George and Martha rise and shine

by James Marshall

Hardcover, 1976



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Scholastic Book Services (1976), Edition: Children's Choice Book Club ed, 46 pages


Five brief episodes about two friends, George and Martha, who happen to be hippopotamuses.

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LibraryThing member kshielee
This story does not have a place or time for the setting. They visit a park and movie theater, but there is not one location or time that these stories could take place. George and Martha are two talking hippos, so this book could not be any form of fiction. Fantasy is the best fit for this book.
LibraryThing member kidlit9
Five brief episoces about two friends, George and Martha, who happen to be hippopotamuses.
LibraryThing member slblack2
George and Martha: Rise and Shine is a book of short stories about the two friends. The stories are short and easy to read as it tells about different aspects of their relationship and adventures.
LibraryThing member LanitaBostic
George and Martha are best friends. They do everything together. They go to movies, go on picnics, take walks, and other things together. George is Martha's biggest fan. He even starts a Martha Fan Club. He wants to impress Martha so badly, he fibs about things he has done in the past. He told
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Martha that he was a snake charmer, a wicked pirate, and a champion jumper. Martha knows he's fibbing but she continues to listen. What great friends they are.
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LibraryThing member alcrumpler
A few short stories about the life of two hippopotamuses named George and Martha. Stories include The Picnic, The experiment, The Secret Club and more.
LibraryThing member RebeccaStevens
This book is a collection of five stories about two friends. They share adventures such as going to see a scary movie, studying fleas, learning to tell the truth, and starting an exclusive club. Their friendship grows stronger even when they have disagreements.

The format of the book is one page of
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text with only a couple of sentences and one full page of pen and watercolor illustrations. The pictures are funny and clearly illustrate the action in the book, elaborating on the written words. The characters show a range of emotions on their faces that is quite funny.

This book is good for beginning readers, as the actual text is short and uses a small vocabulary. It also makes a good read-aloud selection, for the illustrations are large and visible from a distance. The book can be used in a lesson discussing friendship and proper ways of settling disagreements.
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LibraryThing member CassandraQuigley
I found this to be a cute story on friendship. I liked this book for a few different reasons. One reason being that the book was broken into five mini stories. Each of these stories showed a different aspect of their friendship, and each story took turns on which friend was helping the other. Such
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as when George made Martha soup to feel better, and in another story Martha held George’s hand because he was afraid. I also liked this book, because each mini story had different titles that foreshadowed what the story was going to be about. Such as the one story was entitled “picnic,” and the min story was about Martha trying to get George to go on a picnic.
The main message of this book was that friends help each other through their strengths and weaknesses.
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