The Noisy Book

by Margaret Wise Brown

Other authorsLeonard Weisgard
Paper Book, 1939



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New York : Harper & Row, 1939. Macmillan Early Start Edition


Muffin the dog is blindfolded for a day and tries to identify things by the sounds they make.

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LibraryThing member paroof
That Margaret Wise Brown sure knew what little ones like. I was completely taken off guard by how much my two-year-old likes this book. The premise - a little dog who gets a cinder in it's eye has bandages put on so that he cannot see and must listen to the noises all around him to recognize things
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- is a good one. I just thought that the book was perhaps a little too out of date to appeal to my kids. For example, car horns no longer go arooga (or however you spell it)- they honk. And I can't think of the last time I saw a baby doll that sqeaked. But I read the things I can with modern sounds and just read the others as they are and he doesn't care. The pictures are simple and brightly colored even if they do seem a bit dated as well. But like I said, he doesn't care - he just really likes the book.
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LibraryThing member sdglenn
Grear for grades k-1. The dog tries to guess all the sounds he hears. We can have all the kids close their eyes and tell all the sounds they hear.
LibraryThing member aabengtson
This is a fictional story of a dog who was unable to see for a few days. The story takes you through the many different sounds the dog heard. Through reading this book, the students are learning the sounds different objects make. This would be a wonderful teaching tool for a very young audience.
LibraryThing member sacnate
A book of clever repetition and noise. The imagery tells it's age, but charms for sure.

This is said to be a great read-a-loud and the noise components surly rule with a group of children, but it is quite long and might prove difficult if done during a storytime (would need some practice and
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attention to the noises).
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LibraryThing member raizel
Muffin is a dog who's eyes are bandaged for a day because he had a cinder in one of them. The story is a bit dated by this and also by horses on the street. While I appreciate using only your sense of hearing to connect to the world, I worry about young children worrying about Muffin not being able
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to see; I realize I may be overly concerned.

The pictures are very colorful and simple and the story is very much in keeping with the Bank Street School's insistence on telling realistic stories that children can immediately relate to. Still, the two-page spresds of pictures of a train engine and of a fire truck are captivating.
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LibraryThing member kljohnson2
The Noisy Book by Margaret Wise Brown (1995) This book is about dog named Muffin, who can't see because he is blindfolded. The noises Muffins encounters during his day are described in the story. The Noisy Book is a work of fiction and the illustrations are painted. Picture book: easy


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