The Golden Egg Book

by Margaret Wise Brown

Paperback, 2002



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Scholastic (2002)


A lonely little bunny finds an egg, and when it hatches into a duckling, they become friends.

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LibraryThing member jhsmith
This book would be good for k-1st grades. It would be a good (non-religious) book to read during Easter. It would be fun to let students make eggs and draw pictures of things that grow inside of eggs.
LibraryThing member justineaylward
Beautiful images! This book is about a bunny who finds and egg and tries to crack it, then falls asleep, then the egg hatches. Then the duckling tries to wake the bunny. At the end they find friendship.
LibraryThing member paroof
I gave this to my three-year-old for Easter and he loved it. He's asked me to read it over and over. Another favorite book by one of our favorite authors!
LibraryThing member krsmith
A lonely bunny comes across an egg. He tried everything to figure out what was inside of it, but nothing made the egg crack. Tired, the little bunny fell asleep in top of the egg. While he was asleep, the egg cracked, and inside was a baby duck. The duck saw the bunny and had no idea what it was,
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either! Finally, he woke the bunny up and they became friends.
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LibraryThing member msshank
A good children book about a hatching baby chick. A curious bunny finds a egg and wants to know what is in it. He ends up falling asleep and the egg hatches while he was sleeping. The book is really cute and could be used around easter time.
LibraryThing member srfox
The story starts out with a young bunny who finds an egg. He wonders what could be inside of the egg, and tries to crack it open! When he gets tired of trying to open the egg, he takes a short nap. All of a sudden, the egg starts to crack open, without waking the bunny up. Out of the egg comes a
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young duck, who is startled by the bunny sleeping next to him. When they both realize that the other is lonely, they become best friends forever!
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LibraryThing member kjburkhalter
Baby Bunny finds an egg. What could be in it? He tries to get it open, but just can't crack it. So, he goes to sleep. The little chick hatches and wakes up the bunny and they are friends.
LibraryThing member maybedog
I don't think this is one of the more widely known books of Brown's but it was the first book I remember in my life, period. The book was physically huge, and although I'm sure my perspective is way off, I know that there is a size much larger than this typical Golden book. Ours was falling apart
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from having been read so much, held together with yellowing tape.

But it was my favorite book, and I have very fond memories of it. It's a sweet story about a bunny that finds an egg and is curious about it. The art isn't up to today's standards and is quite dated, but the bunny is still adorable and the pictures a riot of colors filling the whole page. I highly recommend this book to anyone who remembers being a curious kid.
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LibraryThing member MariPechacek
Once there was a little bunny all alone with a bright blue egg. The egg wasn't like every other egg because the bunny could hear something moving inside. The bunny was trying to figure out what was inside, so the bunny shook it, pushed it with his foot, jumped on top of the egg and through nuts at
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it. The final thing that the bunny did was roll the egg down the hill. After trying to break the egg open the bunny got tired. Once the bunny was sleeping the egg had finally hatched. Once the egg had hatched the bunny didn't wake up so the duck did the same things that the bunny did to the egg. The bunny woke up eventually and the bunny and the duck were never left alone.
This was a great story because it shows that once you work hard for something it pays off. And in this story it pays off for working hard to wake up the bunny and the duck so that they won't be alone ever again and will be happy together as best friends.
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LibraryThing member RiaO
This is a cute little story about a lonely bunny who found an egg. The bunny doesn't know what the egg is and tries to find out what's inside. The bunny finally gets tired and falls asleep next to the egg and a duck hatches out of the egg while the bunny is sleeping. The bunny is confused about who
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the duck is and where his egg went. The duck and bunny eventually become friends and no one was ever alone again. Its a very touching story about friendship.
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LibraryThing member esiera1
I liked the book "The Golden Egg Book” for many reasons. First, I really enjoyed the language. It was descriptive and engaging. The plot was developed and exciting for children. Books about animals and friendship are always relatable to children’s lives. Second, the writing is very engaging for
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young readers. Students can participate and make predictions while reading. For example, “He could hear something moving inside the egg. What was it?” Finally, illustrations enhanced the story. The illustrations are appropriate to the mood of the story because they are so colorful and bright. The message of the story is about friendship and companionship with others.
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LibraryThing member sandra.k.heinzman
One of my all-time golden oldies kids book!
LibraryThing member sandra.k.heinzman
One of my all-time golden oldies kids book!
LibraryThing member sandra.k.heinzman
One of my all-time golden oldies kids book!
LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
A lonely little bunny, happening upon an egg in a field one day, is puzzled by the noises coming from within it. Could there be a little boy inside? Perhaps another bunny? Trying everything he can to break open the egg, the bunny eventually falls asleep. It is only then that the egg hatches, and a
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tiny duckling emerges. Puzzled by this strange furry being he immediately encounters, the duckling does everything he can to wake the bunny. Eventually he is successful, and the two become fast friends.

Originally published in 1947 as a Little Golden Book, this gentle tale of a lonely bunny and newly hatched duckling who become friends was republished in this larger picture-book format in 2004. The story itself is sweet, with the bunny's curiosity mirrored by the duckling's, and a happy ending in which "no one was ever alone again." The artwork, done by Leonard Weisgard, who often collaborated with author Margaret Wise Brown, is vibrantly colorful, and has a certain stylized charm. Although not explicitly an Easter book - no mention is made of the holiday - I do think The Golden Egg Book would make a good title for those looking for picture-books for this time of year. Of course, it can also be enjoyed at other times of year, and by readers with no connection or involvement with Easter.
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LibraryThing member PattyHoward
Although all of Margaret Wise Brown's picture books are wonderful, I think this is my favorite (yes, I love it even more than Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny.) The reason is simple: The Golden Egg Book is funny! Additionally, the pictures are absolutely beautiful.

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