Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear

by Eric Carle (Illustrator)

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Scholastic Inc, Edition: English Language


Zoo animals from polar bear to walrus make their distinctive sounds for each other, while children imitate the sounds for the zookeeper.

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LibraryThing member ml445
Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear is also illustrated by Eric Carle. The repetition of rhyming and words in this book also make this a teaching aid for first time readers. The paper collage looking pictures provide great illustrations.
LibraryThing member eadavis83
This is a great rhyming book for children to read. The book is easy for the children to read as well. Children can act out the book while the teacher reads.
LibraryThing member sawalbeck
Great quick read for preschool. Children love to read along. Fun to make face puppets of animals and do a reader's theater.
LibraryThing member kmtheodorou
this book is very big and bright with great big pictures! This book is a great way to introduve children to the different animals and the noices/sounds they make in the wild.
LibraryThing member b1m1d
This is a great follow up story to Brown Bear, Brown Bear. In this book, we get to not only see beautiful illustrations of animals in only the way Eric Carle can do them, but also we get to explore the sounds these animals make.
This has been a favorite in my house for a long time. Both of my kids
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learned these animal sounds very early in their lives. I can't help but smile when I hear the familiar words of this book.
In the classroom, this book would be a great way to teach kids animal sounds. Also, it would be easy for kids to create a book of their own favorite animals and the sounds they make.
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LibraryThing member jrjohnson1
This book is very colorful and big and bright. There are many pictures of animals. Great books for children to learn about animals. They can learn about different animals noises and sounds that they might make.
LibraryThing member cctaylor1
This cute young childrens book filled with colorful pages shows the different sounds an animal can make. It shows many different animals and their noises they make and at the end of the book we find out that the animals have been portrayed by young children who have dressed up like these animals.
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This is a great book to read to children to help them learn the animal sounds.
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LibraryThing member meallen1
This book would be great to read to kingerdarteners because there are animals on every page and we could talk about the animals and the pictures are great beause there are alot of different colors. After we got done reading the students could paint or draw there own book of animals.
LibraryThing member barnes08
This book is rich with color and pictures. The book has vast amount of repetition, also the book is about different animals sounds. At the end of the book, the zoo keeper hears the children making the animal sounds.

I loved the pictures and animals. The animals are cute; however, the children dress
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up as animals at the end is funny. The book is thirty three pages, yet it’s a simple book. I like how it tells what sounds the animals make.

Have the kids make the sound, which the animal would make. Also you can have the kids point to the animals ears. Talk about what color the animals are.
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LibraryThing member mcprice
This is a good book for interactive writing because of the repeating lines. It goes asking different animals what sounds they hear. It's a cute book that could help with fluency.
LibraryThing member mercedesromero
This is a classic book that children learn to practice rhyming words with!
LibraryThing member sdglenn
Great for grades k-2. Illustrations made with watercolors. Helps kids with good character. Children imitate the sounds of a variety of zoo animals for the zookeeper.
LibraryThing member smmote
This book has good pictures that help decribe what the text says. It is repetitive because every other page starts out as a type of animal followed by "What do you hear?" There is a variety of animals that are mentioned throughout this book, such as hippopotamus, zebra, flamingo, elephant, boa
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constrictor, etc. The noise that each animal hears is the animal that is on the next page and hears something else, so it is a fun way for children to learn to recognize what each animal looks like and the sound that they make.
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LibraryThing member bcbias
This is a good book to read to younger children. The pictures help them figure out what is going on in the text. It's a very simple book that just goes through all the sounds different animals make. It's a great book to help teach children the different sounds that animals make. They can even make
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the sounds after you read a page of the book.
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LibraryThing member JamieJohnson
Fun book to read and look at. This book would be great to read to kingerdarteners because there are animals on every page and you could talk about the animals and the pictures are great beause there are alot of different colors. After we got done reading the students could paint or draw there own
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book of animals. EAsy activities are possible!
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LibraryThing member AnneDenney
An instant hit, thank you, Grandma :) Both girls are delighted with the noises of the animals and have been picking up the respective verbs immediately. We are also practicing whistling, like the zookeeper. Of this one, just like with "Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see", our youngest cannot
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get enough at her present age of 18 months.
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LibraryThing member krsmith
This is a book about the sounds that animals make. It would go along well with the Brown Bear book, which emphasizes colors.
LibraryThing member Jrstoner
This is a good book to teach children about animals and the sounds the make.
LibraryThing member lcbelew
This book is about different animals and what they hear. Each animal is asked what they hear, and they each say that they hear a different animal making a sound in their ear. Then, at the end of the story, the zookeeper is asked what he hears. He says that he hears children making the sounds of the
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animals in the zoo. This book would be really good to read to younger students. There are many different types of animals, it tells the sound that each animal makes, and the pictures are very interesting.
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LibraryThing member lewaddell
This book is about animals and their many different noises. At the end the children are imitating the animals for the zookeeper.
LibraryThing member rachel3212
This book has wonderful pictures of animals and talks about many different animals.
LibraryThing member GillianEvans
This is a very good book, especially for younger children. it is very similar to the Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see book. Instead this book focuses on a polar bear who hears. It still does a wonderful job of introducing colors and other sounds but the polar bear hears all the different
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sounds of other animals. I would use this book in my classroom when talking about animals and the sounds they make.
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LibraryThing member McClendon
Easy reader for kindergarten. It is very repetative, and shows different animals throughout the book.
LibraryThing member kagetzfred
This particular book is about various animals and what each of them hears throughout the story. It has great illustrations to accompany the words leading the reader into the next page. The same lines are repeated for each animal so it is an excellent way to reinforce these words with young
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children. It also has rhyming words, which is a fundamental building block for a child in the beginning stages of learning how to read. This author has several books with similar ideas behind the story. The illustrations are fabulous and the colors are incorporated so children are able to work on that aspect of their education. Overall, this book serves as an interesting read for the younger elementary aged group to keep them active and interested in reading.
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LibraryThing member TonieleHazel
Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear is about different animals making their noises in other animals ears. At the end it is a zookeeper hearing the children making the animal noises in his ear.


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1997 (board book)


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