Best Friends for Frances

by Russell Hoban

Other authorsIllus. by Lillian Hoban (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1969



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Harper & Row (1969), Edition: BC ed.


When Albert and his buddies have a "no girls" baseball game, Frances and her sister organize a "Best Friends Outing -- No Boys."

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LibraryThing member allawishus
This is not my favorite Frances book; I think it's too text heavy for one thing. Also everyone sort of behaves badly in this story except Gloria so it's hard to sympathize. Frances won't play with Gloria because she considers her too babyish; she wants to play with her friend Albert, but he wants
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to go off on an outing by himself because he considers her too girly. Later on, she tries to play ball with him, but he and his friend Harold won't let any girls play. Frances decides to get revenge by having a SUPERFUN outing with Gloria and not letting any boys come along. Yadda yadda yadda, it all ends happily with all four badgers playing baseball together.

It does show quite well the self-centeredness inherent in children's friendships! But, like I said, not a very sympathetic story.
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LibraryThing member hnebeker
I realize that I have already professed my love for the Frances books by Russel Hoban but this is one of my very favorites. Having grown up the ONLY girl in my generation in a family FULL of boys, I love the part about girls who like playing sports and catching frogs. I find the story of Frances
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sticking up for herself an important lesson for children everywhere (and probably adults too!). I also absolutely love her wonderful songs. This book is a joy to read, I love making up new tunes for her songs. This is not only entertaining but an empowering book for little girls and I wholeheartedly recommend it.
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LibraryThing member MrsLee
A nice story as always. Naughty Francis learns a lesson about friends.
LibraryThing member donnammccoy
A very cute book about the value of family, and the way friends can come in different shapes, sizes and ages. Features badgers as the main characters, primarily Frances, whose best friend Albert deserts for a wander, leaving only her "too small" little sister for a friend. Through out book, short
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rhymes illustrate the young badger's feelings.
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LibraryThing member aecrozier
This book is about Frances and how she doesn't want to play with her younger sister Gloria. Frances wants to play with her friend Albert but when he tells her that she can not play with him because she is not a boy Frances' feels are hurt. She goes home and decides to become best friends with
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Gloria. Frances and Gloria go on a picnic that is no boys allowed. When they pass Albert's house he thinks their picnic will be fun and asks if he can join but Frances says no boys allowed. Gloria invites Albert to come along and they all three decide to be best friends together! This book is good to discuss sharing and that it is important to be friends with everyone.
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LibraryThing member conuly
This is not the most sympathetic story, with people excluding other people and only including them to get back at their OTHER friends, but it is pretty realistic to little-kid politics. Well, if you ignore the badgers, anyway.

First Frances won't play with her "baby" sister, then Albert won't play
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with girls, then Frances and her sister won't play with boys... oy! Luckily, everybody ends up realistically happy at the end.
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LibraryThing member SABC
When Albert and his buddies have a "no girls" baseball game, Frances and her sister organize a "Best Friends Outing - No Boys."
LibraryThing member Shelby77
This was a really good children’s book. It had a really good message and it shows children how they should treat others.
LibraryThing member panfeng1115
I love this book, because it can teach children how to make friends with other people and it's very educational.
LibraryThing member kelseyo
This book is a great book to read to your children because it teaches them how they can become friends as well. Shows them how to balance their life between family and friends.
LibraryThing member rpazmino-calligan
In this book, Frances treats her little sister poorly at first and wont let her play games with her. Frances then gets slighted by Albert and Harold. Frances learns to play with her little sister, and they become best friends. Albert wants to come on their outing, but Frances says no at first, with
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witty remarks. Gloria insists that he comes along. They all become best friends. It is a good book about friendship and letting everyone play.
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LibraryThing member JosieLynn
My little sister purchased the print and audio versions of this book at the book fair when we were little kids. We read and listened to it incessantly (well, we stopped to eat, sleep, and go to school), but most of our other waking hours for about a week or so were consumed with Best Friends for
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Frances by Russell Hoban (writer) and Lillian Hoban (illustrator).

Frances and Albert are best friends. They are also badgers who do not wear clothes, but that is completely irrelevant and only an issue if you are reading the book. Personally, as a child, I prefered listening to the book because of the cute, clever, and catchy songs (although, the illustrations are perfectly delightful, too).

Albert proves to be a bad best friend (a bbf, which is quite different than a bff) because he chooses to play baseball with the boys and leaves bf Frances (a girl) out in the cold. Frances is not a happy badger.

She decides to teach Albert a lesson by fixing a picnic that includes all of his favorite, mouth-watering treats and inviting her little sister, Gloria (previously thought to be a too-little-to-play-with pest) to go on a best-friends-no-boy-outing.

Frances's ploy works. Albert comes crawing back to her with his tail (yes, badgers do have tails) between his legs. And Frances learns that little sister Gloria is not a pest, but can also be a friend.

And we all learn valuable lessons about being a true friend, being more inclusive, and learning to like your younger siblings (they have a lot to younger sister shared her book with me!) In other words, or as Frances puts it, we're not just friends 'when it's goodies in the hamper time.'
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