Milk and Cookies: A Frank Asch Bear Story (A Parents Magazine Read Aloud Original)

by Frank Asch

Hardcover, 1982



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Parents Magazine Pr (1982), Edition: First Edition, 42 pages


While spending the night at Grandfather's house, Baby Bear dreams of feeding milk and cookies to a dragon.

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LibraryThing member nataliev1311
The simple premise of this book does nothing to downplay its heart. A young bear mistakes a wood burning furnace for a dragon. In his dream, the dragon comes alive and eats all of the milk and cookies. When the bear wakes up, his family is there to comfort him and explain what he thought he saw.
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And they are, of course, willing to share some milk and cookies. The art is delightful, and kids will love sharing their dreams and questions (and cookies, no doubt).
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LibraryThing member raspringrose
This book is about a little boy who goes to visit his grandparents with his mom and dad. It gets too late to drive home, so the decide to spend the night. The little boy can not sleep, and he thinks he sees his grandfather talking to a dragon in the basement. When he goes back to bed he has a dream
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that the dragon comes up stairs and eats all the cookies. When he wakes up scared his dad takes him down stairs to show his son that what he saw was just a wood stove. They go upstairs to find everyone awake and the story ends with everyone eating cookies and drinking milk. I think this is a good book for children to read when they are around the ages that they begin to spend the night at friends houses.
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LibraryThing member bcbias
This book is about a little boy spending the night at his grandparent's house. The little boy has trouble sleeping and he thinks his father is talking to a dragon in the basement. When he finally goes to sleep, he dreams that the dragon comes upstairs and eats all the cookies. He wakes up terrified
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so his dad takes him down to the kitchen to show him that the cookies are there and what he heard was the stove. The story ends with everyone eating cookies and milk.
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LibraryThing member mlcrofford
This book is about a little boy who is spending the night at his grandparents house. He dreams that a dragon comes and eats all of the cookies. He wakes up terrified. To help prove to him that it is a dream he takes the boy downstairs and shows him the cookies are still there and everyone eats milk
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and cookies! This is a good book if a student is frightened or scared about something.
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LibraryThing member jbaile14
Milk and Cookies teaches students that it is okay to have fears and the best way to deal with those fears are to talk about them. When a child is scared of something, they do not always know how to handle their fear. Thus, this book is showing young children that if they tell an adult what they are
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scared of, an adult can help them conquer their fear. I believe this book would be great to use in a classroom because it helps children realize that everyone has a fear and that it is okay to be scared of something. I think that using a realistic object, like a wood stove, and turning it into a dragon could be very relatable to children who are young and are very imaginative. This also shows young children that they can talk to a trusted adult and get help for something they are having a problem with.
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LibraryThing member Sullywriter
Relatable, kid-friendly story about imagination triggered by fear.
LibraryThing member Sheila1957
Baby bear sees a fire breathing dragon at his grandparents and nothing but milk and cookies will calm him. Cute way to explain ordinary things to a child with an imagination. Hurray for Grandpap!
LibraryThing member melodyreads


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