The Little Red Caboose (Little Golden Book)

by Marian Potter

Hardcover, 2000



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Golden Books (2000), Edition: 1, 24 pages


A little red caboose thinks nobody cares for him until he prevents his train from slipping backwards down a mountain.

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LibraryThing member conuly
I suppose this book is a classic, but neither I nor my nieces are very interested in it. We've read other books about trains, and other books about being helpful, but this one falls flat. I don't know why.

Like the use of repetition, though.
LibraryThing member hsenseney05
Genre: Fantasy
Age Appropriateness: Primary
Review: This picture book is a great example of fantasy. The caboose has feelings and thinks like a person. It also acts independently and saves the train, showing heroics and bravery. It is a fun story that also includes children and hopefully the children
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will be able to understand the simple theme of not being underestimated just cause you are small.

Media: Mixed media
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LibraryThing member ashtonrice
fun book! can teach children about trains!
LibraryThing member dubbadee
"It's one of my favorite books. There's kids and girls and boys and trains in it."
LibraryThing member smc029
about a train with a caboose that feels neglected
LibraryThing member lquilter
The Little Red Caboose makes "his" journey over the mountain and around the countryside. The little red caboose is at the end of the train but has a function to fulfill. Otherwise, there's no real plot here -- just scenes of the countryside that the train is going through. Don't mix this one up
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with "The Little Engine That Could!", although nominally they are both about trains that come through in a crisis.

Many crowd scenes of people -- almost all of white people; then one scene of Native Americans in traditional dress -- teepees, etc. So, portrayal of race and ethnicity leaves out whole groups of peoples and portrays white and Native peoples in stereotyped ways. Definitely something to discuss if you read this to a little kid.

Gender isn't as bad, and is better than other contemporaneous books. There's no reason for the little red caboose to be male, but in the picture of mountain climbers there's a woman, and women / girls are shown throughout all the places that boys are.
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