The tale of Mr Jeremy Fisher

by Beatrix Potter

Hardcover, 1995



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Frederick Warne (1995)


A frog fishing from his lily pad boat doesn't catch any fish, but one catches him.

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LibraryThing member MeditationesMartini
I think I'm concluding that I'm not such a Potter fan (contrary to my memories from childhood), but I appreciated this one for having a little more madcap energy and freaky-weird than most of her books--Mr. Jeremy Fisher is fishin' and it's all oh sh*t a weird little fish OH SH*T A WEIRD BIG FISH
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OH SH*T A REEEAAALL BIG FISH AND IT'S TRYNA EAT ME UP! You know? Pikes are weird when you look at them.
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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Jeremy Fisher the frog goes fishing, but, rather than catching minnows, is caught himself! Luckily he escapes, and, after his awful day of fishing, determines never to go again. He is still able to have guests over, however, "And instead of a nice dish of minnows- they had roasted grasshopper with
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lady-bird sauce; which frogs consider a beautiful treat; but I think it must have been nasty." (p.29) That's why we love Beatrix.
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LibraryThing member MeaganWatkins
This book is about a frog, Mr. Jeremy Fisher, and he goes fishing for some dinner to have with his friends. While he is fishing many obstacles arise and needless to say he does not catch anything. So that night instead of fish they just cook something else and enjoy each others company.
LibraryThing member AnneDenney
We love Beatrix Potter and all her stories.
LibraryThing member Gold_Gato
Beatrix Potter's books always appealed to me because food was always involved. I grew up fervently believing in rabbits and mice and frogs having well stocked larders within their homes. And the tea! Always a hot cuppa waiting on the table for the protagonists when they completed their
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The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher comes complete with food, adventure, friends...and a well stocked larder. Butterfly sandwiches and roasted grasshoppers abound. And there's also Mr. Alderman Ptolemy Tortoise. Really, what more can one ask in a good read?

Book Season = Summer (floating on a river)
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LibraryThing member EmilyDrennan
The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher is a story about a frog who lived in a little house at the edge of the pond. Mr. Jeremy Fisher decides to get in his boat and go fishing. First, he had to collect words to use for bait to catch minnows. Mr. Jeremy Fisher thought he had a minnow on his line, but it
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turned out to be little Jack Sharp, the stickleback, covered with spines! After little Jack Sharp jumped back into the water, a giant trout and took Mr. Jeremy and dived to the bottom of the pond. The trout hated the taste of Mr. Fisher so he let him go. Mr. Fisher swam and hopped all the way home without any fish to show for himself. He has his friends over for dinner and they ate roasted grasshopper instead. This story shows that everything might not go according to your plan, but you have to stay optimistic. Mr. Fisher didn't catch any fish, but he was still able to have dinner with his friends. As a teaching activity, each student could come up with their ideal dinner they would have with friends and how they would go about serving that dinner.
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LibraryThing member barquist
One of my favorite Beatrix Potter stories. Jeremy fisher meets quite a conundrum when he is swallowed by a trout when he goes fishing in hopes of having friends over for a minnow dinner. Thankfully he is let go, swallowed by the trout, and he is able to improvise when his friends come over for
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dinner, which makes a lesson of making the most out of the little things
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LibraryThing member MrsLee
A day in the life of a gentleman frog, and the dangers thereof.

I am amazed at how much truth in nature can be worked into a fantasy tale for children using a frog with human characteristics. The mind boggles. The illustrations show many of the creatures in a frogs environment, and the tale
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indicates predators, diet and habits. Of course, one must be able to sort out the fiction from the truth, but this is not as difficult for children as adults think.
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LibraryThing member dandelionsmith
What a delightful little book about an enjoyable little amphibian!
LibraryThing member Linyarai
I read this for the "A Book That Cost You Less Than $5" part of my 2020 reading challenge. It was a cute, original tale. Mr. Jeremy Fisher certainly had a rough day.


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