Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

by Bill Martin Jr.

Other authorsLois Ehlert (Illustrator), John Archambault (Author)
Paperback, 1991



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Scholastic (1991), Edition: 43rd Printing, 32 pages


An alphabet rhyme/chant that relates what happens when the whole alphabet tries to climb a coconut tree.

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LibraryThing member lep119
This book is an alphabet book that reviews the alphabet twice through colorful pictures, fun words, and one tree.
The pictures and words in this book make learning interesting and balance out perfectly. The pictures are colorful and simple. This allows for children to not only be intrigued but they
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will easily learn. The letters are bright and big which allow for children to easily identify which are which. The pictures are well balanced and even when a few of them are cluttered, they quickly go back to the simplicity that children benefit from. They can practice their letters while enjoying the pictures too. The words are fun, a little silly, and there are not too many. Children hearing this book will be able to pay attention, laugh, and learn at the same time. Going over the alphabet twice, once in capitalized then in lower-case, helps children to learn both. I would definitely recommend this book when trying to teach children the alphabet!
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LibraryThing member samitay89
This book helps children learn their ABC's. All the letters begin climbing up one tree and that tree gets so heavy that is bends over and all the letters come tumbling out. It first goes through the alphabet as the letters are going up and it goes through them again as the letters fall down.

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really like this book because it has a good rhyme with it and makes it easier to learn the ABC's. I also love the pictures.

I would have the tree made just like the book on the wall and have the children draw letters to put them on the tree and see if the branches get to heavy or not.
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LibraryThing member JamieJohnson
This is a great book for pre K or Kindergarten students who are learning their alphabet and letter recognition. This is a fun book with a good rhythm to it that makes it exciting to read. Bright pictures and words make it a fun book for the younger crowd.
LibraryThing member kscarlett01
This was one of my favorite books when I was younger and is still a favored book of mine. This is a great book for preschool children that teaches them the alphabet through interesting rhymes and patterns.
LibraryThing member ht_storytime
[VIDEO] This was perfect for younger kids; they like the music and identifying all the letters.
LibraryThing member youtao20
This is my favoriate book. I was hooked the first time I read it at my son's daycare. I had to buy it for him. We also watched the videotape and cassette togather many times. It is such a woderful book to get kids on the letters and rhythms.
LibraryThing member je_kelley
This is a great interactive book for young readers. They will easily follow along with the text and rhythym as they learn or practice the alphabet.
LibraryThing member Kaylinn_Hall
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is an awesome picture book that is about the alphabet climbing up a coconut tree. Then the tree falls over because there were too many letters. Then they try to climb up the tree again.

I remember when I was little reading this book and it helped me out alot when it came to
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learning my alphabet. I hope to share this with my children and hope to also share it with my students. I also had a cd that went with the book and the song was so cool. It was fun to dance to and you could easily remember the alphabet.

I think that a good activity for children to do with this book is they could cut out a letter, or the teacher could cut out the letter, and the students could decorate it with things that begin with that letter. Then once they were finished, they could put them on a coconut tree. Also, the students could pick their favorite number and use candy to create it.
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LibraryThing member Leshauck
Good for teaching the alphabet and about coconut trees. Good illustrations. Grades 1-3
LibraryThing member susan.suihkonen
The rhyme and rhythm of this book are catchy and the personification of the letters makes it very entertaining.
LibraryThing member EricaD
Very cute book and an excellent way for students to learn the alphabet.
LibraryThing member ashdawn21
This book is about the letters of the alphabeth trying to race to the top of the coconut tree. Will there be enough room? Chicka chicka boom boom!

I chose this book because I like the way the story is told. I like the ryhming aspects of it. Its not really like any other abc book I have ever read
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A classroom extension for this book could be for the students to draw their on version of the book by instead of the letters climbing the coconut tree they could draw the letters climbing a skyscrapper or even the letters going up a slide, or climbing a mountain. Whatever the students want the letters to do.
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LibraryThing member GI142984
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is an ABC book that is about the alphabet racing each other, in order, up a coconut tree. The coconut tree eventually gives in causing all the letters to fall on top of each other. One by one they all get up when their parents (the capital letters) come and brush them off,
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but when the full moon comes out at night “A” is out at it again.
It is a great picture book for kids they enjoy participating and following along. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a catchy phrase and the illustrations are so colorful.
In the class room kids can make up their own stories about the alphabet and make their own book to present to the class, this book is a good inspiration
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LibraryThing member LindseyStolp
This book puts letters in action trying to get to the top of a coconut tree. The letters do not know if there will be enough room for everyone.

