my relationships with my mother and grandmother and alll that I have learned from them.

I would extend this book by having children illustrate a short book of all of the places they love. I might also provide a lesson on the painting techniques used for the illustrations in the story.
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LibraryThing member caitlinsnead
Within the sanctuary of a loving family, baby Eli is born and, as he grows, "learns to cherish the people and places around him, eventualy passing on what he has discovered to his new baby sister, Sylvie: 'All the places to love are here . . . no matter where you may live.' This loving book will be
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something to treasure."'BL."The quiet narrative is so intensely felt it commands attention. . . . a lyrical celebration.
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LibraryThing member Craigrugby
I personally really like this book. Growing up on a farm in the country I can relate to it and it brings back many memories that I have. With that being said, I do not think it would be a good book to use in an elementary classroom. It is simply a book about the life of a child. This could be a
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true story and it has no exciting aspects that would appeal to children. It is a picture book written for adults.
The illustrations are good. They are very realistic and the illustrator uses color and lines to give each of the drawings depth. The text of the story accompanies the illustrations very well.
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LibraryThing member Whisper1
This is an author who touches the heart with both her illustrated and non-illustrated books.

This is a simple, delightful tale of life in the country. Told from the perspective of young Eli, we are drawn into the beauty of the earth and importance of family. This is a calming book that hearkened to
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a time when life provided the opportunity to stop and enjoy nature.

Highly recommended!
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LibraryThing member breksarah
This is the story of a young boy who lives on his grandparents' farm with his parents. He describe the places he likes to go to with each family member. Soon, his mother gives birth to his little sister. The young boy then begins to describe how he will continue on the tradition with his little
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sister, telling her about the places he likes to go and with who. And he will find a place he likes to visit with her.

This is a charming story about family and tradition. I would use this story for Pre-K through first graders. It's beautifully illustrated. I do wish the illustrations would have been a little more child-like, but overall, it is a wonderful story. I think children would relate because they could tell about some of the places they like to visit and who they like to go with.
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LibraryThing member astinchavez
The book follows the early life of a boy who was growing up on his families' farm. It talks about all the different experiences the young boy endured while growing up on the farm and also the special places that were on the farm. The boy's younger sister is born and the boy thinks about how the
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sister will be able to experience the same things he got to while growing up on the farm.
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LibraryThing member TeresaCruz
This book shows the true meaning of family and forming memories with loved ones. The illustrations are amazing and you can sense how relatable the storyline may be to your own lives. Love is never-ending and always present, especially in those around us.
LibraryThing member JackieOttman
Little boy is born at home, on the farm and through the first few years of life discovers things he likes best about his home, and the things his family likes best. One day his little sister is born at home and he dreams of showing her all the things he loves and wonders what she will love best.
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3-up group or individual
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LibraryThing member AlissaT
This book tells the story of a boy who is born on the family farm and raised there. Now, he is getting a little sister and he looks forward to sharing all of the things he has learned and experienced with her. I thought this was such a sweet book, the illustrations were beautiful and it highlights
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how special family is.

Ages: 4 and up
Source: Pierce College Library
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LibraryThing member cpaavola
This children's picture book is about a boy who is born on a farm and is raised there his whole life and his family shares with him all of the favorite places they love and why. Then he learns he is getting a baby sister and he can't wait to share all of these places he was raised in and loves,
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with her.
So simple and so sweet, this story lets readers into the life of this boy and his family and they farm they live one and imagine their own favorite place and why they love it so much. It teaches people to be aware of the places around them and appreciate them more. The illustrations are gorgeous canvas paintings that are so lifelike. They really help readers envision the story and balance beautifully with the descriptive language used to describe all the different places members of his family love best. Teachers could have write a description of their favorite place on earth and why it's their favorite.
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LibraryThing member matthewbloome
This, like What You Know First, is a true work of art. It's just great writing. The illustrations are phenomenally detailed and the whole product is beautiful and insightful and outstanding. Great book.
LibraryThing member fuzzi
A sweet book about a child born and raised on a farm as told from his perspective and from his family's reminisces. The illustrations are superb, too. This one is a keeper.


Nebraska Golden Sower Award (Nominee — 1997)
Young Hoosier Book Award (Nominee — Picture Book — 1998)
Kentucky Bluegrass Award (Nominee — Grades K-3 — 1996)
Oklahoma Book Award (Winner — 1995)


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