Good Hunting, Blue Sky (An I Can Read Book)

by Peggy Parish

Hardcover, 1989



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Harper & Row (1989), 64 pages


Blue Sky goes out to hunt for meat for his family and comes home with something quite unexpected.

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An overly cute account of an American Indian boy's first hunt alone, this book, first published under the title Good Hunting, Little Indian, has been revised, but not enough to correct its many flaws. No tribe is indicated or geographic region identified. The illustrations are stereotypical. …
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This is an improbable Euroamerican story put into a Native setting.
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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Blue Sky has completed his first set of bows and arrows, and is determined to catch something big. In the end, he ends up riding a wild boar through the village. His father kills it, but he is given the credit and the name Big Hunter.
LibraryThing member nieva21
It’s a pretty humorous tale. He takes the boar back to his village and he’s a hero. For a young reader it’s not too long of a book, but it’s long enough to put down and read on several occasions if needed.
LibraryThing member richardgulick
Good Hunting, Blue Sky, is about a young Native American, named Blue Sky. He made some arrows and, is now ready to become a man and go hunting. He comes across some animals but he misses them. After missing, the animal he would decide to find something bigger. He sees a boar charging and, ends up
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on top of the boar. He rides the boar though his village and his dad kills the boar. Blue Sky helped kill the boar and is given his adult name, Big Hunter.

This book was fun to read, it had some funny parts and a happy ending.

You can teach children that it is ok to mess up, the important thing is not to give up.
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