Millie Waits for the Mail

by Alexander Steffensmeier

Paperback, 2006



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Scholastic (2006)


Millie the cow loves to scare the mailman and chase him off the farm, until the mailman comes up with a plan that ends up pleasing everyone.

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LibraryThing member preslib
Millie the cow loves scaring the mailman, so she hides in a wide variety of places to wait for him to come down the lane on his bicycle. Problem is, she's so good at scaring him that everything the farmer gets delivered is broken. What are the farmer and the mailman going to do?

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in Germany, Millie waits for the mail is a hilarious picture book by premise alone (a cow scaring the mailman? Aren't these stories usually about dogs?). The illustrations are colourful and full of fun details, like the chickens partaking in a wide variety of activities in the background, from catching a lift on the tractor with their coffee to wandering about porting a sling and a neck brace. Steffensmeier is very good at conveying motion and sound when Millie scares the life out of the mailman, and I can almost hear a frantic, bellowed "mmooooOOOOOOOOooo!!" coming out of the page.

Despite the imagined mooing, Millie is actually very doglike - a montage of her hiding places include her in a dog's play pose with her hind end in the air, and when she is taken aback her tail bristles and she strongly resembles a pointer in mid-hunt. Her visible emotions run the gamut from impatience to disappointment to confusion, all conveyed with few differing details by Steffensmeier: just different angles, eyebrows, and body language.

I'd also like to note that the farmer is a woman, which I found refreshing - try to name another book where the farmer is female!

Millie waits for the mail is an amusing book that stands up to multiple readings. Highly recommended.
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LibraryThing member Maddiegrace
Children loved this book. Very fun and easy to read.
LibraryThing member shazam79
very cute. the storytime kids thought it was pretty silly and liked looking for the hiding millie.
LibraryThing member Pangle
Most cows on the farm moo, graze and give milk. Not Millie, she's more interested in the mail carrier. Millie gets a kick out of scaring him every time he comes to the farm. And every day it's a new trick, how will Millie scare the mail carrier today? And will that poor mail carrier ever be able to
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deliver the mail in peace?
This book is sure to get the giggles out of young readers.
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LibraryThing member melaniehope
Kids will love this book. It is the story of a cow who just is very naughty. But later they discover that all he wanted to do all along is help the mailman deliver all the mail. My daughter's name is Millie and she just loves this book. There are 2 in the series so far!
LibraryThing member kaf015
This is a great book to use for read alouds as a comprehension lesson.
LibraryThing member matthewbloome
This was a really funny book. I'd love to read it with a group of kids. The cow wants to scare the mail carrier and does so on a daily basis. The illustrations are hilarious. Millie and the chickens that populate every page are all very funny. If you look closely, one of the pages even has a
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miniature elephant.
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LibraryThing member DWMSLibrarian
Millie the Consumersow’s favorite daily activity is not to lie in the sunshine-filled warm fields. It’s not to chew delicious grass, or even to spend time with her farmyard friends. Millie’s favorite activity is to terrify the mail carrier.

She hides in various places around the farm, laying
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in wait, and jumps out at him. She screams at him. She finds new and thrilling ways to frighten him, so much so that he often drops packages, breaking their contents. This does not make the farmer happy.

One day both the farmer and the mailman come up with a plan to stop Millie, but this goes terribly wrong. A dramatic chase scene ensues, and Millie’s mischief is finally harnessed in a surprising way.

The artwork in this charming tale is darling but, unfortunately for poor Millie, the chickens are the ones who steal the show. I highly recommend this book for those just learning to read (ages 3-7)—or those who like to be read to. Or, like me, those who just like picture books.
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LibraryThing member mderob1
I was not a huge fan of this book. I thought the story did not go anywhere and lacked a central message. The book was not very funny and confused me at one part that I had to go back and re read it a couple of times. I did not like that the book represented a cow as a fast moving animal on farm. I
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think that the author could have chosen a better animal to fit the part. I also found the illustrations to be inconsistent and distracting. The book was not very descriptive or funny it was very straightforward. If I were to choose a main idea for this book it would have to about manners and conduct.
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Buckaroo Book Award (Nominee — 2010)
Children's Favorites Awards (Selection — 2008)


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