Moonbear's dream

by Frank Asch

Paperback, 2000



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Scholastic (2000), Edition: 1st, 28 pages


When Moonbear and his friend Little Bird see a kangaroo in the backyard, they think they must be dreaming, so they do things they would not do if they were awake.

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LibraryThing member clstone
"Moonbear's Dream" by Frank Asch is a book about Bear and his friend Little Bird. One day Bear and Little Bird make-believe that everything they see is a dream and that they are really in their beds dreaming about what is happening. They go around town and on many adventures this day and pretend
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that it is all a dream. By the end of the story, Bear and Little Bird are tired and finally get in bed and go to sleep to dream for real. This book is a wonderful story of friendship and displays the power of make-believe. I would read this book to young students and encourage them to be creative and make-believe their own stories.
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LibraryThing member zhelg
So far not my favorite book I have seen from him, but I could see a small child really liking this book. Pictures are very easy on the eyes and captivating. It is overall a fun naughty story that would attract young children and provide a good early book.



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