Don't Frighten the Lion

by Margaret Wise Brown

Other authorsH. A. Rey (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1970





Scholastic (1970), Edition: Second Printing


Told with her unique ability to see the world through a child's eyes, here is the story of a man, his dog, and their trip to the zoo. No Dogs Allowed, reads the sign at the front gate. But that doesn't stop the little dog's master, who disguises him in order to sneak him in to see all the zoo animals. Two-color illustrations.

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LibraryThing member stieglitzcnewaccount
Don't Frighten the Lion, is a very funny story about a small dog who wants to go to the zoo, but the zoo keeper forbids it, because he does not want the dog to frighten the lion. When the dog's owner disguises her as a girl and sneaks her into the zoo, strange things just might occur.
LibraryThing member RayJones63
This book is about a master and his dog who live close to the zoo. The dog wants to go to the zoo but there are no dogs allowed because they could frighten the animals. The master dresses the dog up like a little girl so that they can go to the zoo but when the dog goes to see the monkeys they pull
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off her clothes. Her and the master worried that their cover is blown run out of the zoo.
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