The Big Green Pocketbook

by Candice F. Ransom

Paperback, 1995





HarperCollins (1995), Edition: Illustrated, 32 pages


A little girl fills the pocketbook she carries with mementos of the places she and her mother visit when they go to town.

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LibraryThing member MelAKnee
Little girls like to copy their mother's womanly habits. This girl must have a big green pocktebook just like her mothers. Upon leaving the house, she has nothing to put into it, but as the two ladies day of errands progresses, she is given things to put into her empty pocket book. Excited about
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the days adventure, the little girl realizes she left her big green pocket book full of her new treasures on the bus! She's worried about her treasures until a single act of kindness brings the pocketbook safely back to her.
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LibraryThing member krausch
I really enjoyed this book because it shows how children really look up to their parents. The little girl wanted to do everything her mother did. Her mother grabbed her purse, so the little girl had to do the same.
LibraryThing member SadieCooney
The reader embarks on a journey of errands with a mother-daughter duo. They stop at the bank, insurance company, jewelry store, and many other places. The mother has a big blue pocketbook and the daughter carries around her empty green pocketbook. By the end of the story, the daughter's pocketbook
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is stuffed. Through out the day, the people they encountered complimented their pocketbooks and helped the daughter fill hers. Unfortunately, the daughter leaves hers on the bus. She is very distraught, but luckily the bus driver leaves it in her mailbox. This story was very cute and innocent. It makes you realize the relationship between a mother and daughter is so special and many times the daughter strives to be like her mother. Also, this book includes many different acts of kindness from the bank teller giving the little girl lollipops to the bus driver safely returning her purse. This was a great, easy read.
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LibraryThing member CRoss13
I really enjoyed this book! I liked this book for many reasons. The first reason I liked it is because of its highly descriptive language! One example from the book that portrays the descriptive language is "when he leans over to close the door, his leather seat creaks." This is just one of many
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examples throughout the book. Another reason I enjoyed this book was for the illustrations. They really helped the reader picture what was happening, even though the descriptive language was surely enough. The illustrations simply added to the enjoyment of this book. The last reason I enjoyed it is because the main character was very easy to relate to! I can remember having days with my mom just like this little girl had. The main message of this book is family. I would definitely keep this is my classroom library.
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