The children can sing along with parts of the book and it tells a story at the same time. I like that the book doesn't really make sense when it says chicka
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chicka boom boom but the kids loved it!

Cocanuts could be brought into the classroom and the children can look at them and taste them. The children could also make the letters go up anything they want such as a mountain.

A classroom extension for this book could be for the students to draw their on version of the book by instead of the letters climbing the coconut tree they could draw the letters climbing a skyscrapper or even the letters going up a slide, or climbing a mountain. Whatever the students want the letters to do.
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LibraryThing member meallen1
I will definately use this book in class becuase it really helps kids learn the alphabet and it has tons of bright fun colors and drawings!
LibraryThing member ampitcher
this is a childhood favorite that i remember reading in the kindergarten first grade range
LibraryThing member champlin
Picture Book. This great book uses fun verse and the personification of the letters in the alphabet to teach the letters of the alphabet and how they are written. All the letters go up the coconut tree then there are too many letters for the tree to hold so they all fall our. The parents of the
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little letters (the capital letters) come and help their children. But when the moon comes up the little letters are back up that tree. This book is useful for learning rhythm, chant and song. Also the letter of the alphabet and how they are written.
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LibraryThing member conuly
The older niece (5) has recently stopped liking this book, and will leave the room when I read it. Not sure what's up with that, she used to like it well enough. Her little sister, though, will stand by her desire to have it read when *normally* she caves to Big Sister Pressure.

This book has a very
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bouncy rhythm and tune (if you know the tune), and very colorful illustrations. It's just fun to read, and it's quick, too.

I definitely recommend it to young kids, especially any in the age where they're learning about letters.
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LibraryThing member Heather19
I have very specific memories about this book, because I remember that the first time I ever heard of it was in my grade school's auditorium. Some of the lower grades had put up posters about this book, and the posters intrigued me so much that I ended up hunting down a copy and reading it, even
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though I was probably 3-4 years older then the recommended age group. This is a very cute rhyming book that I think many children will love.
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LibraryThing member sawalbeck
Great for letter recognition for preschoolers. Letters are bolded to match capital and lowercase. Great book to make interactive and allow the children to participate by adding letters to the tree.
LibraryThing member ejhamilton
This is a very famous book, but i had neevr read it before! i absolutly loved it! It was a alphabet book and it was in a song/ryming format so it would be really easy for the children to catch on and learn their ABC'S.
LibraryThing member HeatherMcCool
We all know the alphabet but can all of the letters fit up the coconut tree? It is the race most anticipated by all younger readers. What letters can make it to the top of the coconut tree? Chicka Chicka Boom Boom will there be enough room?

This book was also one of my favorites as a child. With the
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predictive text I partcipated and was engaged in this story each time I read it.

This story can be used when working with the alphabet. It requires participation for all to get the true experience of this story. This would make a great Big Book for classroom instruction.
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LibraryThing member Charlee526
An old favorite. Great book about all the letters in the Alaphabet!!
LibraryThing member ceklepper
I have always loved this book! It serves as a very fun and interesting way for children to learn the alphabet!
LibraryThing member Charitas
This is a fun book over the entire alphabet. The story is about the lower case letters trying to get to the top of the coconut tree. There isn't enouh room and they all fall out. The upper case letters all run to help them. It also shows a little emotions such as crying, and adds human character,
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for example, t is toothless.

I thought this was an exciting book to read. It was one I have in my own book collection from when I was younger. I like how it rhymes and can be interactive.

This would be an excellent book for a kindergarten class who is just learning the alphabet. A fun project would be to have cut-outs of a coconut tree and little letters and let the class make their own picture while identifying the letters.
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