The Little Kitten (Pictureback(R))

by Judy Dunn

Other authorsPhoebe Dunn (Photographer)
Paperback, 1983



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Random House Books for Young Readers (1983), Edition: Illustrated, 32 pages


Juvenile Fiction. Juvenile Literature. HTML:Phoebe Dunn�s beloved photographic picture book all about a curious little kitten!   Follow Pickle the kitten on her many fun adventures as she explores the meadow, makes new friends, and cuddles up with her best pal, Jenny. This endearing photographic picture book is a purrfect addition to any animal lover's library.

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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
This kitten is disgustingly cute, just unbelievably so. His curiosity gets him into trouble all the time. After he gets lost several times Jenny comes up with a great idea- she ties a balloon to him so she can see where he’s going when he starts wandering off.
LibraryThing member khendr4
In my opinion, the book "The Little Kitten" is a great picture book for young readers. I love so many things about this book since it was one of my favorites as a child. One of the best things about this book to me are the pictures. The book uses photographs to show how a kitten is born and grows
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up in Jenny's house. These photographs are also go along with the text and the text wraps around them so they act as sort of a caption. There are multiple photographs on each page, and the fact that the background color of the page is a soft blue versus harsh white is very visually appealing to the reader. I also liked how these pictures not only added to the information, but helped to tell the story. This little kitten named Pickle gets into all sorts of situations that Jenny has to come save him from. Another thing I liked about this book was that the back of the book included a list of other books that were similar so that if the reader enjoyed this book, they could find another that was similar and enjoy that book as well. I think this book did a nice job of incorporating the factual information about cats while also telling a cute story using real photos. The big idea of the story was to inform the reader about a kitten, while sharing the experiences of a girl named Jenny and her kitten, Pickle.
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